Technology in agriculture came with Mega Farm

Efeler Farm, which was established in 2007 as a subsidiary of textile giant SÖKTAŞ, is one of the few farms in Turkey and Europe, which covers an area of ​​766 decares and has a daily production capacity of 85 tons of raw milk. , producing according to EU standards in terms of capacity, milk quality and sustainability. Muzaffer Kayhan, Board Member of Efeler Farm, stating that they have achieved global standards, especially in producing healthy raw milk, said, “Efeler Farm is one of the important players in its sector as an important supplier of raw materials for many domestic dairy processors in Turkey. Kayhan shared the following information. The Efeler farm, which continues its production by continuing its activities that will increase the welfare of the animals, will contribute directly to the production of milk and the productive life of the herd, continues to grow keeping the objective of producing the milk and the the most natural and nutritious dairy products and accurately delivering to the consumer. We pursue production with our working principle of increasing milk production and the productive life of the herd by constantly improving animal welfare. Since 2017, we have offered our branded raw milk in 2 liter packages for direct sale in more than 320 points of sale through our own cold chain channels. We also brought 1 liter of pasteurized milk to consumers. Thanks to the carefully applied pasteurization process, we are purified of possible harmful organisms and preserve the calcium, proteins and vitamins it contains, and we bottle our milk without losing its nutritional value. It is a practical product that can be used as soon as the lid is opened without the need for anything else. In addition, we produce value-added products. We also launched our new product, fresh cheddar cheese, on sale in the last few months. The fresh cheddar cheese from the Efeler farm, which contains a high percentage of fresh milk (of which 1 kg is equivalent to approximately 11.1 litres), is free of colorings and additives; We pack it with pure milk, natural cider yeast and a small amount of salt without losing its nutritional value. Our new product is Efeler Farm İzmir Tulum cheese. Our tulum cheese, which we have rested for at least 9 months, is prepared only with milk, şerden and yeast according to traditional methods and is offered for sale in distinguished delicatessens. follows: “The Efeler farm, which attaches great importance to technology and innovation, recently opened its doors to the public. The main objective of Efeler Farm, which will be offered to the public, is to bring the quality of Efeler Farm to more stakeholders, both as a brand, product variety and company, and to use the income from the public offering to develop the farm. , higher yields and expand the product line. Efeler Farm aims to be the most sustainable and innovative farm in the country, aware that investing in technology is essential to survive in competition and make the best use of resources. The biggest objective of the Efeler farm is to continue working to expand its range of products in a healthy, high quality and reliable way, never leaving the principles of sustainable agriculture. The most important feature of the farm is that the milk comes from a single source. Milk from cows fed naturally with breeds of bees found only in the Efeler farm meets consumers. The cows on the farm are fed with natural feed grown in the fields of the Efeler farm, everything is inspected under laboratory conditions of the farm, and the health of the cows is monitored at all times under the direction of the farm veterinarians. Cows whose pedigrees are known one by one are made comfortable in air-conditioned pens. In other words, Ferme Efeler uses fully traceable good agriculture and good veterinary practices. practices in the production processes by planning it down to the smallest detail. The biggest goal of the Efeler farm is to be completely self-sufficient, self-sufficient to be a farm that produces its own water and energy. The biggest difference with other cattle farms is that it disposes of all its waste in the biogas plant to reduce its carbon footprint. This way the waste is transformed into the most beneficial form of animal manure for the soil. They get a fertilizer that is weed-free, high in organic matter, beneficial to nature, and sustainable.

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