Industry and Technology Minister Varank spoke at the award ceremony of the 29th TÜBİTAK Science Olympics:

According to news from Anadolu Agency;

ANTALYA (AA) – Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank said that a country’s full independence is directly proportional to its independence in science and technology, “Last year, the European Computing Olympiad for girls was held for the first time, organized by Switzerland, to increase female students’ interest in computers. second Olympic Games in Antalya.” mentioned.

In his speech at the “29th TUBITAK Science Olympics Awards Ceremony” held at the Peony Hall Convention Center of EXPO Antalya 2016, Varank expressed his joy that Turkey has the privilege to reward bright young minds for the future.

Varank, who thanked the families, the Minister of Youth and Sports, the President of TÜBİTAK, the academics and the teachers for celebrating the achievements of the young people, underlined that each award-winning student worked hard throughout the year. Minister Varank said:

“Perhaps many of you have come here sacrificing your sleep. As all difficulties come to an end, with this ceremony the second stage, in which the medal winners at the national level are determined, has passed. 174 of our students have been awarded medals as a result of the examinations in the fields of Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.It doesn’t matter whether the medal you won is Gold,D “silver or bronze. These were never the criteria we evaluated. We never evaluated you solely on results. The main point that we consider valuable here is your effort and dedication at this age.

Varank, who wants young people not in the room to keep working non-stop, said the main journey has just begun for the young people who received the award.

– “Your ten fingers and your keyboard will be your most precious instruments”

Stating that the productive work in the training camps for two weeks will take the young people to the top of the regional and international Science Olympics, Varank pointed out that in 2021 the students won 60 medals, 5 gold, 23 silver, 32 bronze and 2 honorable mentions at International and Regional Science Olympiads.

– “EXPO 2016 exhibition space will also focus on science and technology”

Mentioning the importance of holding the training camp in Antalya, Varank said, “I remember we brought this wonderful hall to Antalya with the opening of the EXPO. I hope we conduct our consultations to bring places around this place to science and technology more We will see more of this area in science and technology We will bring together science and technology alongside tourism and agriculture mentioned.

Emphasizing that the youngsters who passed the second stage this year will sweat at the Olympics, Varank continued:

“A country’s full independence is directly proportional to its independence in science and technology. In this context, every success you achieve in science and technology, every innovation you come up with plays a role important in the strong future of our country. This ensures that our country has a strong hand on the world stage. When we say that every individual who pursues science, research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship is the crowning our heads. Those who know our president closely know the value he places on scientists and entrepreneurs.”

Varank said that as the ministry of industry and technology, they stand with every citizen who contributes to science and technology with the power they receive from the president, and they try to awaken children to science and technology from an early age, both theoretically and practically, with Technical Experimentation Workshops from primary school.

Stating that they support everyone who wants to do science and technology with TÜBİTAK programs, Varank said:

“Look, the world does not stand still. Conditions, trends and skills change. Former graduates had to know one or two foreign languages. Undoubtedly, at least one of these languages ​​will be a software language for the next term In addition to coding ability, your skills in creating algorithms will be challenged. Skill efficiency will be emphasized. Your ten fingers and your keyboard will be your most valuable instruments. You will make a difference in the how you can use the data, the results you can derive from the data, and what you can do with those results.As a result, the skill of data coding and analysis has now shifted from academia to education. secondary education and even primary education. The better we prepare our human resources for this change, the more success we can have.”

Emphasizing that the civilization, of which they are proud to be the heir, has made important contributions to medicine, astronomy, mathematics and many other sciences in the past, Varank pointed out that science is an endless race that is accelerating day by day. . Stating that as a nation they must be in this race until the end, Varank continued his speech as follows:

“It is our responsibility both to history and to the future. In this context, our governments have made serious investments in the ecosystem of science, technology and innovation. As you know , TÜBİTAK Science High School, which has high-level facilities, laboratories and social facilities within a comprehensive research campus, began its educational life last year.Last month.Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar Education Campus, one of the largest secondary education buildings in our country, which we have opened with our Minister of National Education to accept students next year. These are just a few examples. We have endowed our country schools and training centers at the cutting edge of technology, and we continue to equip them. Do you know why? Because, thanks to these infrastructures, we want to have young people with talent and determination. But we think this desire is going to my now come to an end. Because you are the youth that this country aspires to. You are the TEKNOFEST generation, the pillars of a great and powerful Turkey.

– “The European Computing Olympiad for Girls will be held in Antalya”

Varank said the right career steps will bring great benefits to the country and said the achievements in computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology will lift Turkey to the top.

Expressing the importance of the contribution he will make to the future of the country and to the innovation ecosystem, Varank said: “Before I conclude, I would like to announce a piece of good news that everyone will be proud of. Last year, the European Girls’ Computing Olympiad was held for the first time, hosted by Switzerland, to increase female students’ interest in computers. Hopefully Oct 16-23. “We will host the second Olympic Games in 2022 in Antalya. The Antalya brand will make our country proud in this field as well. I wish success to our girls who will represent our country in these Olympics. We want to see our girls come first to these Olympics,” he said.

After his speech, Minister Varank presented medals and plaques to protocol members, student winners of national and international science olympics, and chairmen of committees.

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