What are the terms of the Ziraat Bank Poultry Loan 2022?

Poultry Farm Loan Termsis the same for all people who want to avail this loan. Knowing the terms before applying for the loan will avoid the usual waste of time and negativity.

2022 Ziraat Bank Ready to raise chickens the conditions are as follows:

  • Farmers who want to profit from chicken meat must start a business where they can raise 10,000 chickens.
  • Farmers who want to profit from chicken eggs should start a business where they raise 7,500 chickens.
  • The necessary documents must be submitted to Ziraat Bank in full.

What are the documents required for a poultry loan?

Documents required for chicken loan The person must have their own documents and these documents must be presented personally by the person to the bank. Otherwise, the application will be deemed invalid and the poultry farm credit cannot be used. The documents that people who want to apply for Ziraat Bank chicken farming loan 2022 need to submit to the bank are as follows:

  • Applicant’s TR identity card
  • Land register of the company (lease agreement if rented)
  • Registration of the Farmers Registration System (ÇKS)
  • Company balance sheet over 3 years
  • Document obtained from GİB (tax authority) regarding no tax liability

The documents required from legal persons at the time of application are as follows:

  • Chamber registration certificate
  • Business Tax Commission
  • Official journal of the commercial register
  • Notarized document containing the signatures of authorized persons

What are the Ziraat Bank chicken loan interest rates?

Chicken loan interest deductions Although it changes every year, it was revamped in 2022. A fixed discount of 17% is applied to each person who uses the Ziraat Bank chicken farming loan. In addition to this discount, discounts are also applied in special cases. These discounts can be listed as follows:

  • Entrepreneurial farmer: 10% for investment, 10% for business
  • Young farmer: 10% for investment, 10% for business
  • Contract manufacturing: 10% for companies
  • Inactive business acquisition: 10% for investment
  • Poultry sector: 25% for investment, 50% for companies
  • Breeding: 75% for investment, 75% for companies

Maximum reduction of the applicable interest rate;

  • 55% for investment,
  • 80 for business.

Although these rebates are applied, a maximum of 7.65% per annum and 0.63% per month is applied to people who use the bank’s loans.

Which banks provide poultry loans?

Banks that offer poultry loans It aims to provide the necessary financial opportunity for people or companies who want to raise chickens, trade and invest.

Ready to raise chickens The issuing banks are:

  • Ziraat Bank
  • Turkish Economic Bank
  • QNB Financial Bank
  • Denizbank

What are the ARDSI Poultry Grant Application Requirements?

Conditions for granting chicken ARDSI, It has been updated and published for the years 2022-2023. The Agricultural and Rural Development Support Institution (ARDSI) provides 70% financial support to farmers who wish to start poultry farming. There are two different support programs for this grant:

  • Poultry meat
  • Egg production

The following requirements are required to apply for the ARDSI Poultry Scholarship:

  • The poultry farm to be established is within the boundaries of the determined province,
  • The farmer is under 66,
  • The farmer has at least 3 years of experience in this sector,
  • The farmer must have at least 3 years of SSI registration.

What provinces are supported by TDKD?

Provinces to which the TDKD grants It is selected from the places suitable for raising chickens and this list may change from year to year. The provinces to which TDKD is providing grant support in 2022 are as follows:

  • Balikesir
  • Malatya
  • Amasya
  • Erzurum
  • Hatay
  • Diyarbakir
  • Kahramanmaras
  • Kars
  • Opium
  • van
  • Trabzon
  • Isparta
  • Army
  • Konya
  • Sanliurfa
  • Corum
  • Siva
  • Samsung
  • Slap
  • Yozgat

Farmers living in these provinces can apply for a subsidy for TDKD chicken.

How to create a chicken farm?

Set up a chicken farm First of all, the person must know himself, because it is necessary to choose between producing eggs or meat. Since it is difficult and expensive to do both, it will be advantageous for the farmer to choose one of these choices.

Once the decision is made, the next step is to calculate the cost of setting up the farm. If this calculation is not made in advance, the establishment of the farm may be interrupted and material damage will occur. Provided by banks such as Ziraat Bank to receive financial support when setting up a farm. Ready to raise chickens such as loan and support applications can be made.

It will also be useful to calculate and compare farm expenses and income. If the expense is greater than the income, it will hurt the farmer.

If your financial situation is not sufficient, it will be useful for you to find a funder.

Once adequate financial support is provided, the number of chickens to be raised on the farm should be calculated and the step of providing feed, feeder, waterer and building the chicken house should be initiated.

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