Çaykur Rizespor scores against Göztepe: 1-7 (Final results)

Sports Toto Super Leaguein the 35th week of Goztepe and Caykur Rizespormet at the Gürsel Aksel stadium.

In the fast first half Goztepe, Makana BakuHe took the lead in the 8th minute with the goal of . at the 16th minute Heroes DemirtasWhile balancing the match with an own goal by the invited team, Papiss CisseHe took the lead in the 19th minute with the goal of .

at the 34th minute Gedson Fernandes, Caykur RizesporThe third goal of the game and the home run was scored with a 3-1 advantage for the visiting team.

at the second 45 minutes Goztepe It started with two changes. from Santo and Mihojevic, Jahovic and LourencyHe joined the game instead.


in the 53rd minute Caykur Rizesporright wing attack Gedson Fernandes He scored his second goal and his team’s fourth goal.

Going into the last part of the match with 3 different superiorities from Çaykur Rizespor Yusuf Sari, extended the lead to four in the 68th minute. Joel Pohjanpalo, who was later included in the match, scored the guest team’s sixth goal in the 78th minute, while Ronaldo Mendes set the score in the 89th minute.

As long as there is no other goal in the remaining time Caykur Rizesporwon the game 6-1. With this result Caykur Rizespor After a two-game break, he won the league and took his score to 33. Undefeated in the last 11 matches played in the league Goztepe remains at 28 points.

Super Leaguein the 36th week of Caykur Rizespor, Yeni Malatyasporwill be a guest. Goztepe if Fatih Karagumrukwill be a guest.

Goztepe: 1 – Caykur Rizespor: 7

Status: Gursel Aksel
Referees: Volkan Bayarslan, Esat Sancaktar, Ali Tuna
Goztepe: Piric, Murat Paluli, Atakan Çankaya, Kahraman Demirtaş, Mubandje, Baku (Min 67 Efe Can Saçıkara), Yalçın Kayan, Tijanic (Min 85 İzzet Furkan Malak), Halil Akbunar (Min 67 Ege Özkyimoğlu), Lourency (Min 46) Mihojevic) , Jahovic (Min 46 Di Santo)
Caykur Rizespor: Gökhan Akkan, Gökhan Gönül, Emirhan Topçu, Ponck, Eren Albayrak, Bolasie (Min 63 Boyd), Fernandes (Min 71 Mendes), Phiri, Yusuf Sarı (Min 81 Deniz Hümmet), Sabo (Min 81 Kubilay Kanatsızkuş), Cisse (Min .71 Pohjanpalo)
Goals: min. 8 Baku (Göztepe), Min. 16 Hero Demirtaş (Own a Castle), Min. 19 Cisse, Min. 34 and 53 Fernandes, min. 68 Yusuf Sari, min. 78 Pohjanpalo, min. 88 Mendes (Caykur Rizespor)
Yellow card: min. 11 Lourence (Göztepe)

Match minutes:

Göztepe took the lead in the 8th minute of the game. In Göztepe’s attack, which developed rapidly from the right wing, Halil Akbunar’s goalkeeper Gökhan Akkan intervened on the ball, which Baku wanted to send into the penalty area. However, Baku, who had the ball again, ran into round leather nets: 1-0.

Cissé’s shot, which met the ball near the penalty spot with Bolasie’s pass in the 11th minute, wanted to return goalkeeper Piric’s leather ball towards the goal once again, and the ball went through- above.

Çaykur Rizespoe equalized in the 16th minute. Right wing Yusuf Sarı headed for the leather round nets with Kahraman’s reverse kick through the middle. The assistant referee signaled that the ball had gone out in the middle position of Yusuf Sarı. After the position examined in VAR, referee Volkan Bayarslan scored the goal: 1-1.

Çaykur Rizespor dominated in the 19th minute. Cissé, who met the ball with the intervention of Atakan in the position where Yusuf Sarı was heading towards the goal, moved away from Kahraman and united the round leather nets: 2-1.

In the 22nd minute, Jahovic’s header shot from the right wing by Moubandje, well up on the ball in the middle, took goalkeeper Gokhan away from the corner at the last moment.

Çaykur Rizespor made it 2 in the 34th minute. Meeting the ball outside the penalty area with a pass from Yusuf Sarı, Fernandes sent the leather ball into the net with a fine shot: 3-1.

Çaykur Rizespor finished the first 45 minutes of the game ahead 3-1.

Çaykur Rizespor extended the lead to 3 in the 53rd minute. In the middle directed by Gökhan Gönül from the right wing, Fernandes hit the ball outside the penalty area with his head, and met a round leather net: 4-1.

Çaykur Rizespor scored the 5th goal in the 68th minute. Yusuf Sarı, who met the ball entering the penalty area with the pass from Fernandes, corrected the leather ball, and the ball went into the net: 5-1.

Pohjanpalo, who met the ball in the penalty area with Boyd’s pass in the 78th minute, passed Mihojevic and sent the leather ball into the net with his shot: 6-1.

Mende, who had the ball in the right diagonal position with the ball bouncing off Kahraman in the 88th minute, went to the round leather nets with a hard kick: 7-1.

Çaykur Rizespor won the match 7-1.

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