Sharing Trabzonspor’s ‘Thief’ at Fenerbahçe’s harsh statement!

Fenerbahçe have issued a harsh statement regarding Trabzonspor’s claims regarding the championship in the 2010-11 season.

Trabzonspor responded to this on their social media account.

Fenerbahçe Club reacted to Trabzonspor and the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) with a statement on the 2010-2011 championship.

Fenerbahçe Club’s statement is as follows:

“As we come to the end of the 2021-22 Super League season, we would like to make a few reminders with this statement about the manipulation made by a club on a subject which is our club’s red line.

The operation, organized on July 3, 2011, with Fenerbahçe as the headliner;

President of Fenerbahce sports club, management, all official people and the community, as it was said from the first day and the first hour, that there was a conspiracy, almost all of them were members of FETO, especially the police , the police and the members of the judiciary, who defended the operation, who spoke about it with everyone, it was clear as day.

Despite the fact that the four sides of our country were surrounded by FETO and everything was under their control and control, this trial had turned into a comedy with the explanations they gave in the “FICTION” cases in which our Club has been continued in the long years that have passed.

The July 3 conspiracy is a CONSTRUCTION like other cases that marked the agenda of our country, Ergenekon, Sledgehammer and the attempted judicial coup of December 17 to 25; On December 27, 2021, it was engraved in both the country’s and the world’s history as “a victory for Fenerbahçe, and the removal of another branch of the terrorist organization that has infiltrated justice, security and the media on behalf of our country”. “!


Fenerbahçe showed once again that they go all out when it is necessary for their country, with their fight against FETO, which holds all the power in this process.

Our fans, who marched to the bridge to defend our club, which was left alone on July 10, 2011, were no different to the people who took to the streets to defend our country on July 15, 2016!


Based on the schizophrenic attitude and style of a club that had its last championship in 1983-84, our 2010-11 championship;

“Intervention!” to those who are unaware of our candidacy,

To the representatives of the TFF who endorsed and approved the opening of a banner mentioning this championship in the stadium of Trabzonspor Club,

To the Turkish Football Federation, which includes these representatives,

To the Metropolitan Municipality, which included the 2010-11 Fenerbahçe Championship of the city to which the club concerned belongs, in the design of the bus,

We appeal to the Club and all concerned, who constantly use our club’s championship in their official channels and messages!

It reminds us that the whereabouts and condition of every person, from judge to prosecutor, from police chief to officer, from member of the media to civilian personnel, who participated in match-fixing, is clear from legal records. ;

Kissing the Fenerbahçe championship cannot be explained by schizophrenia alone,

Legitimize FETO, which aims for the existence of the Republic of Turkey, by denying that July 3 is a conspiracy and having a contrary opinion,

“hoping everyone understands” that it has no other meaning than to incite the people to hatred, hatred and polarization.

We highlight!

Fenerbahce is the champion of 2010-11 thanks to their hard work and efforts, and that this championship is the most special among our 28 championships engraved in our history;

“The size of Fenerbahçe is not the size of the league or the cup,” said İslam Çupi. His greatness is just another greatness, it cannot be named. We remember it with pride!”


After Fenerbahçe’s statement, Trabzonspor Club gave a response from their social media account.

Sharing on their Twitter account, the Bordeaux-Blue team said: “The Altar of Zeus stolen from Pergamon is on display in a museum in Berlin. However, that will never change the fact that it is stolen, its true owner is the Anatolian lands and whoever stole it is a thief!” used expressions.

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