If the current management of Galatasaray Sports Club does not make a new film, file a complaint against someone and prevent the elections at the last moment, there will be elections at Galatasaray Sports Club tomorrow.

Before the last election, I said: “None of the candidates is enough, but the management of the lesser evil Burak Elmas”.

Now there is no one better.

And we have seen what ahveh is.

Members of Galatasaray Sports Club Association will choose one of two candidates of which neither they nor the members under their direction have experience in running a club.

I have friends and acquaintances that I love on both boards.

The club is like that.

You know most of them, your friend is your friend.

That’s why you’re in the same club.

But this does not mean that the governments which are composed of them will be good governments.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t even go to the elections to vote.

Because I don’t like any of the presidential candidates.

None of them have the capacity, the knowledge, the equipment, the rank to manage the club.

But I will still go to the elections.

The only reason is that even though I don’t like it, I don’t respect any of the candidates, even though I think they can’t lead the club.

I respect both Eşref Hamamcıoğlu and Metin Öztürk for their enthusiasm to be presidents in such an environment and under such conditions.

In an environment where the names of the glorious people of Galatasaray and the names of the community capable of doing this work match the land, these two people have come out and yearn for this work.

I will go to the elections and vote just because of their courage.

In my opinion, these two friends have no chance of success.

Galatasaray Sports Club entered a long and dark tunnel.

The reason for this, of course, is not these candidates.

The first responsible for this collapse is the late Özhan Canaydın, and the second responsible is Ünal Aysal.

I hope Eşref or Metin, whoever wins, will prove me wrong.

But when I look at Galatasaray, unfortunately, I see a sight like Turkey.

After what is believed to be the most difficult and successful future, the flood…

When those who can’t get their noses out of the ground decide to look who the crow is.

In this country, it is impossible not to go crazy thinking about the state of the country, its future, what our children and grandchildren will face.

It is not possible to know or understand where we are going, where we will arrive with this unconsciousness.

More than 80% of citizens say they are very uncomfortable with the occupation of Turkey by various nationalities, including Syrians, who have come from the South and East as “immigrants” or “refugees “.

He has opened the borders and wants more to come.

It is not enough.

He does his best to increase the reaction even more.

I read it in a newspaper the other day.

In some of our provinces, an allowance of 2000 TL was given to Syrians by the aid organization IHH before the holiday.

Free health care, the money given for years was not enough, and vacation allowance.

Give 60% to your own pensioner, 1100 TL with an increase of 100 TL despite inflation, 2000 TL to the Syrian!

One wonders if we should first become Syrian citizens and then come to Turkey.

The Ankara Police Department is awash with rumors that a Syrian Deputy Commissioner has been appointed to the Martyr Osman Avcı Police Station in Etimesgut.

Even if it is slander, they said, be afraid of what suits you.

It fits!

After all, it is obvious that the Syrians are the first in our government.

Or Arabs.

Soon we will have a Syrian governor and a Syrian police chief.

It is obvious that we now offer our country, which we entered 1000 years ago and protected by blood, to the Arabs!

Well why!

What’s the point?

Whose project is it, whose desire is it?

Do you want to drive Turkish citizens crazy and start a conflict by gathering all these immigrants here on one side and favoring immigrants on the other?

That’s what’s left.

You were afraid of Kurdish for years, you banned it, it’s still banned.

Now, all of a sudden, Arabic has become the country’s second language.

Arabic everywhere.

Nobody gets angry.

On the one hand, the crap of locality and nationality, on the other, the Arabization efforts.

Attempts to give and sell everything local and national to the Arabs.

You have already mortgaged the economic future of a country.

Now you are trying to further mortgage your social and political future.

We understand that, but we don’t understand why you’re doing that.

Of course we will understand one day, but I think it will be too late!

A few days ago, some Arab media wrote that the Saudis were not very happy with President Erdogan’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

Apparently, the Saudis did not like the first attempt to visit the United Arab Emirates, which was to be added at the end of the visit.

When I read this news, I couldn’t believe it.

Then I saw a photo of President Erdogan with Prince Bin Salman, the real leader of Saudi Arabia.

Probably the coldest photo Erdogan has taken with a foreign leader in 20 years.

Even with the president of Israel, they gave a more sincere, warmer image.

Smilies literally sell circus here.

Especially that of our president.

The further apart the two people shaking hands could stand, the further apart they stood.

You know, there’s a situation in the picture like the two would be happier if a curtain was drawn between them and they’d wear gloves on their hands.

Obviously, even the cover-up of Khashoggi’s murder was not effective enough.

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