The number of cases in Turkey has fallen to less

WALL – According to data from the Ministry of Health, the number of active corona virus cases in Turkey was -4716. According to the statement, 1,924 new cases were detected yesterday, 9 people died from the disease and 8,302 people recovered. Conducting public studies on data analysis throughout the outbreak, Prof. Dr. Fatih Tank said that with the latest data announced, the number of active cases in Turkey has dropped to less.

“A world first!!! The spear did not fit in the bag…” Tank said, “According to official figures, the total number of people who have recovered and died from Covid19 has exceeded the total number of cases detected in Turkey. The Covid19 has entered a kind of negative account,” he said.

According to official data from the Ministry of Health, 15 million 30,000,321 cases have been detected in Turkey so far, 98,000,760 people have lost their lives, 14,936,000,277 people have recovered. According to these figures, the number of active cases in Turkey as of yesterday is minus 4 thousand 716. [15,030,321-(14,936,277+98760)=-4716] took place as

This situation is also reflected in the table on the worldometers site, where data on coronavirus cases around the world are compiled.

The ministry’s data has been criticized by experts, medical professionals and the opposition.

teacher. Dr. Hasan Güçlü, on his personal Twitter account, said, “The number of active cases means the number of PCR positive people on a given day (we know that). Today we reached the number of active negative cases that we joked about yesterday. So we have something to take from the pandemic. We will fall future cases,” he wrote.

Software developer Zeki Berk, who performed data analysis during the outbreak, said: “Today is the day we are dishonored by the world with official Covid-19 data that does not contain the math. . “The sum of those who recovered and died was 4,776 more than the total number of cases,” he said.

Public health expert Prof. Dr. Kayıhan Pala, on the other hand, said: “According to the notifications of number of cases, deaths and recoveries of Covid-19 from the Ministry of Health, the number of active cases is calculated as negative (-4776)! The Ministry of Health has signed a world first! This result cannot be explained by epidemiology; Let’s see how the members of the scientific committee can explain this situation.” mentioned.


The CHP Covid-19 advisory board also issued a statement after the number of cases fell to less.

“Finally, this also happened; In the statement titled “The number of active cases has decreased to minus”, it was pointed out that the number of minus 4 thousand 476 active cases calculated according to the data of the Ministry of Health is contrary to the science of epidemiology. In the statement, “We have repeatedly stated that data has not been transparently disclosed since the start of the pandemic, and we have demonstrated this with evidence. The active negative case status that appeared on April 29 is further proof of the unscientific attitude of the government, the Ministry of Health and the scientific committee.

In the statement, “On April 29, the total of those who recovered and died from Covid-19 was 4,776 people more than the total of confirmed cases. In other words, it has been proven in this way that the Ministry of Health hid the real numbers and announced the unreal numbers during the pandemic process. According to the Ministry of Health, there are no cases of Covid-19, but there are those who have recovered. We expect this to be disclosed immediately. Such a situation occurred because of the game with the data. The number of active negative cases is a result of the ministry’s non-transparency, unscientific management, perception and populist mentality, not the pandemic. The Ministry of Health has dishonored our country in the eyes of the world; We openly declare that this situation, which goes against science, epidemiology and mathematics, must be explained.


On the other hand, the death statistics for 2020, at the time of the emergence of the epidemic, have still not been communicated. TurkStat responded to the question of why it did not release the data by throwing the ball to the Ministries of Health and Interior. If the 2020 death data is announced, the difference between the official data from the Ministry of Health and the real situation will appear. The Ministry of Health, by introducing the definition of ‘patient number’ instead of the number of cases in 2020, has long hidden the actual number of cases, and after feedback, the number of cases has returned to the count. However, discussions that the figures announced were not realistic have not ceased. (INFORMATION CENTER)

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