Criminal complaint by a landscape technician for “imported bureaucrat”

DIARBAKIR- Nihal Yanık, who graduated from university as a landscape technician, started working in Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality in 2012. However, the time came when trustees were appointed to municipalities and many people were expelled or suspended . Thousands of people from Diyarbakır municipalities were expelled without any meaningful justification.

Nihal Yanık was also suspended in 2018. Local elections in 2019 had to be held before he could return to work. HDP candidate Selçuk Mızraklı won the election and 33 people suspended like Yanık were rehired.

However, as we know, about 3 months after the election, a trustee was again appointed to the municipality. Burns, the trustee’s first action, “Again, a trustee has been appointed to the municipality. My trustee started work in the morning and the first thing he did in the afternoon was to suspend me along with 33 other people.

Nihal Yanik


Despite being suspended and fired twice, Nihal Yanık, co-minister of the Union of All Municipal and Local Service Workers (TUM BEL-SEN), did not give up her fight to get back to work. While the legal process continued, he continued his union activities.

While unemployed, he could not find another job. He tried to overcome economic problems with the support of his family and the union, like thousands of KHK members.

The court concluded, Yanık returned to work. However, this time, Ali Yücel, the head of the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Human Resources Department, appeared before him.


Ali Yücel is one of the heads of department whom the inhabitants of Diyarbakır call “imported bureaucrats” and whom they do not like at all. In many municipalities administered by administrators in Diyarbakır, directors and heads of departments brought in from outside were appointed. Although unease with “imported bureaucrats” is frequently expressed, the practice is not abandoned.

Ali Yücel from Rize was brought to Diyarbakır in 2020 and appointed to the Department of Human Resources and Education. In collaboration with the Human Resources and Education Department, Personnel inc. It was previously revealed that Ali Yücel, the chairman of the board, received three separate salaries.

For Yücel, Yanık said, “It was brought from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. He worked as a gassal in Istanbul. He washed the dead in Istanbul, he became the head of the department here”.

Burns spoke of the attitude of managers brought in from abroad towards municipal staff: “The undemocratic practices of externally appointed department heads in the municipalities where administrators are appointed make all opposition groups a target . Municipal workers are suspended without any legal justification, their contracts are terminated and they are fired. In the seats they have usurped, the municipal administrators are not for service, but with a humiliating attitude towards the inhabitants of the region and the municipal workers, with much corruption, harassment and shameful crimes.


Dicle Amed Women’s Platform (DAKAP) made a statement in front of the municipality for ALL women members of BEL-SEN who were victims of mobbing by the administrators and administrators of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality. In the statement where the banner “Immediately stop the oppression and exiles against the workers” was pointed out that women working in the municipality were constantly exiled in different units or neighborhoods, apart from their titles. One of those assigned to another unit was Nihal Yanık.

The return to work with a court order was assigned by Ali Yücel to the archive branch unit. Burning said he went to Yücel’s room to talk about the situation and expressed his experiences as follows: “I went to his room and said that the archive branch unit n was not my area of ​​expertise and wanted to work in the technical field. personal, which is my domain. However, Yücel stood up saying, “Know your place.” He approached me and said, “Get out of this room”. He used derogatory and condescending language. He opened the door and said, “Don’t come back to this room again. I said that I would not return, but that I would assert my rights.

Stating that he would never accept such an attitude towards a female worker, Yanık said he had filed a criminal complaint with the attorney general’s office over the matter. Burns said, “We will continue to defend our rights with the strength we draw from the solidarity of women against sexist and monist policies.”


Stating that “municipal administrators come forward with a lot of corruption, harassment and heinous crimes, not for service, but with an attitude of humiliation towards local residents and municipal employees,” Yanık said, “ Ali Yücel recently recruited staff under the name of education, and there are also clerics from Diyarbakir: “People don’t raise their voices to avoid being unemployed. However, no one has the right to humiliate staff and people across the city so much.” he said.

Stating that there is serious mobbing and pressure, especially verbal harassment, from administrators and administrative staff, especially on female staff working in municipalities, Yanık pointed out that Ali Yücel had abused his function and duty.

Burns, “the illegal recruitment of Ali Yücel, the opening of personalized promotion examinations, the recruitment of personnel as contract personnel, the illegal assignment of management, the opening of engineering personnel, and yet another time with the official vehicle of the metropolitan municipality, Rize, which is his hometown. We know him very well to go and offer his condolences to his relatives. It is a crime for public institutions and the budget allocated to serve this public by the staff of the municipal administration to use it for their own interests and benefits.


“You were suspended, you came back, you were deported, you came back again with a court order, but this time you were given a job you call exile, not your main job. You had a difficult professional life,” I tell Yanık.

Burns, laughing, says: “It’s true” and “But I’m not the only one experiencing these conditions. She adds: “They create these conditions, especially for female employees and for all those who they do not consider not as being on their side”.

The tribunal regarding his dismissal continues. Although the local court ordered him back to work, the appeals court ruled that Yanık had been taken into custody and the case should be reviewed for reassessment.

Burns said: “My lawyer is also confused because the Court of Appeal rendered a decision in 3 weeks at jet speed. The case will now be heard again in the local court. We won’t give up, we won’t surrender, we will keep fighting. We are sure that they will leave and we will return to our institutions with our heads held high”.


Nihal Yanık had returned from distributing leaflets calling for participation on May Day. Stating that preparations for the May Day celebration started early this year, Yanık said they believe the turnout will be very good this year.

Yanik’s message regarding May Day was as follows: “We will be at Station Square on May Day at 10 a.m. We are waiting for all our working friends in the square of democracy, freedom and peace.

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