The enthusiasm of the old Ramadans engulfed İnegöl again

İnegöl Municipality spent the 11-month-old Sultan, Ramazan Şerif, full of organized activities throughout the city. With iftars, sahurs, Ramadan entertainment, tarawih programs, Quran recitations, tea treats and many other arrangements, the enthusiasm of ancient Ramadans has once again surrounded the city after the pandemic.
The month of Ramadan, which has passed with restrictions due to the pandemic for 2 years, has found its old days this year. The 11-month-old Sultan, Ramazan Şerif, was again enlivened by crowded tables, iftar gatherings, Ramadan entertainment and tarawih events. The desire for Ramadan, when the mosques are full, people kiss each other again, welcome guests and attend parties, was satisfied with the organizations organized by the municipality of Inegol for 30 days. Ramadan was full of Ramadan in İnegöl with iftars and suhoor programs, home visits to orphans, recitations of the Holy Quran in mosques, musical theater performances and 12D cinema screenings as part of the entertainment of the Ramadan, pre-iftar neighborhood festivities and weekend street activities.
The month of Ramadan has been blessed with crowded iftar tables in İnegöl. Iftars organized by the municipality of İnegöl; children, young people, policemen, orphans, families of martyrs and veterans and mukhtars were welcomed at the iftar tables. The most colorful iftar organization of the month of Ramadan was the Boat Fast Iftar organized for children. The Municipality of Inegol, which supported Ramadan, the Sultan of 11 months, to the maximum with the activities it organized, also did not forget the children. Boat fasting, which is an Ottoman tradition and means that young children who cannot fast all day, only fast for part of the day, has become one of our traditions which continues to be maintained by the municipality of İnegöl. A speed boat iftar was organized by İnegöl municipality with the participation of 400 children aged 0610. A huge iftar organization was prepared in the sports hall of the municipality. Mayor Alper Taban, along with his wife and children, attended the fast from the boat, where families awaited the noon call to prayer in the stands and children eagerly awaited the noon call to prayer. With the noon call to prayer, the children broke their fast and had iftar together.
Iftar tables have been set up for young people with two separate organizations. The youth iftar was organized with the participation of 400 young people aged 1825. During the iftar, where the demands and suggestions of young people were discussed, 400 young people, some university students, some graduates, some started working life, some got married, moved to Inegol to study, some students university students and some high school students, were accommodated. On the other hand, an iftar program was organized with young people in the service library of İnegöl Municipality.
In addition to children and youth iftars, during Ramadan; especially the families of martyrs and veterans; Iftars were held with orphaned children and their families, chiefs, policemen and many others. At the same time, an orphan’s fast-breaking meal was organized in Idlip by the Umuteli Welfare Affairs Directorate of Inegol Municipality. Iftar was organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality at İshakpaşa Mosque Square for 2500 people. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and İnegöl Mayor Alper Taban also participated in the program, in which İnegöl residents showed great interest.
In İnegöl, Ramadan gatherings continued with not only iftars but also sahur programs.
Free tea was offered by İnegöl Municipality in the area in front of the City Hall after Iftar during Ramadan. Citizens decorated Ramadan nights by chatting with İnegöl Municipality sweets during nights when the weather started to warm up.
A special organization has been organized for orphans during Ramadan, as it is both Orphans’ Day and April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Visits were made to 47 homes where 105 orphans live, as determined by members of the city council and the management of Umuteli Welfare Affairs. Clothing assistance cards worth 450 TL were distributed to orphans during visits where iftar meals were served.
Celebrating the 11-month-old Sultan, Ramazan Şerif, with programs suited to the spirit of Ramadan, İnegöl Municipality held Quran recitations in 7 different mosques. While the residents of the neighborhood were very interested in the programs in which precious hafizes were accommodated, Ottoman sorbet was also served to the congregation after the tarawih prayer. On Power Night, a special program was held at the OSB Mosque.
Mayor Alper Taban performed the tarawih prayer at a different mosque each night during Ramadan, and the two met with neighborhood residents and decorated Ramadan nights with citizen conversations. At the same time, sweet treats were served in a different mosque each evening.
Ramadan entertainment programs were organized in 4 districts which were changed from cities to districts by İnegöl Municipality. Both children and adults showed great interest in the entertainment, which included musical theater performances and 12D cinema screenings and refreshments.
During Ramadan, street parties were held in different neighborhoods on Saturdays and Sundays. Street festivities embellished with 2-hour competitions and entertainment for children with the Culture and Art Bus gave another color to the month of Ramadan.

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