What is WPS, what is it used for? How to connect with WPS?

Internet network wireless configuration protection is expressed in WPS. In today’s technology, the number of wireless network users is increasing day by day. So it is very important to connect to the internet securely through the wireless network. This is where WPS comes in. WPS can also be expressed as a wireless connection between the router and other devices. For this reason, WPS has an important task to create a secure network. It also provides access to these created networks.

A password alone is not sufficient to establish a WPS modem connection with any modem with WPS security enabled. There are also different ways to connect to this network. The first of these is how to log in with the PIN method. Another way is the NFC function. Another method is the WPS button. If the modem used has this support, just press the WPS button.

What is WPS?

WPS, short for Wi-Fi protected setup, stands for Protected Wireless Setup. Thanks to WPS, home Internet users, in particular, can have the possibility of connecting to the Internet securely via the wireless network.

In other words, it is the name given to the system that allows the router and other devices to connect wirelessly. Thanks to WPS, a highly secure network is created. Access to this created network can also be provided securely.

WPS unlocking can be achieved with just one button. You can automatically connect with a single tap and easily disconnect from any network after connecting at any time.

What is the WPS PIN code?

The way to connect with the PIN method is called WPS PIN. This PIN code consists of 8 digits. It is located on the rear surface of WPS-supported modems. The person who wants to connect to the network via a device must enter this 8-digit PIN code. If entered incorrectly 3 times in a row, the modem will time out for 60 seconds. With this feature of the modem, the user can easily make wireless settings.

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It was designed especially for home users as it easily provides wireless network security.

How to use WPS?

It is not enough to connect to a modem equipped with an active security in use WPS with a password. Having more than one way to connect to this network is also a big plus.

  • One of the login methods is known as the PIN method. The PIN code consists of 8 digits and can be found on the back of WPS compatible modems. So, when it is necessary to connect to a network or a device, the 8-digit PIN code located on the back of the modem must be entered.
  • Another method of using WPS is NFC. The necessary settings are made on the NFC-enabled modem, and you can easily connect to the Internet by touching the modem and the device.
  • Another method is the WPS button. This process varies by modem model. In some models it is enough to press the button once, while in some models it may be necessary to hold it down for a few seconds.

What does the WPS do?

WPS, Wi-fi Protected Setup, has been translated into Turkish as Wireless Protected Setup. WPS is a secure and fast technology between modems and wireless devices. Only wireless networks that use WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security can take advantage of this feature. Web-encrypted devices cannot use this feature.

WPS is a useful technology developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The goal of WPS is to make things easier for home users who want to connect to a wireless network. Individuals can thus connect very quickly to the network.

How to enable/disable WPS on the phone?

Nowadays, WPS function is supported by many phones. The main objective is to simplify the process of connecting to the wireless network between devices equipped with this technology.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi network control button, you have the possibility to quickly connect to the Internet network with devices that support the WPS standard. When you press this button briefly, the WPS function is activated. To turn it off whenever you want, just press the same button.

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