(SUMMARY) Result of the match Galatasaray – Sivasspor: 2-3

Beating Yeni Malatyaspor and Altay, whose farewells were finalized in the last 2 Super League weeks, Galatasaray welcomed Sivasspor to the pitch in Week 35. The Yellow Reds, who managed to win their last 4 home games, couldn’t beat Yiğidolar this time and were beaten 3-2.


Uvestad, Ahmet Oğuz and Yatabare scored the goals that took Sivasspor to victory. The 2 goals of Bafetimbi Gomis, the name of the day to success in Galatasaray, were not enough for victory and the Yellow Reds left the field without scoring a single point.

With this result, Sivasspor took their score to 48, while Galatasaray remained at 47 points.


minute of the match

Galatasaray became the team that created danger in the 6th minute of the game. The Yellow Reds approached the goal with a pass, Patrick van Aanholt’s final pass to Gomis was quick. Immediately after this attack, the home team was again charged. This time, Sacha Boey fired from the right wing, Gomis couldn’t get the shot he wanted.

Gomis opened the goal curtain

PURPOSE | In the 10th minute of the match, Galatasaray took the lead 1-0 thanks to Bafetimbi Gomis’ goal. Entering the penalty area with a single pass, Galatasaray, Emre Kılınç’s ball turned into the mouth of the goal and Gomis’ kick hit the net. After the goal, there were intense objections to referee Kadir Sağlam, one of Sivasspor’s players. However, after the VAR check of the goal, the referee awarded the goal.

*Gomis goal celebration

Emre Kilinc suspended

In Galatasaray, Emre Kılınç was the first to receive the yellow card in the 17th minute of the game. The 27-year-old footballer was given a yellow card by referee Kadir Sağlam after his action against Uğur Çiftçi. With this card, Emre Kılınç was suspended during the Başakşehir match.

Sivasspor was the party that created the danger in the 19th minute of the fight. Grand carrom at Galatasaray Castle! Ball in the head in the middle of Faycal Fajr, Aaron Appindangoye’s shot comes back from Muslera, then the ball that takes off comes back to Muslera.

*Pre-match Van Aanholt

strained nerves

When the minutes of the game showed 28, the tension on the pitch suddenly increased. After Sacha Boey’s intervention against Faycal Fajr, there was a falling out between the players of the two teams. After the argument, Boey and Fajr received yellow cards.

In the 32nd minute, the atmosphere was again tense. Patrick van Aanholt’s one-on-one with Ahmet Oğuz after his foul was calmed by the referee’s warning to the players.

In the 38th minute, Galatasaray passed very close to the goal. At the Yellow Reds, Patrick van Aanholt’s left wing hit Babel in the middle, but the ball went wide.

* Sivasspor team

Address delivery pass and purpose

PURPOSE | In the 44th minute of the match, Yatabare of Sivasspor scored the goal which brought the balance to the score. It was 1-1 in the game. After crosses from Ugur Ciftci in the away team, Yatabare hit his head and sent the ball into the net.

Referee Kadir Sağlam whistled, ending the first half of the match, and the teams went to the locker rooms with a 1–1 draw.

*Rıza Çalımbay & Domenec Torrent

Galatasaray started the second half of the fight by making substitutions. Halil Dervişoğlu was replaced by Emre Kılınç.

Galatasaray became the team that created danger in the 48th minute of the game. Taylan Antalyali dragged the ball from the left wing, before making his final move, Ulvestad stepped in and sent the ball in for a corner.

Sivasspor took the lead

PURPOSE | When the minutes showed 49 in the match, Ulvestad at Sivasspor scored the goal which made it 2-1 and gave his team the lead. In the middle of Faycal Fajr, the ball bouncing off the heads remained in front of Fredrik Ulvesstad, the Norwegian player sent the ball into the net with a fluid strike. Ulvesstad scored his first Super League goal against Galatasaray. After the VAR check, the goal decision is valid, the match restarted with the kick-off.

* Nerves were strained from time to time during the game.

Penalty and goal

PURPOSE | In the 57th minute of the game, Galatasaray won a penalty after Kerem Aktürkoğlu was sent off from Sivasspor’s penalty area. Bafetimbi Gomis kicked the ball in the won penalty and the experienced striker sent the ball into the net in the 58th minute to make it 2-2. This goal was also Gomis’ second goal of the game.

awesome goal

PURPOSE | In the 64th minute of the game, Sivasspor again took the lead thanks to Ahmet Oğuz’s superb goal and made it 3-2. Ahmet Oğuz, who landed a mixed shot from the right wing, managed to defeat Muslera with an incredible goal. With this goal, Ahmet Oğuz scored his first Super League away goal.

*Halil Dervisoglu

Sivasspor was the side that created the danger in the 80th minute of the game. Erdogan entered from the right and centered Konate, but Boey calmly dropped the ball to Muslera.

Fan reaction

When the minutes showed 83, the Galatasaray tribunes reacted and chanted “The management resigns”.

back-to-back Galatasaray attacks

Galatasaray felt dangerous in the 84th minute of the fight. Halil Dervişoğlu met the ball behind the defense and shot, the defense intervened and prevented the ball from going on goal. The flag is in the air after the position.

*Sivasspor goal celebration

Galatasaray stepped up their attacks in the dying moments of the game. In the 90th minute, Mostafa Mohamed carried the ball from the left wing with a big sprint and made the cross. Berkan’s headshot came out the side.

There was no other position in the fight and Sivasspor left the field with a 3-2 win.

Galatasaray Sivasspor match 11

Galatasaray: Muslera, Boey, Semih Kaya, Nelsson, Van Aanholt, Pulgar, Taylan Antalyalı, Emre Kılınç, Babel, Kerem Aktürkoğlu, Gomis.

Sivaspor: Ali Şasal, Ahmet, Appindangoye, Caner Gaziosmanpaşa, Uğur Çiftçi, Hakan Arslan, Ulvestad, Fajr, Erdoğan Yeşilyurt, Gradel, Yatabare.

* Mbaye Diagne was also among those who watched the match.

Match ratings

Galatasaray hosted Demir Grup Sivasspor in Week 35 of Super League Spor Toto. Referee Kadir Sağlam moderated the game. Erdinç Sezertam and Mustafa Sönmez were Sağlam’s assistants.

Galatasaray coach Domenec Torrent made 3 changes to the squad according to the first 11 in the Altay match played in the 34th week of the league and won 1-0. While Marcao, who was suspended with a yellow card last week, and Omar Elabdellaoui, who injured himself in training, weren’t in the squad; Berkan Kutlu was the replacement name. Torrent named Semih Kaya, Boey and Taylan Antalyalı to replace those players at 11 a.m. The yellow-red team faced the following 11 teams: Muslera – Boey, Semih Kaya, Nelsson, van Aanholt, Taylan Antalyalı, Pulgar, Babel, Emre Kılınç, Kerem Aktürkoğlu and Gomis.

* Marcao and his family

Pena and Feghouli were not in the group

Inaki Pena, whose treatment continues at Galatasaray, and Sofiane Feghouli, who was not ready despite his injury, were also names that did not feature in the match roster.

4 changes to Sivasspor

Demir Grup Sivasspor coach Rıza Çalımbay made 4 squad changes as per Aytemiz Alanyaspor match played in the 35th league week. Experienced coach, Muammer Yıldırım, Goutas, Camara, Ziya Erdal in the team; It starred Ali Şasal Vural, Caner Osmanpaşa, Appindangoye and Uğur Çiftçi.

*Torrent frequently warned its players during the game.

REFEREES: Kadir Sağlam, Erdinç Sezertam, Mustafa Sonmez

GALATASARAY: Muslera, Boey, Semih Kaya, Nelsson, van Aanholt, Taylan Antalyalı, Pulgar (Min 76 Berkan Kutlu), Babel (Min 76 Morutan), Emre Kılınç (Min 46 Halil Dervişoğlu), Kerem Aktürkoğlu, Gomis (Min 76) Mohamed)

DEMIR GROUP SİVASSPOR: Ali Şasal Vural, Ahmet Oğuz (Min 81 Kayode), Caner Osmanpaşa, Appindangoye (Min 74 Goutas), Uğur Çiftçi, Hakan Arslan, Farj (Min 86 Ziya Erdal), Ulvestad, Erdoğan Yeşilyurt, Grabel (Min 86 Atakan) Kesgin), Yatabare (Min. 74 Konate)

GOALS: Min. 10 and Min. 58 (P) Gomis (Galatasaray) – Min. 44 Yatabare, min. 49 Ulvestad, Min. 64 Ahmet Oguz (Demir Grup Sivasspor)

YELLOW CARDS: Emre Kılınç, Boey (Galatasaray) – Farj, Ulvestad, Appindangoye, Ahmet Oğuz (Demir Grup Sivasspor)

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