Former rector Kurtcephe acquitted of ‘abuse of power’

Rector at the time, Prof. Dr. It has been alleged that İsrafil Kurtcephe recorded his encounter with a young woman in 2014 and placed his own men on the staff of the university. In 2015, a disciplinary investigation was opened against İsrafil Kurtcephe by the Council for Higher Education, after the images, which were learned belonged to a person named KA, on an IP telephone line detected in the United States of America were sent to the police in Antalya. Department. During the operation that took place on the morning of December 15, 2015 following Kurtcephe’s complaint, Prof. Dr. AU Revolving Fund Operations Manager, HD, Head of AU Personnel Department, HG, and SD, who is in charge of the Pruning Department of the Faculty of Agriculture, have been detained at the start of their duties. After their interrogations, the suspects were brought before the court for “creating a terrorist organization, belonging to an organization, blackmail, invasion of privacy and dissemination of personal data without authorization”. 4 suspects were released under judicial supervision. The case of former rector Kurtcephe and 4 staff members of Antalya 8th Criminal Court of First Instance continues. The trial of defendants SA, HG, HD and SD, against whom a lawsuit has been filed and in which İsrafil Kurtcephe is participating, will continue in June.

Following YÖK’s disciplinary investigation, the Council of State ruled that former rector İsrafil Kurtcephe should be tried for the same matter. Regarding former Rector İsrafil Kurtcephe, who was accused of abuse of power by illegally recruiting as a result of sexual bargaining, SA, with whom he had sexual talks during the recruitment of agricultural workers permanent, at the 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance of Antalya, and SD, who mediated these meetings, and Ü.T, son of the driver of the official vehicle. A decision has been made in the lawsuit filed with the allegation that .

In his defence, İsrafil Kurtcephe said, “I was working as the rector of Akdeniz University at the time of the incident. Akdeniz University is a very big institution, it is out of the question for me to deal with the lowest level of employment, like as recruiters. There is a secretary general of the university, my duty in this commission is only that I gave the task of recruiting workers according to the legislation.

Noting that the lawsuit filed against the commission members at the 4th Criminal Court of First Instance in Antalya resulted in an acquittal, Kurtcephe said, “This decision has also become final. The people who were recruited at that time and who would have been recruited by me are still working. If there had been an irregularity and an illegality in the recruitment of these people. They should have been fired. The fact that a legal action has been taken against me is contrary to the principle of the rule of law. I do not accept the charges against me,” he said.

In the opinion of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, “Although a public action was brought against the accused at the request of the 1st chamber of the Council of State to be punished for the crime of abuse of power, it is requested to acquit the accused because the legal elements of the crime with which he is charged are not constituted within the framework of the case as a whole.”

2nd Criminal Court of First Instance of Antalya, which ruled that the conditions requested in the advertisement for the recruitment of 12 permanent agricultural workers, which are the subject of the case, are of an objective nature, and that it does not There is no allegation or determination in the review relating to both the determination of the slates of candidates and the selection of those to be employed thereon, that there has been no violation of the provisions of the regulations. were hired in accordance with the law, it was necessary to acquit the accused of the alleged offence, since the legal elements of the offense with which the accused was charged did not occur. Although the accused İsrafil Kurtcephe was charged with abuse of power, 257/1 of the TCK “Although a public trial was brought to punish him in accordance with the article, the accused was acquitted because the elements of the crime with which he was charged were not formed.”

The local court’s decision became final as the case was not appealed.


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