Signal Sörloth by Ceyhun Kazancı! “It’s not impossible”

“Gedson’s salary is up to Turkish standards”

Expressing that they bought Gedson Fernandes in the first transfer of next season, Kazancı said: “We bought Gedson. When you look at the salary, it’s at Turkish standards. Our goal is to get the salary below In order to sell the player, we have to keep the salaries at this level. Gedson is an important star, his salary is at this level. Of course. “You don’t need to give testimonials at the level of 2.5- 3 million. Of course, we will have to give the striker one more click,” he said.

Stating that they are focusing on the players they will transfer for next season, Kazancı said: “We have a lot of work on the players we are going to sign next year. Departures are more or less certain, performances until the end of the season will also be decisive. There are quality players who do not fully reflect their potential, but leave. A few players on our list are one of the few players on our list. less than a million. Players who haven’t made a splash yet. Ghezzal, Gedson are such big star players. Mentioned Sörloth, Aboubakar… These players need to be recruited at the right time. Their salaries were once less than a million. We want to transfer like that, when it happens top not,” he said.

“The transfer of Sörloth is not impossible”

Expressing that they have been working hard on the transfer since September last year, Ceyhun Kazancı said: “We have a long list of players. There are a lot of players we are watching live. There are also players with which we are getting closer to an agreement. We will meet around June 22-23. We want to prepare the transfers for this date. There will be those who come, “There will be those who leave. Opportunity transfers can also take place. We want to train four of the 6-7 players, we will arrive on the dates we have announced,” he said.

Kazancı said about Alexander Sörloth, whose name was mentioned with Beşiktaş in the transfer, “It is obvious that there will not be a million in Sörloth”, and about the promise that this transfer is not not possible, “It’s not clear. It’s not really impossible. It can be an easy transfer, why not?” he said.

Ceyhun Kazancı said the players they get should have goals and said;

“Let him see this place as a goal, have other goals. Let him say ‘I’m going to succeed, I’m going somewhere’. There have been players who have gone straight to Manchester United from here, why not a new one? He’s the role model we want. We want players with that mindset.”

Referring to the situation of Atiba Huthchinson, who is part of the team, Kazancı said: “Atiba will play for another year. There is a World Cup. I don’t know what the situation will be, the professor’s report will come.”

Kazancı said that there were offers from different clubs for the team’s young player, Rıdvan Yılmaz, and no offer came for Ersin Destanoğlu.

Stating that they frequently meet with Schalke to secure the transfer of Can Bozdoğan, who is on loan at the team, Kazancı said: “We frequently meet with the club to secure Can Bozdoğan’s testimony.

Valérien Ismael: Gedson will be very helpful

Valerien Ismael, the coach of the black and white team, said that every player who comes to Beşiktaş should show the best performance.

Stressing that he liked Gedson, who was transferred before him, Ismael said: “He will bring a lot. He is a player I have known before. The striker is a sensitive area. Sörloth is a player of very great quality.”

Referring to criticisms of the 3-4-3 system played in Beşiktaş, Ismael pointed out that the English team Chelsea reached the championship in this way.

Ismael, when asked about referee talks in Super League, replied: “I found the penalty in the Adana Demirspor-Trabzonspor game strange. I found such a penalty strange at a time when the VAR system was in place I believe these issues will sort themselves out as the season progresses.”

Referring to Kenan Karaman, whose performance was criticized, Ismael said: “Kenan Karaman is a good football player. I know him in Germany. Many players have not reached his performances this season. One of the issues that we will focus on next season will be to increase the performance of these players.”

Finally, Ismael said they will do their pre-season camp work in Austria.

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