Appeal by Minister Soylu to citizens who will leave: We are calling from here and even begging

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu spoke during traffic inspections ahead of the Ramadan holiday at the Kocaeli-Gebze traffic checkpoint. Minister Soylu said: “Speed ​​limits must be observed. Second, seat belts must be worn. who will leave during the holidays. Resting 10 minutes every two hours will not cost us much. , it gives a lot.


Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu visited the Gebze police station on the border of Kocaeli and Istanbul to monitor the traffic created by those traveling to their hometown and on vacation before the feast of Ramadan. Minister Soylu, who celebrated with the police officers on duty, then chatted with the citizens in the vehicles stopped by the control teams.


Stating that road safety will be kept at a high level during the holidays, Minister Soylu said, “During the holidays, our people, those who want to go to their hometown, those who want to go on vacation and those who want to celebrate , make travel programs to their relatives, friends and in accordance with their own plans. This creates traffic density. our deputies, our general commander of the gendarmerie and our director general of security, all our governors, all our police chiefs and all our friends are on alert. We try to carry out all inspections both from land and from land. We thought we would have a safe vacation with 3 main plans. The first is April 29-30 and May 1, the second is May 4-5, the third is May 7-8 and partially May 9. These are 3 separate days. We evaluated them in a time frame where there is activity before the m, where there may be returns from Wednesday, and on Saturdays and Sundays, i.e. there may there be returns after 1 week. Our 209,000 staff and 10,000 staff will be on duty at all times,” he said.



Minister Soylu, who said that a slogan has been prepared on road safety on this holiday, like every holiday, continued as follows:

“We have a slogan that we prepare every holiday and try to explain to our fellow citizens, which basically reveals our focus. Our slogan for this holiday is ‘Have a belted holiday’. Of course, that’s the right le most natural of our people both go to their hometowns and take vacations, but on the road we have a motto that is both beneficial to us and to ourselves: we have to be careful with our lives, both those around us and those around us. , so far we are at a slightly lower level of traffic fatalities than last year. Now both this holiday and this year, we will constantly make these warnings. Pedestrian and pedestrian traffic ‘ One of the most important objectives of our slogan “Have a belted holiday” It is also a seat belt. The seat belt must be fastened. Threei nd, we were begging, even begging from here. Please do not use a cell phone while driving. It’s entertaining. We see the great tragedies of this among our families, our people who have been injured in a traffic accident and had to continue their lives with a disability,” he said.


“Resting 10 minutes every 2 hours does not cost us much”

Minister Soylu advised to rest from time to time during the trip and said:

“With all this, we have one more warning to our citizens who will leave and return, especially during the holidays. Look at the traffic density when leaving, especially on the main roads. One of the points where the most of accidents is at the points 2-3 hours before the direction of arrival. That is to say, it is a dangerous process. Especially within the framework of the studies and warnings offered by our direction of traffic, it must be said that resting 10 minutes every 2 hours does not cost It gives us a lot. We have one more caveat. Those who have just obtained their driving license, who are a little more new to traffic, should pay more attention in holiday traffic and on long roads.In other words, they should be more attentive than anyone else, because the driving reflex of this vehicle and its driving experience really play a very important role in the traffic. Added to this are heavy rains in some of our regions. There are. Due to these rains, I would like to express once again that our drivers should consider the rainfall and assess their driving attention accordingly.”



Minister Soylu, who wants those who travel by bus to wear their seatbelts, said: “We all want to find our loved ones. But let’s not do it by accident. Certainly don’t do it in a hurry. About 209,000 traffic officers, our police, our gendarmerie, our inspectors, and even us, will be working throughout the holidays. There is only one reason. Nothing should happen to a lifetime. There should be no traffic accident. There should be no fatal or injured traffic accidents. leave the people we meet in sadness and sadness. That’s our whole problem. Wear your seat belt. Look, in the last 4-5 months, compared to previous years, there have been more bus accidents than expected. But we can say that the death toll is almost non-existent. The reason is that almost all buses have seat belts. We carry out inspections at the exits of bus stations and on the roads. must be respected,” he said.



Stating that there is less traffic density compared to previous years, Minister Soylu said, “There is not a huge traffic density in the Afyon-Eskişehir direction. density in the direction of Kırıkkale than expected. They continue fluently. Black Sea and Samsun. There is also a bit of traffic congestion. I think it may be because of today’s match. say to express the visible image. This can also have an effect on the density of the holiday. Again, especially the Mediterranean direction seems normal. In summary, there are densities at the exits from Istanbul, but this is the same as last year. The intensity is incomparable with the densities. Last year’s densities were slightly higher, even despite the pandemic. But this year, as I understand, there is a slightly lower intensity than that of last year. As far as I know, this year’s intensity is slightly lower. higher than that of previous years. For this reason, it is possible to reach the destination where our citizens go comfortably. We must ensure safe driving for our customers, stick to our motto “Safe Traffic”, celebrate our holidays together and never leave the understanding of “Have a great holiday with seat belts”. I believe that as long as we follow these rules, we don’t want bad news. We also want to say that each of us has a duty to be on our guard on this issue,” he said.



Stating that the May Day celebrations had been planned with the unions days in advance, Minister Soylu said:

“We spoke to all the unions a few days ago. All our governorates have taken the necessary precautions. What we want is that May Day, Labor Day, be celebrated as the day of our workers in the peace and security. At the same time, it can be celebrated as a public holiday. It is important for us too. It is important for our workers. Our country. It is also important for our unions. We have done the time zoning in Taksim Square. They will go to lay their wreaths as in past years. At the same time, our various unions have celebrations and demonstrations in various fields. Each of them has been authorized by our governorates. They are now in Istanbul. We are sure that a very good evaluation will be made with our trade unions in Maltepe Square, Tandoğan Square in Ankara, Gebze and Izmit in Kocaeli, all over Turkey days in advance. Happy May Day to our workers Thank you. am convinced that many May Days can be achieved in peace, in fraternity, with labor rights.”


Minister Soylu visited the Mayor of Darıca, Muzaffer Bıyık, who lost his father on April 28 after his program at the police station.

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