8105 meters of forest road will be built by tender in Geyve – Geyve Medya

The Direction de l’Aménagement Forestier de Geyve will build a forest road with a total length of 8105 meters in 3 different regions of Geyve through calls for tenders.

The announcement and specifications published by the Direction des Forêts de Geyve are as follows;


GEYVE FOREST MANAGEMENT DIRECTORATE AKDOĞAN FOREST MANAGEMENT DIRECTORATE 8+105 KM B THE CONSTRUCTION WORKS OF A NEW TYPE B FOREST ROAD will be tendered in accordance with Article 19 of Law No. 4734 on Public Procurement, and offers will be received only in an electronic environment via EKAP. Detailed information about the auction can be found below:

ICN: 2022/386985


b) Address : Tepecikler District Konyali Alibey Street 121 54700 GEYVE/SAKARYA
c) Telephone and fax number : 2645175280 – 2645170042
ç) The website where the tender document can be consulted and downloaded using the electronic signature. : https://ekap.kik.gov.tr/EKAP/

2-Construction works subject to the call for tenders

b) Quality, type and quantity : Taş D.-Kozan (3,805 km of new type B forest road), code 120, Kapıkaya D.- Dereiçi (2,675 km of new type B forest road), which is included in the road network plan of the Akdoğan Forest Operations Directorate affiliated with Geyve Forestry Kapikaya D.-Derin D. Operations Directorate with code .121 (1,625 km new type B forest road)
Detailed information can be obtained from the administrative specification in the tender document in EKAP.
c) Place of manufacture/delivery : Akdoğan Forest Management Directorate affiliated with Geyve Forest Management Directorate with code number 105 Taş D.-Kozan (3,805 km), code number 120 Kapıkaya D.- Dereiçi (2,675 km) , code number 121 Kapıkaya D.- Derin D. (1,625 km)
d) Duration/delivery date : It is 90 (ninety) calendar days from the place of delivery.
d) Start date of work : Within 3 days from the date of signing the contract
Work will begin after delivery of the site.


a) Date and Time of Tender (Tender Deadline) : 09.05.2022 – 11:00
b) Place of meeting of the tender committee (the address where the e-bids will be opened) : Geyve Forest Development Department Administrative Building Deputy Director Chamber

4. The criteria for participation in the call for tenders, the documents required and the criteria to be applied in the evaluation of qualifications:
4.1. In order for bidders to participate in the tender, they must declare the documents listed below, the qualification criteria and the information on the non-tariff elements falling within the scope of their electronic offers.
4.1.2. Information showing that you are authorized to bid Legal entities; According to those responsible for managing the bidders, the information concerning the partners and their ratios (excluding shares offered to the public)/members/founders are obtained from EKAP by the administration.
4.1.3. Letter of offer, the form and content of which are determined in the Administrative Specifications.
4.1.4. Bid bond, the form and content of which are determined in the Administrative Specifications.
4.1.5 Sub-contractors may be employed in the work being tendered with the approval of the administration. However, not all work can be outsourced.
4.1.6 If the document presented by the legal person to prove professional experience belongs to the partner holding more than half of the legal person, the clerks of the commercial register at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ chamber of commerce or by the accountant or certified accountant from the date of the first announcement A document which shows that this condition has been maintained without interruption for one year, counting down from the date of issue.
4.2. Documents relating to economic and financial adequacy and criteria that these documents must meet:
By the administration for unspecified economic and financial qualification criteria.

4.3. Documents relating to professional and technical competence and the criteria that these documents must meet:
4.3.1. Work experience documents:
Documents proving work experience in the subject of the tender or similar work, not less than 50% of the price offered and carried out under a contract with a price during the last fifteen years.

4.4. Works to be considered as similar works in this invitation to tender and engineering and architectural services to be considered as equivalent to similar works:
4.4.1. Works to be considered as similar works in this invitation to tender:
A Group V. Group work, which is one of the similar work groups in the Communiqué on similar work groups in construction work, will be considered as similar work.
4.4.2. Engineering or architecture departments to be considered equivalent to similar work:
Civil engineer, forestry engineer

5. The most economically advantageous tender will be determined on the basis of price only.

6. Only national bidders can participate in the call for tenders.

7. The tender dossier can be consulted free of charge on EKAP. However, those who will bid for the tender are required to upload the tender document via EKAP using electronic signature.

8. Once the tenders have been electronically prepared via EKAP, they will be signed with an electronic signature and sent via EKAP with the electronic key linked to the tender until the date and time of the tender.

9. Bidders shall submit their bids in the form of a unit price offered on the total price found by multiplying the amount of each work item and the unit prices offered for those work items. Following the call for tenders, a unit price contract will be signed with the tenderer.

10. In this invitation to tender, an offer will be made for all the work.

11. Bidders will provide a bid bond in an amount to be determined by themselves, not less than 3% of the price they have offered.

12. There will be no electronic discount in this offer.

13. The period of validity of the tenders submitted is 90 (ninety) calendar days from the date of the invitation to tender.

14. Tenders cannot be submitted as a consortium.

15. Other Considerations:
Limit value coefficient to be applied in the tender (N): 1.20
Bids from bidders who submit bids below the limit value will be rejected without any explanation.

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