“A special profession combining science and art”

The Midwifery Week event was organized by İnönü University Faculty of Health Sciences Midwifery Department and İnönü University Young Life Society. Nimet Özkan, modern energy specialist and trainer, gave a seminar on “Stress Management and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)”.

The program held at the Turgut Özal Culture and Congress Center was attended by the Rector of İnönü University, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kızılay, Advisor to the Rector Prof. Dr. Neslihan Durak, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Turan Yıldız, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Ali Beytur, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Prof. Dr. Rukuye Aylaz, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Prof. Dr. Alaadin Polat, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Prof. Dr. Tekin İzci, Head of Department of Midwifery, Faculty of Health Sciences, Assoc. Dr. Yeşim Aksoy Derya, Director of Women, Family, Youth and Sports of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Hilal Yıldırım, Deputy Mayor of Yeşilyurt Cavit Aslan, Chief Physician of Turgut Özal Medical Center (TOTM) Adil Başkıran, Deputy Chief Physician Dr. Instructor Member Ebru İnci Coşkun, Malatya Training and Research Hospital Deputy Chief Physician Leman Acun Delen, Director of Institute of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Nurettin Aydoğdu, Director of Vocational School of Health Services, Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Sağlam, Head of TÖTM Nursing Services Leyla Kılıç, Head of Health Services of Malatya Training and Research Hospital Servet Boyraz, Malatya Provincial Health Directorate Head of Non-Communicable Disease Branch Selma Aydın Felek , academic and administrative staff and students were present.

Delivering the keynote speech for the program, which began with a minute of silence and the singing of the national anthem, the rector of Inonu University, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kızılay in his speech said that midwifery practice is a very important field that cannot be replaced and midwives should be ready to work at all times. Kızılay said, “You are members of a profession that has no holidays, day or night. Because birth cannot wait for overtime or holidays. Birth happens every time, whenever the time is right. For healthy babies and healthy mothers to endure in a sustainable way, this must continue for centuries to come in cooperation with midwifery and other health sectors. As a university, we are a university that provides very solid midwifery education. This department of our faculty is one of the few departments in Turkey that offers Ph.D. It is a department that has trained many doctoral professors. All of our own teachers here are teachers who have received their doctorate in midwifery. When I appoint an educator, especially in the midwifery department, I make sure that we have a teacher who has a doctorate in his field, namely midwifery. Because it is necessary to deepen the expertise. I congratulate all teachers and students on Midwifery Week”.

Head of Department of Midwifery, Faculty of Health Sciences, Assoc. Dr. Yeşim Aksoy Derya said: “We have a century-old profession. Many developments from the establishment of the first midwifery schools to the appointment of the first midwives, from the opening of an increasing number of midwifery programs to the opening of masters and doctoral programs are in progress. made the most significant achievements of our century-old profession. To ensure that the next century will benefit midwives, women, newborns and public health, we are zealously advancing these achievements and our goals. I congratulate all midwives on National Midwifery Week.

“A special profession where science and art meet”
Stating that midwifery is one of the special professions that combine science and art, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Turan Yıldız said, “Midwifery is at the very heart of public health. The success of the service provided in this particular area will play an important role in solving the country’s health problems. Midwifery is one of the special professions where science and art meet. For this reason, you should graduate from our faculty as an individual who follows the path opened by your teachers, who adheres strictly to ethical principles and gives due attention and care to his own training, ensures his competence and makes of continuing education a principle. In this context, I congratulate our academic staff, midwives and student midwives, who contribute to this profession, on the occasion of National Midwifery Week from April 21 to 28 and I sincerely hope that ‘they will be qualified midwives who will continue their training in the midwifery department.

Seminar “Stress Management and Emotional Freedom Technique”
Nimet Özkan, modern energy specialist and trainer, gave a seminar on “Stress Management and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)”. Özkan demonstrated the stress management and emotional release technique to the guests. Recalling that stress exists in life and expressing the importance of knowing how to manage stress, Özkan said: “We experience stress in many aspects of our lives, from exam stress. The important thing is to know how to manage your stress. Stress means pressure and tension in psychology. As energy trainers, we define the emotional state that a person experiences when they sometimes find themselves in a difficult situation like abundance and decreasing energy.
The program, which continued with a draw for gifts, ended after a music concert, an exhibition of photographs and paintings prepared by the students of the midwifery department.


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