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Shahan Gokbakarbecame one of the political figures on social media after the forest fires in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.
Centennial plane trees are cut down in Istanbul, even though those who cut them down do not own them. “there is something they know” He signals to the municipality.
Due to the high price of the newly released plum (which happens every year), the economic crisis rages.
Stones are falling on the nation’s head in Assos, the government is leveling the rocks, “Destruction is underway for road works” he shares.
The Tortum Waterfall flows noisily, but “My sediments are dry” he pretends.
Job power film reel!..
It bends, twists, deforms.
Of course, on this occasion “friendly, eco-friendly, justice guru” it looks like.
However, the previous year, Recep İvedik 6 was on the agenda with the claim that the script had been stolen. I spoke to this screenwriter, asked about the outcome of the case.

Cengiz Yilmaz He described what happened to him:

“I’ve written over a hundred novels and screenplays to date. I took one of my scripts to producer Mehmet Soyarslan. To like. He said, “Let’s suggest it to Şahan Gökbakar”. Şahan liked it and told Soyarslan “you get out of the way”. I waited a few months. Then the script for the film was released. The content, the image, the main subject was mine. Our hero goes to Kenya instead of Konya and the adventure begins. I called, asked and they closed all the doors. They even blocked me on Instagram. There is correspondence and e-mails indicating that the script belongs to me. No possibility of refusal. The trial has been going on since 2019. I opened the case in Trabzon. The first court refused because it did not have jurisdiction. Second courtyard closed. Then the coronavirus came out. The case dragged on. The judge will hear Mehmet Soyaslan next week. I hope to win. Şahan ve Laundry Film earned millions of liras with this screenplay. It received 87 million lira from the screening and 47 million lira from Netflix. I’m not talking about ad revenue. But they didn’t give me the 50,000 lire I’m entitled to.
What percentage of the script was changed?
Cengiz Yılmaz answered this question. “The rough construction is mine, the glass changed the frame. He delivered himself with curses” he has answered.
I don’t know how this case will end. If the screenwriter wins, social networks “sensitive” there will be a serious compensation that will upset the comedian.

What’s going on in Turkey?

Our journal entered its 52nd year with some impactful new articles. One of the world’s best-known scholars of economics teacher. Dr. Emre Alkinwill explain money matters from an academic point of view… The first name that comes to mind in our country when it comes to liberalism teacher. Dr. Atilla Yaylawill open the horizon to our world of ideas with his precious writings… Celal Toprak, “Celal Abi” of the economic pressWe’ll be reading business reviews of… Our economic manager Canan Eraslanwill be on the back of the accent that victimizes the consumer… Omer Ekinciwill present a vision to the youth with his nimble pen…
From İsmail Kapan to Yücel Koç, from Cem Küçük to Fuat Uğur, from Yusuf Alabarda to Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şahin, from Rahim Er to Prof. Dr. To Çağrı Erhan, Prof. Dr. Professor Ahmet Şimşirgil. Dr. From Ekrem Buğra Ekinci, from Necmettin Batırel to Ömer Faruk Bingöl, from Ömer Faruk Ünal to Kemal Belgin…
I will never be modest.
Turkey’s strongest writing team is in Turkey…
Print media may be losing their blood to the digital, but newspapers, as bastions of the world of ideas, carry a tradition into the future. We continue on our way with this responsibility and confident steps.

Here is our situation

I came to Afyonkarahisar for vacation. I fell while going to a street market. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the prices. It was very low. Parsley was 2, spring onion was 1, curly was 5 lira. As it should be… I took pictures of the tags and shared them on my social media account. It took an incredible amount of interaction. It was the subject of headlines and columns on news sites. My message reached 400,000 people. This meant that prices were going to drop. Then I got curious and went to the local chain store 100 yards away. Prices were doubled. Also, because they were waiting on the counter, its freshness was gone. To the officer “You do not understand ?” I asked. He said they buy directly from contract growers in Denizli.
This is Turkey’s problem.
I witnessed it with my own eyes. What about your markets? status should be treated or state law shouldn’t be too late.

Who was on foot?

Last week, news of the party appeared in a chronicle opposition newspaper.
in the news “Carry rides hit the party trip. Coming home is difficult. Prices exceeded purchasing power. The number of passengers fell to a third of previous years. No additional flights will be made” has been called.
Do you know what happened?
When the price of the bus ticket skyrocketed, people took the plane and the train. Despite this, 300 additional bus services have been prepared daily from Istanbul. THY launched more than 250 additional flights. A further increase in capacity of 45,000 people has been achieved on the high-speed train. before the season “the watermelon is sold by the slice” “the plum burns the pocket” Those who made the news were still walking in journalism.

I congratulate our readers on their holidays and wish them good luck…

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