Fog barrier for Trabzonspor fans who went to the championship


While many flights have been canceled in Trabzon since last night due to heavy fog, only one plane belonging to a private airline from Izmir was allowed to land in the morning. It was learned that 48 flights will be carried out with the dispersion of the fog throughout the day.

In order to watch the match that Trabzonspor will play with Antalyaspor in the 35th Week of Super League Spor Toto tomorrow, and to experience the championship atmosphere, many flights have been made to Trabzon from different cities in the country and countries like Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. However, most of these planes were unable to land at Trabzon airport due to heavy fog experienced since last night.

Those who can come to Trabzon feel lucky

While no other aircraft could land at Trabzon airport, except for the aircraft belonging to a private airline from Izmir, in the morning, Mustafa Özdemir, who had come from Belgium via Izmir, said he came to Trabzon to watch the game. Özdemir said: “I came from Belgium to watch the match. I hope we will be champions, God willing. Finding tickets was a problem, but we were able to find them at the last minute. I came to Trabzon last summer, I will come back after watching the game, I just came for the game,” he said.


Fellow expat Burak Kürkan, who said he came from Belgium for the boxing championship, said: “I’m from Belgium and I came for the match. I hope we will celebrate the championship and come back. It was a bit difficult to find tickets, but we finally found them. I watch the games every week. The last time I came to Trabzon was the Fenerbahce game in 2019. I’m restless right now. This feeling is incredible. I look forward to tomorrow,” he said.

Hüseyin Horoz, who came from Izmir, said: “I hope we will be champions this year, we are very happy. I am 30 years old, I hope we will see the championship this year. Last time I came to Trabzonspor game was last year. I have been living in Izmir for 2.5 years. I didn’t want to miss the last game. I want to experience this joy,” he said.


Countdown to the Championship

Trabzonspor, who are in contention for the Spor Toto Super League championship, will host Antalyaspor in front of their fans.

The championship knot is expected to be resolved in the 35th week of the Spor Toto Super League. Referee Atilla Karaoğlan will lead the match, which will kick off at 8:30 p.m. at Medical Park Stadium. Four weeks from the end of the championship, Trabzonspor are in first place with 76 points, while Fenerbahçe are in second place with 65 points, 11 points behind. The Bordelais will reach the championship 3 weeks before the end of Antalyaspor if Fenerbahçe lose points in the Gaziantep FK game today. If the yellow-dark blue team wins against Gaziantep FK, Trabzonspor will officially declare their championship with 1 point against Fraport TAV Antalyaspor.

Trondsen and Bruno Peres, operated at Trabzonspor, closed the season. Nwakaeme and Hüseyin Türkmen, who were injured in the game against Kayserispor in the Turkish Ziraat Cup and were unable to play in the league against Adana Demirspor, continue to work separately from the team.


undefeated on the pitch

Trabzonspor have put in a successful performance at home this season. The Bordeaux-Blues remained unbeaten after losing 3-1 to Alanyaspor on March 8 in Week 29 of last season. After the game in question, the Black Sea team managed to get 15 wins and 8 draws in 23 games played on the pitch. Trabzonspor is the only team undefeated in matches played at home in the 2021-22 season.

They flock to the city

Trabzonspor fans are showing great interest in the week when the championship knot is expected to be resolved. In Trabzon, where travel agencies are setting up additional expeditions, Burgundy blues who want to witness the historic day and moment are flocking to the city. While tickets going on sale Monday will sell out instantly, Medical Park Stadium will reach full capacity this season. With the Medical Park Stadium, which has a capacity of 41 thousand 461 seats, completely filled, the burgundy blues outside the stadium should experience this excitement with great enthusiasm.


Abdullah Avcı will experience a first

Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avci has been working as a coach in the top league for 15 years. Avcı will experience a first in his coaching career in the Bordeaux blue team, which should declare its championship at the end of the matches to be played this week. Avcı, who started his duties as technical director with Galatasaray PAF team in the 2004-2005 season, coaches Medipol Başakşehir, A National Football Team and Beşiktaş, is preparing to experience the joy of the championship for the first time.

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