What happened to corrupt IMM files?

In December 2020, the files prepared as part of the corruption investigation opened by the IMM Board of Inspectors concerning the period when the municipality was administered by the AKP, on the instruction of Ekrem İmamoğlu, the mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, were seized by the Minister of the Interior.

According to Sözcü’s report, the files were handed over to inspectors on January 12, 2021. It was announced that the files revealing about 13 billion 202 million liras of public damages will be examined by property inspectors.

It was learned that the IMM inspection board had started the process by completing some files before the civilian inspectors were assigned, but could not obtain the necessary permissions from the Istanbul governor’s office.


Assessing the Interior Ministry’s seizure of corruption files, İBB Chairman Ekrem İmamoğlu said at the time, “We have 33 files under investigation. The ministry took these files from us illegally. Such a request has never been made before. He owns. He tried to delete it. We will analyze each of them. All of them are in our tracking. In no case do we take our eyes off any of these 33 files, we follow them. »

At the start of the files assigned by the Ministry inspector; to institutions and organizations, including the Presidency, the 64th Prime Ministry, the July 15 Association, the AKP Vice President, the AKP Group Presidency, the AKP Provincial Presidency, the District Presidency of the AKP Silivri, the sports club Erok, the sports club of the Archers Foundation, the Hot Home foundation, TÜGVA In violation of the legislation, the assignment of a company car by the IMM arrives.

The largest loss item among the files transferred to the ministry was stopped metro constructions with 10 billion 867 million 444 thousand 340 TL.


Some of his notable findings from seized corruption files include:

– The 1 million 125 thousand lira dinner, which the IMM Beltur A.Ş company claimed to organize on behalf of another İBB company, İsper A.Ş on the eve of the local elections on March 31, 2019, was registered with of the “catering sandwiches given to district organizations on election morning” footnote. turned out to be under.

– In the same period, catering organizations presented as organized for other IMM companies; We saw that it was listed with explanatory notes such as “gathering”, “Ak Parti Grup”, “Binali bey”, “Binali brain guards”.

– The file was seized by ministry inspectors before the investigation was opened by IMM inspectors saying “there was a belief that public resources could have been used for political studies”.

– One of the confiscated files concerned the former land of the Fatih amusement park, which was bought by IMM, something that has been discussed for years.

– The report revealed a scandal regarding the former amusement park land purchased for 429.7 million from Metal Yapı Konut, the partner of Ömer Faruk Kavurmacı, the son-in-law of former İBB chairman Kadir Topbaş, who lost his life after being detained in the Etui FETÖ.

– In a letter sent by Ömer Saçaklıoğlu, the deceased founder of Metal Yapı Konut, to IMM regarding the sale transactions in 2017, it was seen that he owed Ziraat Bank 108 million 500 thousand dollars and his land was mortgaged .

– In the land valuation report released after the case was entered, it was determined that the current market value of the old mortgaged land of the amusement park in Fatih is 73.2 million lira, and that IMM has lost $106 million because of this land swap, according to the current exchange rate. The land is currently closed to development.


– It turned out that during the AKP period, private land, which had the function of “military strategic zone” in Başakşehir, which could not even be nailed down, was purchased for 41.2 million lira.

– It has been determined that former AKP adviser and district head Kamil Barkır, who is also the deputy landowners, made the deal with IMM. The investigation file initiated by the IMM inspectors was seized by the inspectors of the Ministry of the Interior, in order to reveal whether there was public harm by providing a private benefit to someone.

– According to calculations, when the land was bought for 41 million 234 thousand TL in 2016, it cost 13 million 396 thousand dollars according to the exchange rate of the day. The value of the land, which today is fixed at 13 million 350 thousand lire, is equivalent to 1 million 892 thousand dollars according to the current exchange rate.

– Current market values ​​showed that IMM suffered a loss of 27 million 884 thousand TL with this purchase of land. The loss in foreign currency is equivalent to 11 million 504 thousand dollars.


– During the examination carried out by the new IMM administration, 164 million 945 thousand 792 TL of the expenses made to certain associations and foundations during the AKP period were found to be contrary to the legislation.

– The report prepared by IMM inspectors was sent to the Ministry of Interior for permission to investigate former IMM presidents Kadir Topbaş and Mevlüt Uysal, shortly before the files were confiscated .

– In the report, it was revealed that IMM even paid the rents and bills of the district representatives of TÜGVA. This part of the file was taken over by the inspectors of the Ministry of the Interior, while the inspector’s investigation into the relevance of the restoration expenditure made to associations and foundations continued.

– According to the report, since 2014, IMM has paid a total of 64 million 27 thousand 585 TL in rent for 29 buildings used as dormitories and representation of the foundation in common service projects. It was determined that 3 million 72,000 liras of the payment went to TÜGVA representative offices in 10 districts. In the report, it was determined that the 152,000,203 lira water, electricity and natural gas bills of the July 15 Association and TÜGVA were paid by IMM. 54 million 122 thousand 139 TL were spent from the IMM vault for maintenance and repair work.


– It was revealed that the company IMM Metro Istanbul A.Ş used the Sikorsky helicopter, purchased in 2012, for rental services until 2018, generating an income of 3.2 million liras, but during this period, the helicopter caused an expense of 14.4 million lire.

– The investigation opened by the IMM inspectors to find the reasons for the seizure of this helicopter was also seized by the inspectors of the Ministry of the Interior.


– During the years when the IMM was governed by the AKP, district municipalities with the AKP; It was determined that he had purchased the unusable land which was partly green space and which remained in the road function by paying a total of 350 million 650 thousand lire.

– The files opened by the IMM inspectors to investigate the reason why the metropolitan municipality, in a difficult economic situation, made these purchases, were also taken up by the inspectors of the Ministry of the Interior.


– It turned out that the buildings purchased by IMM from the Fatih Foundation for Science and Culture by paying 10.3 million lira during the AKP period were unusable. It was determined that IMM purchased the risky building of the Turkish Science and Social Services Foundation in Avcılar for 5.7 million and the building was demolished before it could be used. The investigations initiated by the inspectors on the subject have been seized.


Before the ministry intervened, the IMM Board of Inspectors took steps to complete its work on some corruption cases and initiated legal action, but the necessary clearances could not be obtained from from the Istanbul Governor’s office. Some of these files are:

– According to the report of the IMM inspectors, disciplinary sanctions were imposed on senior executives regarding luxury office vehicles which they illegally allocated to the AKP, the Presidency and certain associations. However, an investigation authorization has not yet been obtained from the Istanbul Governor’s Office.


– Part of the social housing built by IMM in different neighborhoods for low-income families has been allocated to the staff of the General Secretariat of the Presidency in Ankara and the staff of the Protection Team of the Presidency, contrary to the legislation . Istanbul Governor’s Office requested permission to investigate against 5 officials, including former head of İBB real estate department Yaşar Parlak and 2 former property managers and 2 assistants, who signed the illegal transactions, but none response has not yet been received.

– In 2019, irregularities were detected regarding maintenance and repair work on the Harbiye Open Air and Sultangazi stages. Although the upper limit of “direct procurement”, i.e. purchase without tender, in 2019 was 90,358 TL, it was determined that as for the procurement method direct, for maintenance and repair work in these scenes, offers were received and 252,815 TL were taken from the municipal coffers. Due to this illegal practice, no decision has yet been taken regarding the request made to the Istanbul Governor’s Office on September 10, 2020 for a preliminary investigation to be conducted against the former Deputy Secretary General of IMM Nihat Macit and the head of the culture department at the time, Ridvan Duran.

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