Meltem Cumble’s sharing caused confusion on social media

Meltem Cambul, who is a Fenerbahçe supporter, said: “I congratulate Fenerbahçe, the 2021-22 champions.” the sharing sparked controversy.

Meltem Cumble’s part drew thousands of interactions and drew reaction from Trabzonspor fans.

Fenerbahçe banner reaction to Trabzonspor

Fenerbahce club vice-president Erol Bilecik said: “I sincerely condemn the poster of a sports club showing that he is the champion of the 2010-11 season and that he is unfortunately suspended at the end of the season. from the barrel of a gun.”

Fenerbahçe club vice-president Erol Bilecik has made a statement to Fenerbahçe TV regarding the open banner during the Trabzonspor-Fraport Tav Antalyaspor game. Condemning the action of the banner, Bilecik also called on the prosecutors of the Republic of Turkey.

Erol Bilecik’s statements are as follows: “We are living an evening that we regret. that putting such a structure on our side cannot be as painful as all the people of the Republic of Turkey are watching. All Turkey watched, everyone He followed this image. By rejecting the July 3 process, namely the conspiracy trial, an image has been laid before us, in which rights, law and justice are almost ignored, as if the terrorist organization FETO is seen as legitimate, as if it would be considered normal. It is impossible that people do not understand it like that. True champion of the season. If you attribute it to yourself, if you say that it is not possible for Fenerbahce, you are really speaking with the mouth of FETO, you are legitimizing the terrorist organization FETO. This is truly one of the greatest crimes that can be committed against the Republic of Turkey. When you look at it as a whole, it means you are committing one of the greatest betrayals of Turkish sports justice. The season we are currently living in is 2021-22. We live in a season whose registration is discussed by many institutions and many predictions. As you play your ball this season, when the exact answer to whether or not it should be registered or not is not found, with the 2010-11 season… If you raise this question in any way which makes no sense, is not based on any law, and in a way that puts all the organs of justice in difficulty, then you are doing nothing but making an effort to legitimize FETO. As a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, I am very sorry for this. As a Fenerbahçe fan, this is my biggest problem. Let everyone mind their own business. For us, the year 2010-11 is our greatest right, granted to us to the end by all organs of justice in all respects. Finally, our forehead. The greatest crime today is a crime where sweat can be stolen. When we look at the sum of these, we live a really interesting evening. We live an evening that I condemn with regret. A sports club hanging such a banner during a game, putting such a banner on the end of the barrel and putting Turkey’s biggest sports community like Fenerbahçe on the end of the barrel… This cannot happen. I really have a hard time describing it. In this regard, I challenge consciences, I challenge justice. Individuals and institutions in the Fenerbahce community reach us with their signals via emails, WhatsApp messages and all their cries on this issue. We go through a process in one evening where we really have a hard time retaining them. But our whole process is ultimately the process that rights, law and justice illuminate and show. Today, I ask all of our supporters and our community to remain calm. We will be the defenders of our rights, our law and our justice, until the end. In other words, those who insult us and ignore our championship… One of the most important problems is to make all these statements which I consider a great crime in the history of law and justice of the Republic of Turkey, and which may provoke the public. I see this tonight. In tonight’s banner action, I call on the Turkish Football Federation, especially the serving prosecutors, all mechanisms of the judiciary to do their duty in all structures so far. As we said in the social media reactions we showed some time ago as our club, all should be seen by all relevant institutions. Everyone must mind their own business. One of the greatest harms that can be done to the Republic of Turkey today is to denounce the things prescribed by law that have been deserved in retrospect. This is ignoring the Fenerbahçe championship in the 2010-11 season. The ears do not hear. These must now be dropped. There must be communities that do not aggravate the ills of this beautiful country… Today, we must get rid of this phenomenon which is becoming schizophrenic. We constantly hear them from our social media accounts from time to time, we also use all legal methods, but now the days when a structure that transgresses and transgresses so much, will count in cm cm in front of all legal channels will come to life as soon as tomorrow. I also invite the duty prosecutors to their duty.

Tomorrow is the last day of our holy month of Ramadan. Monday is the first day of the blessed feast of Ramadan. But the law does not wait even half an hour. It is a structure that should not wait even a few seconds for the law to come to life in this sense. I believe that all prosecutors serving in the judiciary today will implement our requests tomorrow. In this regard, we, as Fenerbahçe Sports Club and as our associations, will apply the law to bring our petitions to life from tomorrow, like all our fans who will bring their unease in this regard to life. As a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, I reject the structure of Fenerbahçe, which places him at the end of the barrel, not as the vice-president of Fenerbahçe Sports Club. I see such a thing as an act that cannot be combined with sensible behavior that wastes reason and logic. I have no doubt that our justice and our legal system will really know how to make the right decision on this issue and implement it quickly. I am on. In this sense, our entire community of Fenerbahçe, associations and members of congress should be calm… In the end, I think that Fenerbahçe Sports Club should take a step in all the legal ways it will indicate, to both personally and as associations, in that sense. Justice always brings its necessary manifestation to life. It never fails in this sense. In this regard, the eyes of the most important element representing justice are closed. In other words, everyone is equally distant, equally close. Therefore, I believe that this event will come to life very quickly. Long live Fenerbahce. I wish the Ramadan holiday will be a blessing again. I wish the Turkish community, especially the Fenerbahce community, especially the Islamic community and the Turkish community good luck in peace, health and peace.”

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