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When Ozan learns that Esra is pregnant, he flies into the air. This time he is determined to make up for everything that happened in the past. That’s why he trembles over Esra. But this interest makes Esra bored. While trying to contain Esra Ozan’s excessive interest, she has another problem to deal with. Ozan does not accept the closeness between Nazim and Zümrüt, he acts as if there is nothing like it. Esra brings the family and Nazim together for a dinner party to settle this situation. This meal will be the occasion of another happy news. Ozan will prepare an unforgettable surprise for Esra when she learns that she is deeply saddened by the fact that they do not have a wedding.

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Ozan heard the word “father” from Atlas for the first time, but he couldn’t feel the joy of it. Because his son is with Salim. Ozan and Esra act immediately to take Atlas. Ozan tells Salim that he decided to sell the business in the face of Salim’s threat, but he actually has another plan. Esra, who is unaware of this plan, unknowingly upsets all of Ozan’s plans. Ozan and Esra are once again drawn into a fun but dangerous adventure. Esra, who learns she is pregnant during this process, wants to tell Ozan in a romantic way. Although he looks for an opportunity to be alone with Ozan, he does not find this opportunity as the families become involved. Finally, he will make this statement when no one expects it.

Just as Esra thinks she’s waking up on one of the usual mornings, she suddenly finds herself surrounded by the news of Ozan, his television appearance, and his huge photos on billboards. Her ex-husband Ozan, whom she divorced two years ago, is everywhere. He has also changed a lot. Ozan, who pulled a dime when Esra quit, has become a completely different person now. He is very successful, very handsome and very rich. As her life changed thanks to the social media app Ozan found, Esra stood still. Before Esra can get over their shock, she comes face to face with Ozan. But Ozan, who loved Esra enough to die of it, is no longer in front of him. He is a cold and arrogant man, full of anger towards Esra.

This encounter activates the feelings they both think are gone. Oddly enough, they both remember different things when they think about their marriage. For Esra, marriage means a haven of peace. Esra, who had a childhood full of bankruptcies and foreclosures due to her father’s adventurous professional life, witnessed how hard her mother, who was in love with her father, tried to keep this family alive. . Esra, who thinks that if this is love, I don’t exist, is determined to marry someone she trusts and loves dearly. Ozan fell in love with Esra at first sight. As soon as Esra sees Ozan, she realizes that she is the person she is looking for and they are married in no time. However, when Ozan quits his regular job so he can do his dream job, Esra’s safehouse is suddenly destroyed. As Ozan cannot find an investor for his creative ideas, the life of the house is left entirely to Esra. Esra starts working multiple shifts to pay rent and bills. Esra, who made a logical marriage to not look like her mother, fell into worse shape than her mother. Although he tries to keep their marriage alive for a while, he eventually gives up. But in fact, the reasons for the separation for the two are not what they seem.

On the evening of the day they met, Esra tells her friend Zeyno that she expects an apology from Ozan for her past experiences, while Ozan angrily tells his assistant Musa how Esra easily sacrificed him in time. . But what neither of them realize is how impressed they are when they see each other.

The next day, Esra gets dressed and goes to Ozan’s office, thinking that Ozan will apologize for what she has done in the past and want to come to terms with Ozan’s phone call. However, Ozan’s intention is different. Ozan, who was unable to pay Esra child support because he had no money at the time of the divorce, pulls out an envelope full of money and places it in front of Esra. His real intention is to hurt Esra, who she thinks left him for money, by teaching him a good lesson. Realizing she was being summoned to be humiliated, Esra rips the envelope and leaves with Ozan even angrier than before.

Now it’s Esra’s turn to mend her shattered pride. Seeing the announcement of an intern from Ozan’s company, Esra hatches her plan. He will apply to Ozan’s company by applying to the ad and will only leave his life when Ozan falls in love with him again and falls at his feet like before.

Of course, it will not be easy for Esra to carry out her plan. Ozan, who trashed Esra’s application, says he never wanted to see her around. Esra, on the other hand, knows very well where to hit Ozan. “You are afraid of falling in love with me again. You would have hired me if you hadn’t been scared. said. Ozan, who wants to prove to Esra that he is not afraid, sees Esra resting and hires her. Esra thinks Ozan will be impressed when he sees her in the company that she entered as an intern and that she will soon lower the veils and fall in love with Esra again. However, Ozan has changed a lot. Things won’t go as easily as he thinks.

The main characters are:

  • Burcu Ozberk: Esra Erten
  • Ilhan Sen as Ozan Korfali
  • Burak Yoruk as Cinar Yilmaz
  • Melisa Döngel as Cagla Yilmaz – Diary

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