Last minute: May 1st Labor Day and Solidarity craze in the squares! Workers flocked

After 2 years of pandemic restrictions, thousands of people celebrated May Day and Daya, May Day Labor and Solidarity Day in the squares.

The address for the celebrations in Istanbul was Maltepe Event Space. Members of DİSK, TMMOB and TDB gathered outside a hotel in Maltepe, and members of KESK and TTB gathered at the Idealtepe bridge and marched towards the event area.

After the march, members of DİSK, KESK, TMMOB, TTB and TDB, as well as representatives of various political parties, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations and citizens began to visit the area. The event area, where many police officers are on duty and inspections are carried out by helicopter from the air as a precaution, has been closed with barriers for security reasons.

Participants, who were searched for their clothes and bags, entered the event area under extensive security measures from 6 different security points. HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan and some HDP and CHP MPs were also present at the event area. May Day celebrations of Labor and Solidarity Day began with musical groups on stage.

On the other hand, the police teams did not allow some people from the HDP procession who were trying to enter the area with different banners other than the banners determined by the organizing committee. Thereupon, some barriers to entry have been knocked down in the short-term tussle.


Thousands of people attended the celebration in Anadolu Square on May Day, Labor and Solidarity Day in the capital. The participation in the celebrations organized under the leadership of the organizing committee formed by the Confederation of Public Workers’ Unions, the Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions and the Union of Turkish Chambers of Engineers and Architects was intense.

May Day, which could not be celebrated in the squares due to the 2-year pandemic restrictions, was celebrated with enthusiasm this year. Those who crossed the police checkpoint set up in front of the Atatürk Cultural Center after being searched took their places in the procession on Kazım Karabekir Street. Coins, pens, perfume, lipstick and similar items were confiscated at the search point. Some objectionable banners were also not allowed.

Representatives and members of political parties, local associations, environmental organizations, students, women’s associations, supporter groups and some professional organizations attended the celebrations as well as trade unions. After gathering in a procession, the crowd marched towards Anadolu Square with banners, placards and slogans in their hands.

The crowd gathered in the square chanted slogans. The crowd gathered around the platform set up in the neighborhood sang the May Day march. Later, various music groups took to the stage in the area where the speeches were delivered and excited the locals.


In Izmir, on May 1, the Day of Labor and Solidarity was celebrated in Gündoğdu Square, where extensive security measures were taken. Extensive security measures have been taken in the celebration area. The square was closed with iron barriers, police and expert bomb dogs were searched. After receiving the necessary security clearance, it was handed over to the airfield organizing committee for the celebration.

1 drone and 1 helicopter provided air support in the area where 3,000 security guards were employed. Marine police and coast guard boats also served at sea. As part of the celebrations, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, professional chambers, political parties and citizens came to the region with processions. Protesters entered the area after body searches were carried out from the 4 designated entrances.


Besides the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, some MPs from CHP and HDP also attended the celebrations. Speaking at the rally, Mayor Soyer said, “We are shouting with the phrase they fear the most; all together or none of us. This sentence is the key to the well-being we deserve. This is the key to our growing freedom struggle today. We, women, workers, farmers, all workers and oppressed nature… The world is turning its back on us. We created this world. Here we are again in the squares, we are all together again. We are neck and neck, easy to arm, side by side. We came here to make the fight grow, to claim our rights. We have come here to be the voice of all who thirst for justice. mentioned. The celebrations continued with Edip Akbayram’s concert.

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