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We will have an active time in relationships, just like a small child gets bored with the toy in his hand and moves on to another. If we keep the period of dating and excitement long, our love will also be permanent. In this period, it will be very important to have a good time both in our current relationships and with the new people we meet. the people we meet
the more fun they are, the longer they will remain in our area of ​​interest.

tomorrow It may not be easy to capture the kindness in our communication with the person we are with. Tensions can arise for minor reasons, and sometimes problems can arise due to selfishness. Of course, little quirks can also be cute, because of that childish energy in the air. An environment can be created to build sincere relationships. Since Aries likes to make the first move, we can be bolder in meeting someone. We will want to enter into whatever struggle we feel is necessary to get someone we are thinking of.
Tuesday The Moon will travel in Gemini all day. It is very suitable for giving lectures, seminars and speaking to large groups. We may encounter news of Asparagas, so don’t believe everything we hear. Today, our minds will not be able to rest, our curiosity will be inflamed, our hearts will be agitated. We can make an appointment with several people on the same day. It’s a great day to meet up with friends, chat, gossip. When the Moon is in Gemini, questions related to siblings, cousins, nephews or neighbors can arise.
Wednesdaywill be a supporting aspect between Mars and Uranus. Duration of effect +/- 4 days… We may experience times when the pursuit of pleasure and excitement will increase. We can easily take action to implement the changes we aim to achieve in our lives. We’re also in a great time to focus on difficult tasks or things we’ve been putting off. The first step towards the people we love
We can show the courage to throw.
Thusday On this day, the Sun and Uranus will move together. The duration of effect will be +/- 5 days. This appearance in the sky indicates a conflict with authority figures. We may want to break the rules and display rebellious attitudes. We can experience a day where the theme of freedom comes to the fore. We will feel a strong desire to make drastic changes in our lives. We tend to make quick decisions. Health-related heart palpitations or increased heart spasms may occur. It is also a very convenient time to travel by plane and buy electronic devices. On the other hand, we can see that plans we made in ways we didn’t expect have changed due to circumstances that have developed outside of us. Expecting the unexpected and being flexible can make our job easier.
FridayThere will be a good interaction between Mercury and Venus. It’s a great day to give speeches of peace, say nice words to those around us, buy gifts for our loved ones, wait for good news, start an education about art or creativity, make a statement of ‘love. Getting lost among the clothes and accessories you love or planning trips can lift your spirits even more. Creating romantic environments can also be good for your relationship.
Saturday The day will be a dynamic aspect between the Sun and Mars. It is a very energetic, active day, but also very tense. The conditions are met to compete, challenge each other, take action. Today, we can motivate ourselves quickly and succeed in work that requires courage. We can manage teams properly. But today it can be difficult to create an atmosphere of peace, easy fights can break out. It is useful to be careful against injuries, falls and bumps. Let’s be careful when using flaming, sharp and piercing tools. We can get rid of our excess energy by playing sports, working our muscles and tiring our body. We must be careful not to create tense environments with authority figures and wait another day to open up sensitive issues.
On Sunday, May 8, the Moon will travel all day in Leo. Today we can have fun with our children or reveal our childish side. We will want to increase our attractiveness with remarkable jewelry, accessories, vibrant colors and sparkling clothes. We will enjoy being admired and appreciated for our talents. When the Moon is in Leo, the main theme of the day will be “being noticed.” Every step we take
and we will be visible with every word we say. We have some great days ahead of us to cheer ourselves up, have fun with friends, go out and flirt.
Relationships are moving
Relationships are moving
Relationships are moving
Relationships are moving
Relationships are moving
Relationships are moving

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