If evil becomes mundane, the worst evils begin to feel normal.

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many years ago, netflix While his name has yet to reach Turkish shores, in an article containing advice for American investors, “Get Netflix stock, you’ll be around the corner in the future” The meanings caught my attention.

The stores that rented videos or DVDs on every corner were overflowing with customers when this recommendation was made…

First, it swept America, which is an Internet movie download platform. netflixThen, one by one, it reached other countries and finally Turkey.

If those who listened to the advice in this magazine article bought stocks then, they can’t say enough now.

Probably the same kind of items now “If you have stocks, buy them” the spirit is given.

netflix because it falls in diameter. It lost 200,000 subscribers in the first three months of this year and will continue to lose more; because of this, the value of the company has lost about 50 billion dollars…

Two issues are highlighted as the reason for this situation: people who are locked up in their homes during the pandemic have subscribed to watch movies/series, now it is back to normal and they are out of their daily routine. netflix production; this is the first reason. The second is that people start avoiding unnecessary or alternative expenses due to the high cost of living that has gripped all countries after the pandemic.

These two reasons are related to each other…

I am a member of some of the movie and tv series download platforms and I watch movies and tv series that interest me part of my day. In this way, I am able to address a third reason that has escaped notice: there are hundreds, if not thousands, of films/series on all topics of interest, and when watched one after another, it starts to taste like pumpkin after a while…

It was one movie that I watched back to back and a short series of eight episodes that reminded me of logic.

Jon AmielThe name of the film directed by ‘Copycat’; in the series Harlan ColbenBased on his wife’s novel of the same name, the plot takes place in England. ‘The Stranger’

‘copycat’ It’s about a serial killer, and the show is about a corrupt cop and an ordinary family man who kills his neighbor.

Ordinary people get involved in bad deeds by being pushed by bad people. They can kill people they’ve never met, who haven’t hurt themselves at all, and who live happily with their families and children.

Inevitably ” How’s it going ? The question comes to mind…

How come someone leading an ordinary life all of a sudden ‘serial killer’ can it become How come someone whose duty it is to keep people safe can turn their power – the weapon – on the people who need to protect them?

These are questions that deserve attention.

A similar question was posed by the Nazis, especially the Jews, who were clandestinely expelled from their homes and families, with or without the need for trial by so-called tribunals. ‘harmful’ I wondered as I visited the concentration camps where they destroyed the people they counted.

How can human beings be so cruel, deranged, murderous?

A woman philosopher who immigrated from Germany to the United States, Hannah ArendtGerman name of a concentration camp officer who had escaped to South America Adolf Eichmann‘di- When they were kidnapped by the Mossad and put on trial, he went to Israel and watched the court and New Yorker He then turned his impressions published in his diary into a book.

Arendt‘of EichmannThe analysis he made while watching the , is the answer to the burning question.

“The commonplace of evil” he said to that…

Eichmann ordinary bureaucrat. Even if they have no crimes ‘high will’ a bureaucrat who was sent to people who were put in the camps because he wanted to. As those gathered in the camps are persecuted, lives are extinguished, mass destruction is carried out, Eichmann like those who work there, ‘high will’ they do what they say…

Without questioning, without even thinking of objecting…

Thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions are persecuted and killed Eichmann there and in use.

The best, of an article, Arendt‘of EichmannThe theses he came to while watching were also translated into Turkish. “The Banality of Evil” Allow me to present to your attention an excerpt from the book which is quoted page by page:

“In the case of Eichmann, everyone expected to see a perverted and sadistic, mentally sick and wicked villain who hated Jews; while, in Arendt’s words, “it wasn’t that Eichmann was a bigoted anti-Semite with a morbid hatred of Jews, or that someone was brainwashing him.” (p. 36) On the contrary, Adolf Eichmann was nothing more than an extremely ordinary, even extremely boring bureaucrat. He even apologized at the start of the hearing for the “official language” he used, since his “only language was the language used in official correspondence”, so he “always expressed the same things in the same way” in his responses to questions (p. 59). To be fair, language was perhaps nothing more than “the beginning of corruption,” as Derrida put it. Because in Nazi Germany, ‘killing’, ‘gas chambers’, ‘extermination’, ‘genocide’ were never mentioned, and such ‘evil’ expressions were not found in any official document. For the code names determined for these works were “final solution”, “evacuation” and “special treatment” (p. 94). Arendt explained: “The main effect of this linguistic system is not that it keeps the people in question unaware of what they are doing; was to prevent people from equating their actions with their former ‘normal’ knowledge of murder and lies” (p. 95).

Evil becomes commonplace at the hands of ordinary people, everything is done without a blink of an eye, including killing and destroying.

[Bu noktada “Zulme rıza zulümdür” ve “Kötülükler karşısında sessiz kalan dilsiz şeytandır” gibi dini hatırlatmalar aklıma geliyor.]

Watching movies with this knowledge and interest, the examples of evil that have become commonplace from past to present don’t slip my mind.

In addition to being silent in the face of evil, human beings who embrace evil verbally, verbally, or in action, smile evilly at the truth.

Serial killers, state agents involved in crime… Movies and TV shows mostly have such issues.

After one, the others fall apart and after a while you get bored.

If I am interested in the subject while watching a film or television series, the encyclopedia of film and television products in the digital environment IMDBI will also watch the news. ‘copycat’ movie protagonist Sigourney WeaverThere I came across what he said in an interview several years after filming. It was one of the products he was most proud of in his professional life, but it didn’t get much attention because there were a lot of movies on the market around the same time with similar subjects…

The subject treated in this ordinary film.

netflix and this is one of the problems with other download platforms.

[‘Copycat’ filmini Hulu, ‘The Stranger’ dizisini Netflix platformlarında izledim. Bu arada, Hannah Arendt ile ilgili de Margarethe von Trotta imzalı yarı belgesel bir film var, onu da YouTube’da bulup izlemiştim.]


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