National Education Minister Mahmut Özer visited Kırıkkale to attend various programs. In his statement after the signing of the governor’s honor book, Özer said the education organization had made visits to the provinces in order to make decisions regarding the improvement of the quality of education and education. to improve the processes, and that it had continued these visits intensively in recent periods.

National Education Minister Mahmut Özer said he will provide all kinds of support to increase the quality and competitiveness of Kırıkkale in the field of education.

Minister Özer attended the provincial education evaluation meeting at Kırıkkale Governor’s office after his statement.

Investment in Kırıkkale education in 2022 increased from 70 million lira to 370 million lira

In a press statement after the meeting, Minister Özer said: “While Kırıkkale’s current investments in education were 70 million lira in 2022, we have decided to make an additional investment of 300 million lira to improve the quality of education in today’s meeting. Therefore, we have increased investment in Kırıkkale education from 70 million lira to 370 million lira.” mentioned.

Stating that Kırıkkale needs great support due to the old and aging educational buildings, Özer said, “We will finalize all works within Kırıkkale reinforcement in 2022. We will complete all delayed reinforcement works in Kırıkkale in coordination with General Directorate of Construction and Real Estate and Governor’s Office of Kırıkkale.We will complete it, he said.

Expressing that they do not leave schools that have access to natural gas but have not been converted, Özer said that they will provide the necessary support for the conversion to natural gas of schools in Kırıkkale within this framework from here. a month or two.

Özer said he included Naciye Pehlivanlı Saran Anatolian High School, Yahşihan Cumhuriyet Primary School, Atatürk Secondary School and İsmet Aydınlı Primary School in the investment program in Kırıkkale, and added an additional investment of TL 15 million for the completion of major roof repairs. and wet floors of existing schools.

Noting that the special education practice school will also be renewed under the investment program, Özer said that as part of the ministry’s efforts to increase preschool education, 6 kindergartens will be built in Kırıkkale. Özer said: “We will have completed the strengthening works of new kindergartens, special education kindergartens, special education practice schools, primary and secondary schools and Kırıkkale schools in 2022. The investment cost in 2022 increased 4 to 5 times, from 70 million to 370 million, in Kırıkkale, we have, he said.

Emphasizing that the visit is significant for activating the pending investments in Kırıkkale, Özer wished that the investments would be beneficial to Kırıkkale.

They yearned for days without masks

Minister Özer said that today the second mask-free day in schools came to an end: “Our teachers and students experienced the first day yesterday and we saw that they were waiting for this day with great nostalgia “. mentioned. Özer thanked Kırıkkale teachers for their efforts during the outbreak.

Stating that the process was difficult for the whole educational community, Özer said: “We have shown our country and our society that schools are the safest environments in extraordinary conditions, during the epidemic process, in joining the educational community”. made his assessment.

On the other hand, a student who offered flowers at the entrance of the governor’s office said: “I forgot that I was without a mask at school today, I tried to take off my mask as if I was wearing a mask while drinking water.” His words made Minister Özer smile.

Özer, who visited Kırıkkale municipality after his program in the governor’s office, added that they will visit Kırıkkale frequently, the quality of education in the province will improve with new investments and that cooperation in the defense industry and professional education will progress further.

During his visit to Kırıkkale, Minister Özer was accompanied by Governor Bülent Tekbıyıkoğlu, Mayor of Kırıkkale Mehmet Saygılı and other interested parties.

Minister Özer met the people of Kırıkkale during the iftar program

National Education Minister Mahmut Özer participated in the iftar program organized by the Governor’s Office as part of his visit to Kırıkkale.

Expressing that they have decided to increase Kırıkkale’s investments in education in 2022 from 70 million liras to 370 million liras in his speech here, Özer said, “From tomorrow, we will send these investments to Kırıkkale and begin the process immediately. mentioned.

Özer also said that Kırıkkale is a province where there are huge investments in Machinery and Chemical Industry Inc., defense industry and vocational training.

Pointing out that Kırıkkale has great potential in developing vocational education, Özer said they have carried out huge projects in order to repair the damage caused by February 28 in vocational education and train qualified human resources. necessary for the labor market.

Noting that Kırıkkale is one of the highest priority provinces in these projects, Özer said, “I hope this potential will reach a much better point by meeting the investment and human resource needs in this area with new projects and new initiatives in the years to come. We are going to move it to much stronger points in a way that will be stronger. he said.

Minister Özer said that Kırıkkale Municipality has new projects related to education and explained that they will support these projects as a ministry. Özer noted: “Just as Kırıkkale set an example for Turkey by producing masks during the Covid-19 process, a flag flew from Kırıkkale at a time when it was difficult to find masks, now very good ones projects take place here in all areas of education, the flag can fly. As a Ministry, we will always be at the side of our governor, our mayor, our director of national education, and all our directors of ‘schools and teachers in the process of looking to the future with hope, no problem that we cannot overcome or solve when we are in unity and solidarity.

Just as investments have been made in all fields, from education to transport, from tourism to infrastructure over the past 20 years, Turkey has gone through a very rapid phase of transformation and will now continue its journey with firm steps. There will be turmoil and tremors from time to time, but without any deviation in direction, it will continue its blessed march with confident steps to become a country that has a voice not only in its region but also in the world. We will continue to fight together to make our country much better. »

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