Country living with healthy homes in a comfort villa in Levent

DAP Gayrimenkul Geliştirme brings the healthy house concept to Levent, the center of Istanbul, with its new project developed with the assurance of Emlak Konut GYO. It offers a whole new life on a total of 103 thousand square meters with 53 thousand square meters of housing and a grove including a school.


The ‘Healthy Home’ criteria, which were developed under the aegis of DAP two years ago and which are the trademark of DAP, have entered the agenda of the United Nations (UN). The report “Pandemic and cities for a healthier and greener future” published by the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat)
reveals the importance of the correct construction of cities and places. The report emphasizes that living spaces must meet certain standards.

DAP holding has developed, become a trend in the world
Commenting on the United Nations report “Pandemic and Cities for a Healthier and Greener Future”, DAP Holding Chairman Ziya Yılmaz said, “According to the United Nations, daily needs such as settlements, procurement and health are satisfied in its immediate environment,
It should include residences that provide business and educational opportunities within walking distance, are adjacent to rich green spaces and parks, and include social life. According to the report, colonies must meet certain standards both for the reality of the pandemic we find ourselves in and for new pandemics that may arise in the future. The results of this research; that houses are equipped with maximum daylight and ventilation standards, low-rise living understanding, flexible architectural understanding of houses, away from crowds, spacious and
demonstrates the need for safe housing. The United Nations supports the production of homes and living spaces that meet these criteria in terms of human physical and mental health. he said.

The “Healthy Homes” concept, which was created in 2020 with the recommendations of the DAP Health Board and registered by DAP Holding, is the concept of human health in every detail, without leaving the city, without leaving the city.
It is an original concept that makes maximum use of its healing power. Healthy Homes is now bringing luxury and country living to the center of town with the New Levent project.

Country concept combining luxury and nature
Explaining the details of the New Levent project during the demand gathering period, Ziya Yılmaz said, “As the pandemic effect advances the health issue more than ever, we also see the effects in the understanding of luxury. People are now intertwined with nature, but in the city center; On the one hand, he desires the healing effect of nature, on the other hand, he wants to take full advantage of the social opportunities of city life. We said: “After our Ormanköy project in Çekmeköy, we implemented the healthy house concept in Nişantaşı by collecting the opinion of 20,000 people. Now we have spoken to 82,000 people for the new Levent project. We have cross-checked the information obtained in the light of the DAP’s expertise and scientific data. Again, with a pioneering approach,
In the city that combines luxury and nature, we have brought the concept of country to our industry. New Levent comes to life in the center of Istanbul with the vision to do what hasn’t been done before. legacy for the future
It becomes an emblematic project of quality.

It has always been a valuable neighborhood throughout the history of the Republic; The wind
Drawing attention to the waste associated with the signing of many iconic projects that will serve as an example for the industry so far, DAP Holding Chairman Ziya Yılmaz said, “The name Levent derives from the given ‘levend’ to marine soldiers in the Ottoman Empire.
arrived. At that time, on the Ferme du Levent, which was set up as a training, sports and entertainment area for sailors, at the same time as the Republic period; Faced with the growing need for housing, 35,000 trees are planted in the Levent region and the region is green. Green neighborhoods are beginning to take root in a very progressive ecological perspective. We have adapted the green neighborhood concept of that era to today’s urban life. In Levent, one of the most important centers of Istanbul, we have developed the New Levent country-style project, which adjoins the grove and combines luxury and nature. mentioned.

The New Levent project, which has a view of the Belgrad forest by its location, offers on the one hand a country life in the center of the city with its inspiration from nature, and on the other hand it offers the life promised .
redefines the luxury of the future with its experience of quality and comfort.

Healthy houses with garden and terrace comfort villa in Levent
The New Levent project, which has large green areas, each of which is the size of a football field, offers apartments with large gardens, terraces and balconies, terraces and balconies in the comfort of a villa designed with characteristics aesthetic and functional.
With its covered architecture, it brings the pure oxygen of the grove right next to you… You can enter your villa type apartment with garden, either from the building or from the private entrance, where you will discover the comfort of a Villa.
offers. The terrace of the project allows you to discover the comfort of a villa with its private swimming pools in the apartments.

Luxury, fashion, art, sport in one step in new Levent
With Yeni Levent, where you can reach world-famous restaurants and different tastes in one step, you can also experience all the dynamics of the city at the same time, just a stone’s throw from the best artistic events in the city.
you can find. You will experience luxury and exclusivity together at Yeni Levent, which is within walking distance of the most exclusive shopping malls and luxury stores.

With the natural life line created around the New Levent project, you can enjoy nature with your loved ones, live healthy accompanied by the songs of birds, if you wish, within the project, if you wish
You can do your sports in the Belgrad forest and live a healthy life in the center of the city, intertwined with nature.

With New Levent; You will be in the heart of the Levent-Maslak region, called the heart of business and finance and the center of business in Turkey. Preferred by prestigious brands that shape the sectors, Levent
The region, with its central location, is the preferred financial region for all international companies. In summary; Offering the possibility of accessing all the riches of the city in a single step, from business centers to culture and the arts, from education to health and from shopping to entertainment, Yeni Levent appeals to all generations and all generations.
at the center of cultural activities; offers a life that unites generations. Located at the intersection of well-established districts such as Büyükdere Caddesi, Levent, Etiler and Şişli, one of the most important axes of Istanbul, the project is the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, which connects the two sides of Istanbul, and
It is also distinguished by its location very close to the Pont des Martyrs du 15 Juillet.

The criteria of luxury and the countryside in town
Bringing new life to the housing sector with its ‘Healthy Home’ concept, DAP’s ‘Luxury and Country Life in the City’ standards are broken down into 5 items as follows:
1- Must be a healthy house: It meets the criteria of a low and healthy house surrounded by greenery, breathing with nature.
must be properly designed.
2- It must be located in the center of the city and in a well-established district: In one of the most important points of the city,
It should be indispensable to city life with its rich history, cultural atmosphere and privileges.
3- Nature and the city; must marry perfectly with culture, art, fashion and entertainment: a
On the one hand, the regenerative spirit of nature, on the other hand, with the vitality of urban life, both green and urban
live freely.
4- It must be intertwined with the business poles and the financial world: The heart of the business world and the business pole
It must be within walking distance of the area considered to be
5- It must offer all needs within walking distance: Everything you are looking for, from business centers to culture and the arts, from education to health, from shopping to entertainment, both indoors and outdoors. ‘outside the site, should be located within walking distance.

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