Statement by Akşener on the decision of the DEVA party to participate in the elections with its own name and logo

IYI party chairman Meral Akşener, DEVAP party chairman Babacan’s statement that DEVA will participate in the next elections with its own logo, said: “I haven’t met him yet, I don’t know what it is , but I think it’s a statement about election law. In the statements he made afterwards, there is no situation that goes beyond the National Alliance, there is no difference between the parliamentary system and the presidential candidacy.


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IYI Party Chairman Akşener visited merchants in Muratpaşa and Kepez districts in Antalya. Akşener attended the iftar program organized by Antalya Association of Industrialists and Business People (ANSİAD) in the evening.

Akşener answered the question from members of the press regarding Babacan’s statement, “The Democracy Party and Atılım decided to participate in the upcoming elections with its own name, with its own glory and with its own logo”:

“There are two laws, the first of which is the electoral system that emerged with the 2017 referendum, there are alliances in there, there are parties in it, whether they enter with their own logo or they enter from another party’s list. The Felicity party entered both with its logo and on the CHP list, while the Democratic Party did not enter our list with its logo. We are apparently went to the elections in our national alliance with the tripartite logo. There was a situation like this after the elections; Now the votes have been added, for example, our party has won four more deputies with the addition of the Felicity Party and CHP votes On the other hand, these combined votes in places where the CHP received slightly higher votes than us added additional votes.

In the meantime, a new law has been passed, it is useless to play with anyone. You will participate either from a single list or you will participate separately. Even if they are in the people’s alliance, their own votes will be counted. Therefore, when we look at the later statements of Mr. Babacan, it means that his party will enter the elections with its own logo, so you must enter with your logo to receive state aid. When you get 3% of the votes, the state grants you aid. I haven’t met it yet, I don’t know what it is, but I think it’s a statement on electoral law. In the statements he made afterwards, there is no situation that goes beyond the national alliance, there is no difference between the parliamentary system and the presidential candidacy.

Akşener answered the question about “Gen Z” as follows:

“I have been working with Gen Z for 1-1.5 years. We had long discussions with open zoom meetings such as what you laugh at, how you like, how you hate, what are your dreams, your hopes, if so, or why. We have worked out concrete solutions for your future. Your despair with Turkey is at the highest level, you do not like our elders giving you advice and guidance. You want your ideas to be heard, you want to be heard.

Here you guys will stay; The doctor will stay, the software developer will stay, the engineer will stay, they will all stay here. First of all, the duty incumbent on us elders is to punish those who took away the glory that Atatürk left us. To withdraw them, with democracy and halal votes. I was born in a village in Izmit, I am the child of an exchange family, I was born in a village. Thanks to the efforts of my teachers, the enthusiasm, the hope and the confidence they gave us, I would be sitting before you in this country as the chairman of the IYI party, the former minister of Interior, but if I had left them aside, I would have sat as a retired woman as a teacher. They created a country where my grandchildren did not have my chance. It’s the Republic they didn’t like, Atatürk gave these honors to girls like me and here we are. It is a debt, it is our duty to honor this debt.


Akşener also gave a speech to the representatives of businessmen, industrialists and professional chambers who attended the ANSİAD iftar dinner. In his pre-iftar speech, Akşener said:

“Today I wandered around the neighborhoods of Antalya, then we held meetings with associations formed by both chamber representatives and entrepreneurs. In 2017, we were among those who believed that changing the system of this country would really darken its future. We have traveled all over Anatolia and have said at length that if this change, which we see as this monstrous system, is accepted, the investments in terms of democracy, justice, law and their existence will disappear, and the deputies will not have more sense. Unfortunately, we could not express our point of view in real terms, so this referendum was accepted. What we’re talking about here isn’t people, it’s this system we’re talking about here. In a period when the individual is focusing on his freedom and his development, if you give all the powers to one person, it does not matter whether this person is a good person or a bad person.

If we want to put an end to transparency, accountability, merit and partisanship, and for the state apparatus to be a mechanism that begins to rule you on equal terms, what we need to change is the presidential system of government with parties. After 1 year, you will make a very important decision. And if the continuation of this monstrous system was cut off from the world, all its neighbors disagreed, brought over 5 million refugees and had no idea, said they had done it and created a country where poverty and poverty are managed, not the enrichment and employment of people living in Turkey, we will change it with your votes. I sincerely believe that this change will happen.

Why am I visiting traders now? I started my first trader trip from Antalya, now that I am back I saw that there is a big change. Agriculture has regressed since then, there is an incredible regression in animal husbandry, we have also spoken to our business people. While Antalya should have grown many times over, on the contrary, I saw an Antalya where its people struggled. I am a person who has been in politics for many years, this is the first time I have seen so many poor people in Antalya. For the first time I saw people say that I have nothing to cook, I am fasting, what should I do? We left a productive Turkey and we face a Turkey where poverty is managed. Because in this weird system you don’t need to apply for an account. Voters are no longer benefactors, I hope we change that understanding, we change it with our prayers at this iftar table. Of course, our first priority is to get rid of this tyranny, to protect freedom.


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