Like the factory, the school made a turnover of 3.3 million lira with 25 types of products. They produced sanitizer and cologne during the pandemic, and now they put in establishes a bay leaf processing plant.

Eren Energy Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which started the production of disinfectant, bleach and cologne in Zonguldak with 26,000 lira of educational support, responded to needs during the epidemic process. The school, which expanded its product range to 25 varieties, achieved a turnover of 3.3 million lira. This time, the school created a new production area by establishing a bay leaf processing factory.
Anatolia Eren Energy Vocational and Technical High School in Çatalağzı Town of Kilimli District in Zonguldak not only educated its students but also met the needs of disinfectant, bleach and cologne in the western region of the Black Sea with the production that it started with 26,000 liras of educational support before the epidemic process. The school disinfected establishments with its products during the epidemic process and achieved a turnover of 3.3 million lira.
Eren Energy Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Chemistry Technologies Field started the project in 2019 to meet the school’s cleaning material needs with 26,000 lira educational support from the development agency. The school, which created the ErKim brand, started working with the goal of producing one ton per day. The school, which began both teaching and production with students who preferred the department, also improved its product line. The school, which started in March 2020, met the disinfectant and surface cleaning needs of public institutions in Zonguldak during the epidemic process.

They will process a ton of bay leaves per day.
Ertuğrul Önal, a chemistry teacher and the school’s deputy technical director, said he achieved a turnover of 3.3 million liras with his product line of 25 varieties. Highlighting that they have established a laurel oil extraction facility with 60 students and 4 teachers in the field, Önal said:
“Vocational education plays the most important role in the training of qualified personnel in Europe and Turkey. The general objective of vocational high schools is to train intermediate personnel that workplaces need in various fields. Since 2019, we have increased the variety of production with the developed projects and the investments made.By increasing our existing production capacity with increasing production capacity.We have rapidly strengthened the infrastructure of the workshop, which directly affects the durability and employment.We have become the visible vocational high school in the western Black Sea.We have achieved a turnover of 3.3 million lira with a range of 25 products in the last two years under the conditions However, our next focus is our new project, especially the laurel processing plant.We will use degreasing, drying hage, paper pulp in the military field and in the manufacture of pellets. With the zero waste slogan, we will even contribute a branch leaf of the product we bought from the forest villagers to the country’s economy. As a result, the economy of the country, the regional economy, the economy of the school and the students. We will add value to your line. We have 60 students. We have 4 professors in our field. Our laurel oil extraction facility was established. We plan to process approximately one ton per day. According to him, one does not throw away the pulp after taking the oil. We will assess the pulp. We plan to use it in the military field, in the production of pellets as well.”
The school’s principal, Kamil Zoroğlu, said: “We started producing cleaning products with the opening of the chemistry department. Bay laurel is very common in our region. There was already interest in it in our region. We were thinking about what we could do. ” With the device we have purchased at the moment, we will extract about 67 kilograms of oil from a ton of bay leaf per day. The production will be done not only from the oil but also from the remaining pulp. We will continue to do more in both with workshop leaders and students,” he said.
The students continue their productions concerning both the disinfectant and the installation for the production of cologne and laurel oil.

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