The participation of parties in elections with their own logos cannot prevent the alliance.

CHP vice-president and party spokesperson Faik OztrakRegarding the decision of DEVA and the Future Party to enter the elections with their own logos, he said: “The parties that enter the elections with their own logos do not prevent the alliance. This alliance is the alliance of parties that have decided to bring modern democracy to the country. »

CHP Faik Öztrak held a press conference at the party headquarters. Öztrak said the ballot boxes will come before the nation and the dark days will end, adding that the citizens should be happy. Expressing that the losses will be compensated when the Republican People’s Party and the National Alliance come to power, Öztrak said: “People in this country will no longer do fifty kinds of calculations when they put a fruit or a vegetable in the grocery store, in the market or in the shopping cart. Fruits and vegetables will not be bought by weight, but by weight. kilo. He will give pocket money to his grandson during retirement vacations with peace of mind. The palace has made our nation very sad. We will make our nation smile. We will come, life will be a party. Vacations will be experienced as vacations” mentioned.

Responding to reporters’ questions after his statement, Öztrak said that DEVA and the Future Party had announced that they would participate in the elections with their own logos.The fact that the parties enter the elections with their own logos does not prevent the alliance. This alliance is the alliance of the parties that have decided to bring modern democracy to the country. No one should dream. No one should think he’s in a millet attic. No one should look for a calf under an ox.‘ he said.

Gezi test reaction

Asked about the sentences handed down in the Gezi case, Öztrak said: “If the main claim in the indictment of a case, namely the charge of espionage, is acquitted, after it has been dropped, then it there is no coup allegation in the same case with the coup allegation, and people are sentenced to life imprisonment and tens of thousands of years in prison. If you give sentences of up to years, it’s obvious that this case was written somewhere with hate and handed over to the decision makers in this case A judge’s dissenting vote is there extremely important. One of the three judges said: “The end of this case should be acquitted, because there is no evidence,” he said.

Highlights of Öztrak’s speech are:

“To sell the country is to starve our children in the dark and the cold”

Selling the homeland means keeping incompetent cadres in power, which has taken end-of-year inflation, which it said was 23% three months ago, to 43% three months later. sell the homeland; It happens by condemning our people to line up for potatoes, onions, cheap bread, meat and gasoline because of incompetence, incompetence and incompetence. Selling the homeland makes our nation unable to feed its babies, starving our children in the dark and cold, failing to provide them with adequate education, inheriting poverty from family to children and causing the loss of a generation. Selling the homeland means leaving the youth of this nation unemployed and paying salaries to palaces in two or three different places. It’s by not saying a word to the palace feeders who steal the future of the nation’s children and sniff the powdered sugar. Selling the homeland means opening the doors to illegal immigrants and showing the door to our doctors, whom we have trained with great effort.

“Selling the homeland is telling opposing truth stories and always trying to pit the nation against each other”

The sale of the homeland is done by making the economy dependent on the sale of the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey in exchange for the green dollar. To sell the fatherland is to plunder our immortal tree, the olive trees, in order to rent it. With the ambition to earn money, it is by cutting the lifeline of the beautiful streams of the Black Sea. Selling the homeland is not building a real fleet of firefighters from planes, but by watching our burning forests. To sell the fatherland is to crush our young people, who protect their nature and their greenery, with TOMAs and sticks for three cents shopping center rent. Selling the homeland means his personal grudges dictate decisions to the courts under his command and crumble the state’s pillar of justice. Selling the homeland, failing to ensure the unity, solidarity and fraternity of the peoples who have a common history of a thousand years on these lands; This can be done by letting the country suffer material and moral losses. Selling the homeland is done by always trying to pit the nation against each other by telling false stories such as “They drank in the Dolmabahçe mosque, they opened channels to my office with the chargers from there” , on the blessed night of power.

“They prayed for God not to embarrass them, apparently their prayers have been answered, they are no longer ashamed of anything”

Selling the homeland, “We will stand, we will not stand; We bow in ruku and in prostration only in the presence of our Lord”, and after being cornered with money, it is possible to bow like this in the presence of those whom they call the murderer. Selling the homeland means clinging to the necks of those they accused of being “murderers” for a few billion dollars until yesterday. No president in Turkey has ever been in such dire straits for money, for the green of the dollar. We haven’t had presidents who shouted inside and threw bayonets outside. For God’s sake, look at these photos. It is neither fasting nor sauerkraut. We are a little bored, we are a little ashamed. He doesn’t lick what he spits out so easily. For years they prayed ‘God be not ashamed’, apparently their prayers were answered, they are not ashamed of anything anymore.

“One day he will become Dadaloğlu, one day he will become İnce Memed, one day he will become Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu”

One day it will be Dadaloğlu who will stand against oppression and injustice and say: “If the edict is for the sultan, the mountains are ours”. One day it will be İnce Memed who will say ‘Enough for the cruelty of the aghas’. There will come a day when Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said: “There is a path from darkness to light”, to be the voice of our citizens who stand up against injustice, walk from Ankara to Istanbul saying “Right , law, justice”, and our fellow citizens in the dark when their electricity is cut, our children trembling with fear, our people in the abyss of misery, it is possible. Consent to cruelty is cruelty. Not the slightest inclination is shown to the oppressors. Otherwise, the fire of hell will also touch the inclined, and those who do not gather today against oppression will gather tomorrow in the dungeons of the oppressor.

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