“We are doubling the support for SMEs to 1 million 200 thousand lire” news, news

BATMAN (UAV) – Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said: “We are doubling the support we provide to our SME projects up to 600,000 lira and increasing it to 1 million 200,000 lire. This good news is good for everyone. our SMEs.”

Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, met with employees of the textile company, which he opened after visiting the Batman Governorate in Batman, where he came to tie up a series of contacts. Then, Minister Varank DİKA and GAP participated in the collective opening ceremony.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank signed the 9 projects that the GAP Regional Development Administration will bring to the city in the conference room of the Provincial Directorate of Culture. Among the projects he opened, the first is the Alo Tevşo Market Square. Alo Tevşo made the bazaar available to traders by giving it a modern look. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, said: “Currently, our artisans are working there under much healthier conditions. Thank goodness the people of Batman are also happy with this service. Another of our projects is the Sevek recreation area. We have transformed this place into a place where you can have a good time with your children and your family. It caters to all age groups with its picnic area, landscaping, recreation groups and playground. My advice is to visit this recreation area with your family as soon as possible”.

“Batman is almost a paradise with his nature”

Speaking about the projects they brought to Batman, Minister Varank said, “Let’s continue with the projects we brought to Batman. We have completed the restoration of Mor Kuryakos Monastery. Together with our GAP administration, we will further increase the attractiveness of the monastery by completing the landscaping works. We brought an application hotel to Hasankeyf. We have transformed 8 caves into boutique hotels in the ecological village of Hasankeyf Üçyol. Our goal with these investments is to provide better conditions for tourists visiting Hasankeyf and to increase the number of tourists. Batman is almost a paradise with his nature. It has important historical values. Therefore, tourism should be one of the main economic topics here. We need to reveal alternative tourist areas and projects in order to make them more known to the world. Now you know, we have created a brand that serves this: Mesopotamia. With the Mesopotamia brand, the whole world will know our cities up close, including Batman. »

“We have invested 38 million lire in Batman”

Noting that they have invested 38 million lira in Batman, Minister Varank said, “We have many other projects that we are opening today. From employing our young people to infrastructure projects, we have invested around 38 million lira in Batman, with current figures. Is it sufficient? not enough. You know, we have started a new project with our Ministry of Youth and Sports. Under the Young Workers and Producers Program, we are building 13 textile workshops and social facilities next to them in central Batman, Hasankeyf, Gercüş and Kozluk districts. We will make these workshops available to investors. In these workshops, which we will build with an investment of around 40 million lira, 2,000 Batman youths will be employed. We also have ongoing SOGEP projects. I said it at the beginning of my speech. In this region, GAP has very important activities, particularly in agriculture. With the projects whose protocols we will sign today, we will further develop the farming skills and methods of our Batman farmers across the GAP in the coming period. Among them are projects that expand the possibilities of modern irrigation, promote efficient air conditioning technologies in greenhouses and enable drip irrigation with renewable energy. Also here we will have an investment of about 9 million TL. I hope that all these works will accelerate the development of agriculture, textiles, tourism and employment in Batman. Good luck,” he said.

“Our governments do business and leave a legacy”

Speaking about the investments made in transportation to Batman, Minister Varank said, “We are working hard to increase the level of well-being in each of our provinces. Wherever you go in our country, you will see the seal of our governments. Those in good shape here should definitely recount Batman’s progress over the past 20 years to those who aren’t. Young people don’t know what these places were like. They think Batman has always had these beauties. What have we done? We recently commissioned the Hasankeyf 2 bridge, which is a solution to the problem of double roads, hospitals, air terminal and crossing the dam on the Batman-Midyat road. It looks like a pearl on the Tiger. At the end of last year, our president inaugurated the Ilısu Dam Project, which is the fourth largest hydroelectric power station in our country. Hopefully we will complete the Batman-Beşiri-Kurtalan route next year. As you can see, our governments are doing business. He leaves a legacy. He offers all of this in service to our nation, the people of Batman. Have you ever heard of a project or an idea from the opposition wing serving our fellow citizens? Come on, they didn’t have municipalities before. They had excuses. They were waving a lot. They have no more excuses. They have 11 metropolitan municipalities. Three years have passed since 2019. I ask you, what have they done? What citizen problems do they solve? A big nothing! But no one should worry. The time when these municipalities will be able to serve again is near,” he said.

“We have provided more than 156 million lira to support 473 projects”

Stating that Batman is one of the future with great potential, Minister Varank said: “The fields of agriculture, food and tourism are very open to development. It has taken off considerably in the industry. Of course, they don’t happen on their own. Together with the Dicle Development Agency, we have provided support of more than 156 million lira to 473 projects that have contributed to the economic, social and cultural development of Batman since its inception. We transferred nearly 90 million lira to 116 projects with our regional development administration GAP. See, 10,200 people were employed in 114 plots that started production at Batman OSB since 2002. Hopefully that number will grow to 13,500. Further field studies related to OSB are continuing. Over the past 19 years, we have given Batman OSB a Ministerial Loan of TL 135 million with current figures. Thanks to KOSGEB, we have transferred nearly 100 million TL of resources to our companies. Thanks to these, increases in production and employment have been achieved in our province.

“We are increasing support from 200,000 lira to 450,000 lira within TÜBİTAK BIGG”

Giving the good news to young entrepreneurs before the holidays, Minister Varank said: “When we look at the technological side; The Technology Development Zone at Batman University, nearing completion, will fill an important gap. We care about Technopark. In this sense, we have provided a grant of approximately 6 million lira to the management company with current figures. But the real deal here is on our contractors. The technopark is overflowing, R&D projects are carried out there. Young people need to come here and market their ideas. In this sense, I would like to announce the good news of a party that we will give to our young people from Batman to all of Turkey. As you know, we run Young Individual Entrepreneur Program through TÜBİTAK to help our young people turn their technology and innovation-driven business ideas into value-added initiatives. So far, we have provided support of up to 200,000 lira to young entrepreneurs benefiting from the program. Now we are increasing the amount of support for young entrepreneurs within TÜBİTAK BIGG by 125% to 450,000 lira. Thus, our young people will be able to implement their initiatives much more easily and efficiently. I wish the good news of this holiday to all our youth. Batman has a young and dynamic population. This program is perfect for them. Also, we have another good news. Let’s say you have a business and want to do R&D. At this point, the TÜBİTAK SME R&D Startup Support Program comes into play. In this program, we double the support we give to our SME projects up to 600,000 lira, and we increase it to 1 million, 200,000 read. This good news is good for all our SMEs. Here’s what I mean: you take one step, we’ll do whatever we can for the rest. Together, we will bring our country to the level it deserves, with all our regions and all our cities. Today we opened 9 investments, we gave the start of 9 investments. Our state has all the possibilities for you. At this point, we expect you to continue to trust us. With Allah’s permission, we will overcome these difficulties, together with the state and the nation. To conclude my remarks, I would like to thank the Dicle Development Agency, the GAP Regional Development Administration and all our executive institutions.

After his speeches, as the band’s opening tape was cut, Minister Varank completed his contact with Batman and left town.

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