A member of the scientific committee gave a date: All restrictions will end…

teacher. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit said the mask application restrictions in health facilities and public transport will be lifted within a week, up to 10 days.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health on Coronavirus, Başakşehir Çam and Chief Physician of Sakura City Hospital, Prof. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit made statements.

Affirming that they are a country showing the world how to optimally handle such an outbreak in times of Covid-19, Prof. Dr. Yiyit said that they are also starting to eat the fruits of it.

Finding that the latest variant of the virus, Omicron, was spreading rapidly, but not causing serious illnesses like the older variants, everything was updated as soon as the fact emerged. Dr. Yiit said:

*Our numbers are coming down as fast as we can and it was a good win for us. The speed with which our cases were referred to the hospital encouraged us.

*Meetings held now in its current form, we have seen that Omicron is not a burden on the healthcare system and the trend of declining numbers will decrease.

*Our last meeting of the Scientific Committee was held at Kulliye under the chairmanship of our President, and it was decided not to hold any more meetings unless necessary.

*We have decided to get rid of all these restrictions and all the problems that Covid-19 has brought us.

* There is only talk that the use of masks on public transport and especially in healthcare settings will continue for some time, and this will be phased out when the daily figure drops below one thousand.

*I think the last remaining restrictions will be lifted for a week, 10 days, probably in the near future.

*In its current state, even though the virus has spread very quickly, the general approach has turned into an upper respiratory tract infection, that is, it has caused us to act very comfortably, because we didn’t see much lung damage.

* We have decided to proceed in the same way as we take precautions in a normal flu. We choose a roadmap where individual protection measures take precedence during the flu season.

* The sick person protects himself. Patients at risk over the age of 65 pay more attention and get vaccinated. After this time is a time when those who are ill and at high risk of illness will take precautions.

*We do not mean any restrictions or prohibitions in a social sense. If this virus continues as it is, it’s time to say goodbye.

* It’s time to stay and let go of the 2-year distress and stress we’ve been through as a 2-year event with a history in the past.

*This party has given us back the right to celebrate the party where we can live like a holiday after all this time, where the masks and the distance are taken away from us, where it is possible to shake hands and kiss each other in peace, and where the hands of our elders can be kissed.

* Hopefully we don’t think we will see a serious issue in the future. The numbers go in a way that shows us to comfortably think that way.

*We will review the situation in the fall. We have no worries or bad expectations at this time.


Emphasizing that it is a country that shows the world how to best manage such an epidemic in times of Covid-19, Prof. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit said:

* In the Covid-19 process, scientific committees were created, guides and measures were created before the epidemic entered our country. We expanded our hospitals keeping our medicines ready.

*We have succeeded in becoming one of the 9 countries in the world capable of producing vaccines. We have seen that we are a country that can react quickly by doing everything that can be done in the field of health.

* During the Covid-19 period, we have become a country that has shown the world how to handle such an epidemic in the most ideal way. We are eating the fruits of it right now.

*Currently, there is an explosion of health tourism against our country. Patients from all over the world flock to our country.

* This is an indication that our healthcare system passed a very serious test during the pandemic period and passed it with full marks.

* Our doctors and nurses are in demand in every country in the world. Under normal circumstances, many countries are unwilling to bring health personnel trained in other countries to their own country.

* All doctors and nurses in Turkey are in incredible demand all over the world. In fact, the results show the most ideal of this working during the covid-19 process.

* In the past, people competed to be referred abroad for advanced treatment, now people from abroad have entered the race to be transferred to Turkey.

* There was a queue for our citizens to come to their own country from other countries by air ambulances. These are actually the results of our success in this process.

teacher. Dr. Adding that there is no risk of a new variant or new virus entering the country, Yiyit said:

* Even if something like this happens, we have seen together how prepared we are. Our health infrastructure is very strong and continues to strengthen.

* New hospitals continue to open and new healthcare professionals continue to join the healthcare army. Now we are a country that has succeeded in producing vaccines.

* We will never have such a preparation process in the next process, because now we have passed this stage.


*We have already established and implemented public health practices such as vaccination systems such as parentage. If there is a new danger, it can clearly say that we will be the country best prepared for this danger.

*There is no cause for concern at this time. It’s time to meet, kiss and hold hands without a mask and without distance. Knowing the value and value of this, first of all, everyone should be their own doctor and nurse in terms of health.

* We must protect ourselves against diseases. There is no apparent danger to our country. (UAV)

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