Hak-İş minimum wage demand

Hak-İş chairman Arslan met with members of the press at the fast-breaking dinner he hosted at a restaurant in Ankara.

Arslan, who made evaluations on working life development with May Day Labor and Solidarity Day before Iftar, said that Hak-İş will not hold May Day mass activities, which have been suspended due to the epidemic, as they coincide with the last day of Ramadan this year, instead, Hak-İş organizations in all provinces will organize their own activities. He said he would celebrate and Hak-İş board would attend the program at Taksim Square.

Arslan said that they will share with the public all the problems regarding working life and their proposed solutions on May 1.


Referring to the fire that broke out today at the paint factory in Tuzla, Istanbul, in which 3 workers lost their lives and 9 workers were injured, Arslan said: “The majority of accidents of work in Turkey and in the world are caused by negligence. “The country has taken very important steps in taking these measures. Two very important legal regulations. Despite this, deaths due to work accidents continue.” he said.

Arslan stressed that there is a need to change mentalities regarding work accidents and stressed that more attention should be paid to work accident prevention measures.

Stating that organizing is the most important method of fighting work accidents, Arslan said, “Work accidents are minimized where there is organization. Fatalities from work accidents have fallen below 1 % in companies with which collective agreements are concluded. Therefore, the majority of our employees have lost their lives due to work accidents in Turkey. This occurs in non-union, non-collective and non-union workplaces . mentioned.


After his speech, Arslan answered questions from members of the press.

Asked about the minimum wage, Arslan said:

“The Minimum Wage Determination Commission must meet within a maximum period of 2 years. Therefore, there is no minimum. In other words, the Minimum Wage Determination Commission can also meet in July The meeting of the Minimum Wage Determination Commission must be held in parallel with the regulation made in January against high inflation, to avoid a new increase above inflation. We want the minimum wage to be guaranteed. However, we also have a request that is indispensable. We want an increase in wages through collective agreements in the public and private sectors at the rate of the new minimum wage to be determined.”

Arslan said that if this did not happen, the collective bargaining system they had been trying to strengthen for 70 years would collapse and it would not be possible for them to accept such a situation.

Arslan said the structure of the Minimum Wage Determination Commission is undemocratic and that the structure of the commission should be changed quickly.


Arslan answered the question about how much the minimum wage should be increased:

“The Minimum Wage Determination Commission, when determining the minimum wage in December, considered certain criteria. In addition to these criteria, political will also came into play and the new minimum wage was determined by granting an increase to the minimum wage. above the rate of inflation July the same approach was increased above, taking into account the increase in inflation over 6 months We believe that it is fair to determine the new minimum wage with the increase.

Arslan, on whether Türk-İş, Hak-İş and DİSK would work together if the Minimum Wage Determination Commission meets in July, said: “The three confederations have worked together on many issues so far. . This is a very important step. for the Turkish trade union movement, we are trade unionists in this country where politicians cannot even bear to be in the same place with each other, and we are competitors, but there is a labor movement which has succeeded to work together on fundamental issues. Let us appeal to both Türk-İş and DİSK, for the common issues of employees, especially the minimum wage. We are here to fight together and work with determination to solve the problems. Let’s invite them at this point. he said.


Recalling Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin’s statement that he will give good news on May 1, Arslan said he was also curious to hear about Minister Bilgin’s good news.

Arslan, who asked the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to share with the public the current statistics on fatal work accidents at the end of each year, said that some unaccountable institutions and platforms are manipulating this situation by sharing some statistics claiming that they are linked to accidents at work.

Arslan said they never accept that Turkey is seen as a “cheap labor paradise” and added that they believe workers should be paid decent wages for what they produce, and that they thought it was as halal as their mothers’ white milk. .

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