Incredible theft at the Presidential Palace: They stole the toys that Erdogan was going to distribute


It turned out that there had been an incredible robbery at the presidential palace in Beştepe. President of the 6 people working at the palace Recep Tayyip ErdoğanIt was understood that from the warehouse under the Millet Mosque, where the toys distributed to children during domestic trips from . On a denunciation from the protection department of the presidency, 8 people who stole toys worth about 920,000 liras in the last month and were determined to have bought them have been arrested in Ankara. Three of the suspects have been arrested.

It was stolen for 5 years

The theft of toys from the presidential palace, which is protected by high security measures, caused great surprise. The protection department of the presidency determined that the toys that Erdogan distributed to children during his domestic trips were stolen from the warehouse under the Millet mosque of the presidential palace in Beştepe, by 6 employees of the complex. In the research, it was understood that the theft of dolls and remote control cars had been going on for about 5 years. In the camera recordings reviewed, it was determined that the two employees of the complex took the packages from the warehouse, loaded them into one of the official vehicles, then took them out, then sold them at the market at a low price. price. A criminal complaint was then filed with the Ankara General Prosecutor’s Office.

A 920,000 lira toy stolen in 1 month

Following the criminal complaint, the Ankara General Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into the accusation of “theft of property from public institutions and organizations”. In the research carried out as part of the investigation, it was determined that the cameras that saw the warehouse recorded for a month, and from these recordings, about 920,000 lira worth of toys were stolen in the last month. After the revelation of the theft, estimated to be 5 years old, the police intervened on the orders of the public prosecutor’s office and arrested 8 people, including 6 employees of the complex, including the driver and the manager of the garage. During searches of the homes and workplaces of the suspects, it was determined that the stationer who had purchased the baby and the remote control cars Mo624 palace employees in the work warehouse of SG36 toys were found in .

One of the employees admitted

The suspects, who were also determined to have had a large number of bank account movements between them, were referred to the criminal justice of the peace on duty, demanding their arrest the day before after their interrogation. Among the suspects in custody TY The resort employee admitted to stealing the toys with three suspects who had worked at the Palace for some time. TY, who is reflected in camera footage showing him loading toys with boxes from the warehouse to the vehicle, has been arraigned for arrest. VY, AA and I did this work with SG. MB (who bought the toys) didn’t ask anything. There were no presidential crests on the packages. MB didn’t ask me what I was doing, but I went to see him several times in my presidential coat of arms. There were no expressions on the toys to indicate that they belonged to the presidency. mentioned.

“I’m sorry, I apologize”

TY explained the following in the continuation of his statement:

“I never saw HB and SS do this job, I only heard from SG that they did it too, but I don’t know when they did it. It’s been a long time since I heard that. MB sometimes hand-delivered the fees for the toys to me and sometimes sent them to my bank account. I did not borrow money from AA, the money I sent to his account is the toy money we sold. I also bought toys from the warehouse with VY. He has been using the bus for 1 year, but until the last 5-6 months I sent him the money I received from the toys. warehouse where we buy the toys is not the main warehouse. Normally there is no warehouse worker in this warehouse. Because there are some slightly defective toys here. The door is not locked either. .I apologize for my mistake, I regret it, I would like to cover the damage”

“Crypto money, not theft”

TY’s confession that they stole the toys together and SG, who had 36 toys in his house, denied the charges. Claiming that TY wanted him 7-8 boxes of toys last year but didn’t agree, SG said, “I definitely didn’t go to the toy store. I gambled crypto money on behalf of HB, one of the suspects. This transfer of money belongs to him. TY when I make money in the stock market, HB and sent me money to trade on their behalf on the AA cryptocurrency exchange. These account movements are linked to them.

Defense “distribute to the poor”

YD, who is SG’s brother-in-law and who allegedly stores toys in his store, said in his statement, “My brother-in-law did not store toys in my store. He left me 14-15 of the toys distributed by our President, he said to distribute them to the poor. He never left a toy other than that. One of the suspects, HB, dismissed TY’s confession and said, “Even our shifts with him aren’t the same. I am the manager of the garage. I have never bought a toy. In my messages with SG I only asked him to bring 2 toys for my kids, other than that I didn’t buy any toys. I sent money to SG to trade on the crypto exchange on my behalf, and he gave me back the money we earned,” he claimed.

“I installed it because it said it was a stain”

In its statement, AA, who was determined to have loaded the toy boxes with confessor TY in the camera footage, said:

“I am in the pictures. The vehicle was prepared from the warehouse at the bottom of the mosque. TY was going to be on duty. He told me he was going to Konya. The boxes were 20 or 21. I went home from there and went to work. I just helped him load the packages. I lent TY 40 thousand liras He was paying me the installments of this debt through the bank. We got along very well with TY. When I was on duty, he asked me for toys in a box. When we didn’t accept it, we broke up. TY purchased toys from 3 vehicles without our consent. I suffered from this situation in the Kulliye. There are no staff to load vehicles after 7:00 p.m. in the evening. The toy trucks were already pre-loaded and kept ready. TY said the toys in the loaded trucks wouldn’t be enough and told us to load them into the extra minibus. I am innocent”

“I didn’t know he belonged to the presidency”

Stationer MB, who turned out to have purchased stolen toys, said in their statement:

“I run a stationery. Among the suspects, I know TY He has been bringing me toys for about 2-2.5 years. There are absolutely no presidential emblems on the toys. He came to see me as a salesman. He came to bring toys every 2-3 months. In our industry, there are cash goods from time to time, and we buy them. TY sold me saying they were projectors. I used to order from him according to the money I had and sell the toys in my shop. I asked him for an invoice, but he said we were working for a while and would cut. I didn’t stress that the toys are cheap. When I sent money to him through the bank, I wrote in the description the cost of the product. I certainly didn’t know the toys belonged to the presidency. I found out when the cops came to my house. I showed the merchandise to the police in the store, and I even voluntarily showed the merchandise from the shelter of my house while they were leaving. I am innocent”

3 suspects arrested

The SS and VY suspects also denied the toy theft allegations. Ankara’s 2nd Criminal Peace Court decided to arrest AA and SG, who claimed to have traded in crypto exchanges, among the suspects, who were found to have loaded packages onto the minibus in the camera recordings , with confessor TY after their interrogation. The judiciary released the 5 suspects subject to judicial supervision. We learned that the prosecution had opposed the release of 5 suspects.

On the other hand, while it has been determined that 920,000 lira worth of toys were stolen in just one month, it is not yet known how much public loss was caused by the theft, which is believed to have lasted around 5 years.

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