WHO CARES FOR THE LAW – Sakarya Yenihaber

The case, which some call the “Gezi case” and others the “Osman Kavala case”, is closed. The 13th High Criminal Court in Istanbul sentenced Osman Kavala to aggravated life imprisonment and the other defendants to various terms. The general opinion after the trial is that the decision is illegal. As someone who for years believed that the Open Society Institute, which is an extension of Soros in Turkey, is at the center of activity against Turkey, and that circles linked to Soros and Soros are behind the coups d’etat qualified as velvet revolution in various countries, Osman Kavala is not a tablespoon of milk, I am a thinker. But my point of view cannot make me regard an illegal decision as legal. Although it is not possible for me to express a clear opinion, since I am not a lawyer and have not reviewed the file; When I assess the fact that he was acquitted on the same evidence before, that the president of the court was a candidate for deputy from the AK party, as well as the strength of the reasons given by the judge in the text of the dissenting opinion, I think the decision is highly likely to be illegal. I hope that the error will be repaired with the decision of the high court…

Although our president said, “This man was the Turkish Soros. This man was behind the scenes of the events of the trip, he was the coordinator. Our justice has made its final decision on him. This decision has troubled certain circles, which are certain circles. I’m sorry, there is law and justice in this country,” but as a private citizen, I will not comment further on this matter. Since the decision has not yet been discussed and finalized within the higher judiciary, the statements that will affect the judiciary in this regard are covered by the title of the Turkish Penal Code “Crime of attempting to influence a fair trial “. I think it’s a crime under section 288…

I read two reviews after these events. Both examiners are lawyers. Both are people who have held the highest offices in the state…

Bülent Arınç shared Surah Maide verse 8 on his twitter account for the Night of Power: “O you who believe! Stand firm for Allah and be witnesses of justice. Don’t let the resentment you feel towards a community cause you to act unfairly. To be fair; it is more appropriate for taqwa. fear God. Surely Allah is Aware of what you do. »

In his own way, he protests against the illegality of Gezi’s trials… Would you look at the one who gave advice? You played the main role in the Ergenekon plot. You did not speak when Türk Telekom was looted in violation of the law, TRT was subordinate to you when FETO members were appointed TRT… Surah Maide came to your mind when Kavala was condemned. ..

Ahmet Necdet Sezer, who did not open his mouth during Ergenekon’s illegality and did not say a word about the February 28 illegal period, said after the Gezi trial decisions: “I shed my tears for the judiciary murdered”.

Not only those mentioned, but the majority of society wants the right law for them, not the law.

1) Those who criticize the anarchy of February 28 and applaud the anarchy of Ergenekon (FETO) and Gezi,

2) Those who criticize the illegality of Gezi and do not speak out against Ergenekon (FETÖ) and the anarchy of February 28,

3) Those who oppose the illegality of Ergenekon but do not oppose the illegality of February 28 and Gezi,

4) Those who assess events not according to legal data, but with sympathy and antipathy towards the parties to the case,

Can they say they are in favor of the rule of law?

Our view of events cannot be said to be legal, for those like me who won’t open my mouth to not be able to defend FETOists regarding the harsh punishments meted out to cadet students who are tried for FETO.

Not only the recent ones, but all the cases where politics is involved are illegal… Looking back, we see many illegal trials in which politics has interfered with the justice system;

Trial of September 12, 1980, Trial of March 12, 1971, Trial of Yassıada of 1961, Trial of the TKP of 1949-1950, Trial of the Turanists of 1944.

It is possible to go back even further…

In summary, the judicial structure under the control of political power violates the fundamental rules of law; Those who approve when it suits them and those who oppose it when it suits them cannot be on the side of the rule of law…

There is more or less illegality in our point of view. Just as decent buildings cannot be built with crooked stones, political ministers cannot implement the rule of law.

In summary, the establishment of the rule of law in Turkey is very, very difficult…

If we really want the rule of law; We have to learn to poke ourselves first, especially politicians.

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