Let’s wait for a stone to fall on our heads!


Quarries on the only road linking 8 villages to the Arhavi district of Artvin put safety at risk. The citizens want the stone quarry located 100 meters from some homes to be moved. While the villagers were against the quarry, the company increased its capacity. The State Council justified the villagers’ objection to the capacity increase and reversed the decision of “EIA is not necessary”. The case will be heard again. The panel of experts will reconsider.

In the Arhavi district quarry, the subject of the quarry came to the fore again when the rock mass that broke off the slope fell on the truck of Mustafa Sabri Ergüney, who was working in the quarry, April 14. Residents fear for their safety.

Maksut Coskun


There are four quarries in the area. The villagers filed a lawsuit against the quarries, citing their personal safety and economic activities. In Cengiz İnşaat field, where operator Hakan Altekin died in February 2021, this time quarry worker Mustafa Sabri Ergüney had an accident. Ergüney explained the incident in these terms: “While waiting for the loading line in the vehicle, a collapse occurred in the oven. I noticed the crash, I was caught trying to escape. only the vehicle was damaged, I was in the vehicle but nothing happened to me.”

Cracks are forming in the houses.


The area where the quarry is located is on the access road to Kamilet valley, the important tourist center of Arhavi district. Tourism expert Necla Can, who has been providing restaurants and accommodation services in Kamilet Valley for 14 years, said that this road provides transport to Kamilet Valley, as well as Arılı, the village of Orta, Küçükköy, Dikyamaç, Başköy, Güneşli, Boycuk, Dürgerli Villages. Can said: “Tens of thousands of people are wondering if it will be safe for them to return home. They say, ‘What if a rock should fall on our heads.’ They detonate the dynamite and leave it to chance,” did he declare.

Expressing concern when guests coming to the area saw the area, Can continued his remarks as follows: “When our guests look up, they see the stones heading towards the road and coming back. We too risk our lives and cross this road to be able to go to work.


Dikyamaç Village Chief İdris Numanoğlu said he filed a complaint with the Dikyamaç Village Association regarding the quarry owned by Cengiz Holding. Muhtar Numanoğlu described the village situation as follows:

“Sometimes the windows of our houses are broken, our walls are cracked. Every day they throw dynamite, stones come down the slope and cause an accident. This year, we were unable to work for ten days due to the closure of our roads. Transport to the villages was cut off, we were going back and forth from other places. We are constantly in trouble. »


Dikyamaç villagers pointed out that their only source of income was agricultural production in the lawsuit they filed against the quarry. The following statements were included in the petition: “In areas such as the Black Sea, where there are few places suitable for agricultural production, production on these lands should be encouraged. However, the current activity prevents it. (…) These companies will cause great damage with the emissions they will produce and the vibrations that will occur as a result of the explosions. The production in its current state has suffered a lot. It will cause more irreparable damage with twenty times the capacity. For all these reasons, we demand the cancellation of the EIA Not Required decision.

The expert committee has prepared a report that the quarry will not harm the environment. Hasan Özkazanç, who closely follows the process of the case, gave the following information about the case: “The administrative court of Rize dismissed the case based on the report of the expert committee. The villagers’ appeal to the Council of State and their objections to the expert’s report were justified and the Council of State overturned the decision of the administrative court of Rize due to an incomplete examination.

Noise and environmental pollution are due to dust generated during blasting and transportation.


We asked the claims of the villagers of Dikyamaç to Cengiz Holding, which operates the quarry. Cengiz Holding officials said the location of the quarry has been determined by the administration and security measures have been taken at the site. In response to Aydınlık’s questions, the following statements were made: “Because the quarry is an old operation, it was delivered with a very high and steep slope. In the quarry operation of the project that we have carried out with our partner, this high and steep slope is formed according to the quarry operation project and the operation continues. In open pit works, slopes have been cut and the quarry site has been secured. On the other hand, it is common to encounter discontinuities and loose soils between the rock layers in the quarry area. In such cases, attempts are made to open roads to reach the upper limits of the quarry.

Stones are falling, blocking the road. A stone fell on the truck where Mustafa Sabri Ergüney worked.


President of Dikyamaç village association Prof. Dr. Maksut Coşkun also stated that Akıncılar Mahallesi in the village was built on the ground formed as a result of landslides. Coşkun said: “This ground has been stable so far. The collapses began under the effect of the earthquake that occurred during the blasting of the quarry. mentioned.

Pointing out that the ground is slippery, Coşkun continued his remarks as follows: “The quarry explosions are very violent and during this eruption, the houses shake and the ground shakes. This causes landslides when it rains. The quarries cause terrible visual pollution on the road to the important tourist centers of Arhavi. Dikyamaç Village and Its Environment Lifestyle Museum, the first museum of Artvin, is also located in this region. 15,000 people visit the museum every year. This bad image is not worthy of the region. The quarries are 500 meters from the Kemer bridges and very close to the Mençuna waterfall. Besides, the recently discovered rock figures of Demirkapı Plateau are also very important for the history of the region. These are cave paintings from 3000 years ago. This region can be reached by going through the stone quarries. Unfortunately, this does a lot of damage to this natural and historic site.”

Stating that the terrain is too hard and steep for quarry operation, Coşkun said that they have demands to close the quarries close to the settlement and move them to places away from the settlements.

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