Live commentary: Trabzonspor match with Antalyaspor


Trabzonspor and Antalyaspor will face each other in the 35th week of Super League. The Bordelais will be champions if they leave the field with a draw or a victory.

first half played

Trabzonspor: 0

Antalyaspor: 0



Trabzonspor: Uğurcan, Dorukhan, Hugo, Denswil, Puchacz, Siopis, Hamsik, Abdulkadir Omur, Visca, Cornelius, Djaniny

Antalyaspor: Boffin, Bunyamin, Veysel, Naldo, Güray, Fernando, Fredy, Ndao, Luiz Adriano, Doğukan, Haji Wright

Trabzonspor, the team that have scored the most goals in the first half of Super League matches this season, have scored just two of their last nine goals in this division. Trabzonspor are the only team playing in the Super League this season with a shorter scoring disadvantage than Antalyaspor. Andreas Cornelius, who scored the most goals in the 2021/22 Super League season with Trabzonspor, wants to double against an opponent for the third time this season. Antalyaspor striker Haji Wright, who has scored goals in his last four games and enjoyed the longest league streak of his career, is Antalyaspor’s most kicking name and shoots with precision in the opposing penalty area this season. Three players have reached that number faster than Trabzonspor manager Abdullah Avcı, who scored his 200th career Super League win against Adana Demirspor last week: Fatih Terim, Mustafa Denizli and Şenol Güneş.



The Trabzonspor Antalyaspor game kicked off tonight at 8:30 p.m. The fight is broadcast live on the beIN Sports 1 channel.

In the 35th week of Spor Toto Super League, leaders Trabzonspor won the league with 1 point from Antalyaspor, who they hosted. After Fenerbahçe beat Gaziantep FK, Trabzonspor will declare their championship with 1 point against Antalyaspor. If the burgundy-blues come out of the fight in defeat, the Championship will be postponed to next week.


Trabzonspor have put in a successful performance at home this season. The Bordeaux-Blues were unbeaten in Week 29 of last season, losing 3-1 to Alanyaspor on March 8. The Black Sea team managed to earn 15 wins and 8 draws in 23 games played on the pitch after the aforementioned game. Trabzonspor is the only team undefeated in matches played at home in the 2021-22 season.



Trabzonspor, who will play in the Super League tomorrow, will declare the championship if they get 1 point in the fight against Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, and the last practice before the match was held in front of 20,000 fans. Colorful images formed during the training attended by thousands of fans who gave their hearts to the Bordeaux blues team.

Trabzonspor, who are set to declare their championship in Super League Week 35 Spor Toto, will face Fraport TAV Antalyaspor at Medical Park Stadium tomorrow. The club, closed for 2 years due to pandemic restrictions, opened the last training before the match to experience the excitement of the upcoming championship with its supporters.



Trabzonspor players working in front of 20,000 fans at Medical Park Stadium were surprised by the enthusiasm of the cheering fans. The burgundy blue team completed its preparations before the championship fight, accompanied by supporters with lit torches.
During training where many security measures were taken, some supporters jumped onto the pitch and ran towards the players. The security forces forced the fans out of the stadium.


Trabzonspor President Ahmet Ağaoğlu answered questions from members of the press before training at the Medical Park Stadium, open to nearly 20,000 supporters of the Burgundy blues team.



President Ağaoğlu, who said that if Trabzonspor wins 1 point in the game to be played tomorrow, the excitement of the championship will be felt with all the fans, “Not only minutes are counted in hours, but also points. As As champions of the Super League season, we will experience this enthusiasm together in this stadium. Our teacher opened training for the first time after a long break. The fans also had such a request for a long time. There is great enthusiasm Especially last week, planes arriving in Trabzon, the last 2 – There is no place anywhere for 3 days The population of the city has almost doubled Our fans, who have worked abroad but haven’t been off for five years, showed interest in the last three games, went to the foreigner’s game for the day, the championship enthusiasm in Trabzonspor is a little more than the championship of others teams. is different. It’s going to be very different in my opinion. That’s the difference. I hope that when our team becomes champions, all of Turkey will see what I mean right now,” he said.



President Ağaoğlu, who called on the fans to say: “Don’t let the joys of the championship turn into sadness”, said: “Let enthusiasm, excitement, sadness and tears not turn into tears . If we get the points we want and become champions, I promise them that tomorrow night we will celebrate our championship with 61 balls fired from all stadiums.” We are going to celebrate with fireworks from 3 different locations. S ‘please let’s just do this,’ he said.


Stating that he had mixed feelings about Trabzonspor’s upcoming championship, Ağaoğlu said: “I’m not able to express what I’m feeling emotionally at the moment. Because I’m not aware of it either. When you experience such things in your life, you only realize it after a few days.When you ask him how he feels when the pilot of the plane, holding the plane on his shoulders, landed the plane after a somewhat harrowing trip, he may not be able to give you that answer when you ask him how he feels. We’re the ones taking the blame here. It’s a heavy responsibility. He There is something I will never be able to forget. A 6-7 year old girl from behind the rostrum was constantly crying. She was in her mother’s arms. Her mother said to my daughter, “don’t tell me, tell the president.” At 70, Trabzonspor is so deep in itself, in itself. We have a lively group so many fans that a 7-year-old girl is crying and a 77-80-year-old grandfather is also crying. Emotions are put aside when you are in a task with such heavy responsibility. If you ask me about my feelings when I was racing for the championship when I wasn’t in management, those feelings were very mellow. I feel a little nervous right now. If the job ends, we’ll see how I feel together,” he said.


Recalling that he wanted patience from the fans to reach the championship when he took over, Ağaoğlu said: “But I never said that it doesn’t mean that Trabzonspor will stay away from the peak in 3-4 years. We will still be in this race. For lasting success, 3-4 years for the championship. I asked for your patience. At the end, I said: “All of Turkey will applaud Trabzonspor in 3-4 years. “Today, if not all of Turkey, football fans, our people who love football, I guess Trabzonspor’s position today, the process it has been through and the process it is in today “I’m sure they’re clapping sitting down, even if they’re not standing up,” he said.

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