Does Sedat Peker restart the videos?

With the videos he started posting last year and the claims he made, United Arab EmiratesLeader of a criminal organization imposed by the “social media restriction” by (UAE) Sedat BeijingHe started again with his long-awaited messages.

The latest retweets from Sedat Peker, who has not been active on social media for a long time, have attracted attention.

Posts written by Peker, who began retweeting posts from social media accounts that support him for the first time after a long stretch, on April 24 “try to send a message” prompted comments.

In a message from the Deli Sergeant account, on the allegations that Peker will be brought to Turkey, “The trolls said that the packing and delivery of Sedat Peker to Turkey, about the government visit to Saudi Arabia, is part of the negotiations. It is possible to bring Sedat Peker to Turkey, but will be- Is it possible for some to cope with the developments that will follow? phrases used.

Peker is also owned by a user. Retweeting the message “I think Sedat PEKER himself will come after the election…. Because he has promises” caught attention. One of the posts Peker retweeted is “This time I think it comes with a thump”. had a comment. The successive positions of Peker and “Press Advisor” presumed to be Emre Olur “Tick tock, tick tock…” Using his expressions, he hinted that new messages would come.

Sedat Peker, again on the agenda in Turkey, Public television shown on screen Front and back of the curtain with Seda Selek was also covered in the program. Journalist Ismail Saymaz On the show, Peker conveyed the latest situation he got from his inner circle.

‘Like’ got permission

Saymaz, who said Peker, who has internet restrictions, first started being active on social media and then “liked” some tweets on Twitter, said the move drew attention. Warning.

Saymaz said Peker was given a “similar” clearance due to the UAE’s social media restriction. “I heard that he got permission. I mean, permission to like. Now he started retweeting from yesterday. He started actively sharing the messages he received. Today, I asked his entourage. What is going on? I suspected it too. Something else that we criticize, while the president was visiting Saudi Arabia: “Why is Sedat Peker became active all of a sudden, a wolf fell inside me. What’s going on, what’s he trying to do? Anyone over there want something?”

The first tweets he shared were about Alevism. They said that Peker also reveals his sensitivity towards Alevism by sharing such tweets. Its violation was in fact a unilateral violation. But, as he told his inner circle, ‘If I hadn’t reacted to that question, those who loved me and those who supported me would have said ‘hoos’. That’s why I showed my reaction,” he said. This actually shows that he made such likes and retweets out of a desire to reveal his position on the Alevism issue.

Alleged Saudi aid for Peker extradition

Saymaz, again, according to the information he obtained from his close entourage, said the following about the reason for the messages that started the day before, criticizing the government and praising Peker, “According to the claims of these circles, when part of the delegation came to Saudi Arabia with the President, they made a request such as ‘Let’s ask the Saudis for help to extradite Peker from the United Arab Emirates to Turkey. . I do not know. if that happened.”
such is the claim.

He said, ‘They don’t know me. They think I am a circumcised child”. Therefore, when he learned that there was an effort to fire him, he started sharing such messages. He says: ‘I guess they’re confusing me with themselves. I am not a circumcised child. He says to those who call about it: “I’m ready for anything, let them come and get him”.

New videos to come?

Alan Saymaz also commented on whether Peker would start shooting videos again. “Now there is speculation I think he will shoot a video on Sunday. I asked about that too. He had no such preparations. However, towards the election he passed on to his entourage, he said he would shoot a “ mentioned.

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