Bordeaux supporters celebrated the championship in the squares

Trabzonspor fans, who watched the Fraport TAV Antalyaspor match on giant screens in the National Garden, built on the site of the July 15 Martyrs and Hürriyet Park in the city center and the former Hüseyin Avni Aker Stadium, were very happy at the final whistle.

Tens of thousands of fans gathered in the fields, experienced great excitement after the game, which ended 2-2, and some fans cried tears of happiness. Many fans took part in the celebrations, carrying their children on their shoulders. While many torches were lit in the fields, there were enthusiastic moments accompanied by music.

Many fans joined in the celebrations by closing the streets to traffic. Long lines of vehicles formed on many city streets.

After the match was over and Trabzonspor became champions, fireworks were staged.

Championship joy in Taksim, Bakırköy and Üsküdar

Towards the end of the match Trabzonspor-Fraport TAV Antalyaspor Taksim SquareThe blues-bourgeois, who began to gather in the , experienced great joy at the final whistle of the match.

While huge flags were unfurled in the square for the celebrations, intense security measures were also taken.

As the roads were closed to motor traffic, thousands of Trabzonspor fans cheered on the champion teams with their scarves and shirts.

Celebrating the championship with music, fans continued the championship celebrations with torches and fireworks.

After the final whistle of the Trabzonspor-Fraport TAV Antalyaspor game Bakirkoy SquareThe burgundy blue supporters who came to , experienced great joy.

Security forces took security measures for the supporters, who cheered with their jerseys and scarves under the giant banner opened in the square.

Towards the end of the match Trabzonspor-Fraport TAV Antalyaspor in Uskudar The burgundy blue people, who began to gather in the square, followed the final moments with enthusiasm. After the final whistle of the match, many Trabzonspor fans flocked to the square accompanied by convoys, and there was championship joy with cheers.

Celebrating the championship with music, fans continued to celebrate the championship with fireworks.

Trabzonspor people celebrated the championship all over the country

Match Trabzonspor-Fraport TAV Antalyaspor IzmirThe burgundy blue fans who were watching from different places in the city felt great joy after the end of the match. The fans formed a convoy with their vehicles.

Some fans followed the game with their mobile phones in Cumhuriyet Square. The burgundy blue supporters, who have enjoyed great enthusiasm since the final whistle of the match, celebrated the championship with cheers accompanied by work blues.

Enthusiasm in Cumhuriyet Square increased with the participation of other fans.

Sotck exchange Fans gathered in various locations including Beşevler and Dikkaldırım districts followed the game between Fraport TAV Antalyaspor and Trabzonspor on the giant screens of the 35th week of Super League Spor Toto.

After the match ended 2-2 and Trabzonspor declared the championship, he started celebrating with the fans.

Thousands of fans celebrated with torches in hand and fireworks were held at Beşevler Mahallesi.

Match Trabzonspor-Fraport TAV Antalyaspor Yalova The blue burgundy supporters, who followed the giant screens set up by the Municipality on July 15 Place de la Démocratie et de la République, experienced great joy after the end of the match.

Celebrating the championship by lighting torches and singing, the fans enjoyed themselves until late.

Trabzonspor fans, who lined the streets in long lines of vehicles, celebrated the championship with cheers under fireworks.

Many Trabzonspor fans after the final whistle MyrtleÖzgecan Aslan gathered in Peace Square.

Trabzon fans, who lit torches and cheered for the championship, played horon and kolbastı with the music playing.

He went around the coast with some citizens with their vehicles.

Due to the landslide in Çaykara district of Trabzon in 1964, they migrated from the lands where they were born and raised. HatayThe people of Trabzon, located in Kırıkhan, watched the Trabzonspor-Antalyaspor match played in the Super League on the giant screen installed at 408 Evler Mahallesi.

After the final whistle of the match, the cheery fans danced and cheered to the music.

The fans’ championship celebration continues.

ArmyThe fans, who watched the Trabzonspor-Fraport TAV Antalyaspor game at the Trabzonsporlular Association in , felt great joy after the final whistle.

The fans, who drove around the city in vehicles decorated with their team’s flags and scarves, gathered outside the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality building. The fans, who played kolbastı and horon along with the music played here, cheered with torches in their hands. Fireworks also took place.

BayburtIn , burgundy blue supporters gathered in the historical clock tower square with flags and torches of Trabzonspor and enjoyed the championship.

Celebrating the championship while marching along Cumhuriyet Street, some fans created colorful images. As the celebrations continued with the participation of many supporters, police teams took extensive security measures.

In the city center, fans also celebrated the championship by driving their cars around.

artvinTrabzonspor fans celebrated the championship after the final whistle.

Citizens gathered in front of the governor’s office in the organization of the Artvin Trabzonspor supporters’ association, played the horon accompanied by drums, zurna and accordion, and fully felt the excitement of the championship.

After the celebrations here, fans took a city tour with vehicles and continued the celebrations by traveling to Atatepe, home to Turkey’s largest Ataturk statue.

Fans performed Atabarı and horon accompanied by marches and songs, lit torches and showed fireworks.

Fans turned on New York

A group of fans gathered in front of the Turkevi building in New York, playing horon kick and kolbasti with the accompaniment of kemençe.

With their team’s burgundy blue uniforms and the Turkish and Trabzonspor flags in their hands, fans unfurled banners with the words “Trabzon is everywhere for us”.

After those fun minutes, fans scattered around taking souvenir photos.

Championship celebrated in the Netherlands

Hundreds of Trabzonspor fans gathered at a football club in The Hague, Netherlands and celebrated their team’s championship.

Bordeaux blue fans watched the Trabzonspor-Antalya match on the giant screen set up on the football pitch with Trabzonspor flags in their hands.

Fans who supported their teams celebrated their team’s championship with the end of the game.

Fireworks were launched and torches were lit on the pitch, where burgundy blue fans were crowned.

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