Statement by President Erdogan from Osman Kavala

President Erdoğan spoke about the life imprisonment of Osman Kavala, who was imprisoned during the Gezi trial. President Erdogan said: “This man was the Turkish Soros. Our court system made the final decision on him and that decision has disturbed some circles.


President Erdoğan made statements during the fast-breaking dinner he hosted with NGO representatives in Istanbul. Osman Kavala, who was sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment in the Gezi trial, and those who reacted to the ruling were on Erdogan’s agenda.

Regarding the decision regarding Osman Kavala, Erdogan said: “This man was the Turkish Soros. Our judicial system made the final decision about him and this decision disturbed some circles. I’m sorry, there is a law in this country , there’s a court system. They’ve made the decision.” used the sentences.

“We have erased the traces of February 28”
The titles of President Erdogan’s statements are as follows: “I would like to express my gratitude to each of you for your friendship, your selflessness and your perseverance. If our elders gave us good advice, they gave us advice to appreciate the services rendered. The cause to which we dedicate our lives is the cause of rights and truth, not of individuals. These doors are open to all who turn to truth and truth. We started the Anatolian revolution with the elections of 2002, which followed a great political crisis “With the elections of November 3, which opened brand new doors in front of our country, Turkey entered a blessed path which means more democracy and economic development. Those who beautify old Turkey are those who do not know the period. All those who have morality see where our country comes from. We have eliminated the lack of infrastructure in the field of education and we have also removed traces of the destruction caused by the mentality of February 28. we have made men.

“This man was the Turkish Soros”
The latest decision made about a person has disturbed some circles. This man was the Turkish Soros. He was the backstage coordinator of Gezi events. From the time when our daughters were dragged through the gates of the University in headscarves, we have now come to the time when our security forces secured them. Remember the Dolmabahçe Mosque. These monsters sitting with cans of beer. They came from the mosque to our office here and marched to Taksim Square with the Gezi protesters. Unfortunately these travelers stayed there that day, and for what reason did they do this, they did it for the environment. How environmental is it? We have written the epic of ecology. We have planted around 5 million saplings. What did they say about moving 12 trees to another location? Look, they’re uprooting trees. They called for a coup with Republican rallies. With the strangeness of 3678, they attempted to usurp the will of parliament. They tried to drag it into chaos with political assassinations. They tried to shut down our party.

“We have never tolerated actions aimed at the national will”
They tried to overthrow our government with the judicial coup from December 17 to 25. With the betrayal of July 15, they pushed their attacks to the point of trying to kill us and attempting a putsch. In this process, we have given martyrs, including our fellow travelers. But we have not violated the will of the nation towards the hyenas, vultures and scoundrels whose souls have been sold by the imperialists. We have not harmed the blessed trust that our nation placed in us at the polls. We have always stood firm. We stood firm. We have not left the law for a moment.

We have not allowed any member of our nation to bleed, despite those who incite hatred at every opportunity. We have forgiven carelessness with ourselves. However, we have never supported actions aimed at the national will.

“No compromise in the fight against terrorism”
In the operation we carried out in northern Iraq, I had five martyrs, but we killed about sixty terrorists. And the voice of the main opposition has not been heard in Parliament. The group, which is a party stub, tried to cut us off with expressions such as how they would go there. Whatever you say, wherever we find terrorists, my commando will enter and he did. More concessions. After that, our operations there will continue. It is a success for our democracy that our impartial courts punish the putschists with the punishment they deserve. Thank you.

There is neither Yassıada nor Yaslıada anymore. Now there is the island of democracy and freedoms. With the ruling on the Gezi events, our justice system has taught lessons of law and justice to those with similar intentions. At the places where the events of Gezi took place, our mosque is now on one side, and our Atatürk cultural center is on the other, in its brand new form. Hopefully we will have other projects within the framework of this plan.

Turkish justice does not follow image, but law and justice, which is the guarantee of the survival of the country and the nation. Today, as at every stage of our political life, we will not allow the will of our nation to be shackled.”

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