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President Recep Tayyip Erdoganlast Tuesday coronavirus interior spaces implemented as part of the measures obligation to wear masks reported that it has been completely deleted.

Erdogan“Only in public transport and health facilities to apply masks. until cases fall below 1000 It will continue for some time,” he said.

without standardization so most of the company had already relaxed.

With the last statement, it’s actually not considered in many places. mask requirement deletion became official.

Prohibition of music after 12:00 p.m. For some reason, the expectation regarding the termination of the app did not come true.

This situation has generated legitimate reactions on social networks.

Is the virus transmitted by notes? Covid-19mDoes it spread through music? Needless to repeat the many shares made in the form of

Frankly, we thought it might be forgotten in a day or two.

However, there seems to be a don’t be forgotten is out of the question.

But IInterior Minister Süleyman SoyluA week ago, he said they were working with relevant ministries and technical teams would provide suggestions and assess the issue.

It took so long for the banning process to take so long. m to lifestyleperception of interference reinforced.

Turgay G, Chairman of the Services Business Council of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industryprogress“We have a communication network that we have established with operators from all cities in Turkey. When we look at the circular, we understand this: There is no ban on music inside. There was a ban after 12:00 p.m. in areas that were open before,” he said and added:

“Well, whatever you say is the problem, law enforcement is also in closed places where we take all the precautions regarding the sound. m after 12:00 at nightHe says we are not allowed to play music.

This situation inevitably raises question marks in people’s minds.

hard hit by the pandemic entertainment sectknit currently struggling with inflation cons of banning music keep on living.

The pandemic is justified in a way that leaves no doubt in people’s minds banning music It has to end now.


Turgay Guleralso transmitted the latest status of the service sector.

He has an interesting discovery.

too expensive lhigh places He says there is no problem with his work.

Indeed, go see the places where the accounts are quite inflated, it’s always full.

LaughsIt is specified that operators who use the direct medium segment suffer from the problem.

in sales serious on the basis of quantitycoldness add that there is

On the other hand, in industry to alcoholic beverages percent in May 15 to 40% Between raise the future is talking.


Yesterday, Şahap Kavcıoğlu, President of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT)the second of the year inflation report Explain.

Central Bank 2022 year-end inflation forecast exactly 19.6 g pointswith update 23.2 percent increased to 42.8%.

50 percentThere is no market expectation below!

This is an update that deserves a lot of attention and thought.

CCTthe crude oil forecast of $80.4 in the previous report, at $102; food inflation of 24.2% if you guess thereat 49 percent raised.

In other words, we will wait longer for the end of rising food prices.

Some economists argue that lower food inflation it can take 3 years expresses it.

by TCC inflation It is forecast at 12.9% for 2023 and 8.3% for 2024.

These estimates have also update Will he come?

We do not know yet !

While focusing on inflation Cost of life We are clearly aware of what we always overlook.

in the products stop rising prices -this is not possible in the current conjuncture, let’s imagine for a moment that it is – their That doesn’t mean it’s cheap…

At the market, at the market…

In cafes, restaurants…

Everything is on fire everywhere!

Let’s say product prices are set with today’s tags; Will the country’s economy rebound?

After inflation will be stopped, then the prices of the products will be tempted to drop, which will be done about 1 year before the election.

It’s possible?


It seems certain that we will enter a process in which games of perception will increase with artificial agendas.

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