Osman Kavala, visited by CHP’s Tanal in prison: I was convicted for a baseless allegation

Istanbul CHP MP Mahmut Tanal Sentenced to Jail in Gezi Trial Osman Kavalavisited Tayfun Kahraman, Can Atalay and Hakan Altınay at Silivri Prison, where they are being held today. Tanal, who made a statement about the meeting outside of prison; Kavala said Kahraman, Atalay and Altınay congratulated everyone on Eid al-Fitr. Tanal also conveyed the messages of Kavala, Tayfun Kahraman, Can Atalay and Hakan Altınay, whom he met at Silivri prison.

CHP’s Tanal conveyed the words of Osman Kavala as follows:

“On November 1, 2017, I was arrested on two separate counts of financing the Gezi events and participating in the July 15 coup attempt. The indictment regarding the coup attempt July 15 State Report was not prepared in 2 years when it should have been published in 2 years. Meanwhile, the 30th High Criminal Court of Istanbul was against me because of Gezi. They acquitted me and released me on July 15. This time they arrested me for espionage.This time they grabbed the espionage rope just to keep me in.

The 30th High Criminal Court in Istanbul takes into account the principle that “the fruit of a poisonous tree is also poisonous” when acquitting everyone involved in the Gezi case. In other words, conclusions obtained by illegal methods cannot be accepted as evidence. After this decision, the Court of Appeal issued a decision of annulment. The case returned to the 30th High Criminal Court in Istanbul. The Çarşı case, on the other hand, was pending before the 13th High Criminal Court in Istanbul. After the correspondence between the two courts, the Gezi and Çarşı files were merged. In fact, the place where our case should have been heard was the 30th High Criminal Court in Istanbul. This court took the evidence. Subsequently, the two cases were merged and separated again. The 13th High Criminal Court of Istanbul transferred the Çarşı case, which should have been handled, to another place. He got up and acted like he was handling the Gezi case himself. When he should have sent the Gezi file to the 30th High Criminal Court in Istanbul, he examined it himself.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that there was no reasonable suspicion or sufficient evidence to justify the detention of Osman Kavala. The 13th High Criminal Court of Istanbul, on the other hand, sentenced me to aggravated life imprisonment on the basis of the same evidence, without adding new evidence to the file, despite the decision of the HR Court of violation of rights for insufficiency suspicions and evidence. The 30th High Criminal Court in Istanbul had already delivered a verdict of acquittal. The ECHR said: “Your evidence does not require an arrest. There is no reasonable doubt,” he says, but the 13th High Criminal Court in Istanbul convicted me based on the same evidence.

Ableuse judgment here. I was fined for a baseless allegation. This punishment is contrary to reason and logic! The government makes whatever decision it wants through the court with whatever allegations it makes and uses it in future elections, victimizing us, victimizing society and discrediting the judiciary. How does a person who has been a judge for 2 years and is a candidate for parliament from the AK party become a member of the heavy criminal court and gamble with the future and people’s lives in heavy sentences, and give a life sentence?

Mahmut Tanal, Deputy CHP Istanbul

Tanal quoted Tayfun Kahraman, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison in the Gezi trial, as follows:

“I had an investigation into Gezi’s charges before and a decision not to prosecute was issued. The decision not to prosecute has been finalized. Now I am being punished. There have been two meetings with the wing government about Gezi Park at that time. We first met with Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç on June 6, 2013. Our meeting with Arınç was very healthy and positive. We also met with the Prime Minister of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on June 13, 2013 The meeting with Erdoğan was very difficult forwarded the demands, Erdoğan got very angry The unjust and illegal police attack on us in Gezi He there was a public conscience because of this When we were beaten by the police, the conscience of the society intervened, the society was disturbed All parts of the society came to support us, all those who had objections are came to solidarity.

At that time, I was the spokesperson for Taksim Solidarity. At the same time, I was chairman of the board of directors of the Istanbul branch of the chamber of urban planners of TMMOB. We have in fact acted as an interpreter and mediator between the people and the government by conveying the objections of society to the government. While transmitting them to the government, we have always preserved our official style and language. I used the expression “Mr. Prime Minister” after meeting Erdoğan on June 13, 2013. Because there is an elected government. We have to respect that. We showed respect. Those who want to try to overthrow the government do not use the expression “Mr. Prime Minister”. Moreover, the statements we made after this meeting are obvious. We have had no calls or rhetoric to provoke society and call on the government to resign.

We are the real victims. We were both beaten by the police and accused of trying to overthrow the government. There is no such case in world literature! I am academic. At the same time, I am the head of the Chamber of Town Planners TMMOB. Until today, we have always defended the laws of the cities against those who committed urban crimes. No evidence was filed. No witnesses were heard. They didn’t show us what they call the bands and tapes. They said tapes, but there must be sound recordings. Voice recordings should match conversations. Those who designed the tapes are imprisoned by FETO. The words of Meral Akşener, president of the IYI party, “Down with tyranny, long live freedom” are very precious. I would like to express my thanks and greetings to Mr. Akşener for these words.”

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