The mounted police are always ready for social events.

ADANA (AA) – Adana Police officers from the Mounted Police Group Headquarters within the Security Directorate keep their horses ready at all times to intervene in social events with various drills.

16 members of the headquarters of the mounted police group, which was created 7 months ago under the direction of the riot squad, patrol the city with 8 horses.

The gendarmerie, especially social events, the stadium where the people are dense, sport It works for the establishment of peace and security for citizens by participating in the hall, concerts, parks and streets.

The mounted police, who are ready to intervene at any time, are also accustomed to the environmental effects of social events with frequent fog drills and sound bombs. Through the exercises, it is ensured that the horses are not startled by sudden events and noisy environments.

They patrol certain points of the city.

Mounted Unit Group Headquarters Inspector Bilal Barut told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the Mounted Police Headquarters, which was established under the Provincial Directorate of Security , the branch of the riot forces, began service on September 25 last year.

Stating that conditions such as height, weight and love of animals are sought to become a mounted police officer, Barut said those who meet the conditions received training in Ankara for 4 months and those who passed begin to work.

Barut explained that in addition to 8 horses and 16 staff, 2 grooms and a veterinarian work in their unit, and the horses are trained to respond to social events.

“Our equestrian unit is made up of horses who are experienced and trained to respond to social events. In addition, they are assigned to stadiums, concert halls and parks. Again, they patrol certain points of the city in the framework of the fight against crime and crime. Our horses are not affected by factors such as fireworks, fog and sound bombs. and have the ability to intervene in the group without being afraid. These trainings are updated with exercises.”

Noting that citizens have given positive feedback to the equestrian unit, Barut said, “We get good feedback from our citizens about our horses. When we work in the parks, thank you messages have been sent to our police and our horses were invited to take more roles.Citizens have their pictures taken with our horses.In the last Orange Blossom Carnival, thousands of people attended the Orange Blossom Carnival. took a picture.” mentioned.

“They are like our baby”

Mounted police officer Tuğçe Sarvanlı also said that she took the Open Mounted Police Course while working at the Riot Police Department.

Expressing that he has been a policeman for 3 years, Sarvanlı said:

“I volunteered because I like horses very much and I thought I had good communication with animals. We went through a 4-month training process. After that, I started working as a constable. “First, we participate In the fight against social events. Then, we patrol the parks, concert venues, places where people go to gather. It happens. In addition, we participate in social projects. For example , we support our autistic children for moral reasons.

Explaining that they are also interested in horse care, Sarvanlı continued:

“We do our daily maintenance. We do our grooming and prepare the horses for service before we go to work. We take care of them again when we return from service. Because we love our horses and take care of them. them every day, they got to know us, we got to know them. They have become like our babies. We take care of everything. Daily care, cleaning, feeding… As they know us too, we have integrated well .We miss them even on the days when we are not working.We are always curious, we ask our friends what they are doing.We sometimes come during the day to take care of them.On weekends, we also come in outside of our work.”

Citizens are happy with the mounted police

Nihat Ağa, who lives in the city, said his grandson met horses for the first time and had his picture taken: “We see him from time to time. We saw him at the carnival in the orange blossom, we really liked it.” They’re huge,” he said. He used the phrases.

Explaining that they are happy that the mounted police are on duty in the city, Cumali Erdoğan said: “My child took a photo today, we took a photo when we met before. We love it, This is a very good thing. We thank Adana Police Department for making this app.” he said.

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