(SUMMARY) Result of the match Göztepe-Rizespor: 1-7 – Süper Lig

In the closing game of the 35th week of the Spor Toto Super League, Göztepe, who were certain to be relegated to TFF 1st League, and Çaykur Rizespor, whose chances of staying in the cluster depend on miracles, shared their trump card . In the 7th minute of this very critical match for Rizespor to continue their hopes, the Izmir team took the lead 1-0 thanks to a goal from the foot of Makana Rudi Baka.

Starting the game like a nightmare, the Black Sea side overcame the shock with an own goal from 16-year-old Kahraman Demirtaş. 3 minutes later, at 19, Papiss Cissé took the stage and gave Rizespor a 2-1 lead. At 34, Gedson Fernandes determined the outcome of the first half with a brilliant goal: 1-3.

The Hawks started the second half quickly. At 53, Gedson Fernandes again eliminated goalkeeper Piric, bringing the score to 4-1. Yusuf Sarı scored the 5th goal in ’68 and Joel Pohlanpalo scored the 6th goal in ’78. The striker’s goal was scored by Ronaldo Mendes in 88: 1-7.

Rize, who would be relegated if their Izmir defeat returned, moved up to 33 points with the result and chased his hopes. Göztepe, on the other hand, suffered a heavy defeat at home in front of their fans in the prestige game and remained on 28 points.


a‘ Volkan Bayarslan, the referee of the fight, gave the first whistle, the match started.


7‘ As Halil entered the penalty area from the left wing, he saw Baku on the back post, Baku hit, Gökhan took out the bouncing ball and Baku completed it again: 1-0.


13‘ Bolasie played deep on Cisse, who was hooked behind the defence, Cisse sent the ball auta from the top in the position where he faced the goalkeeper.


16‘ Yusuf Sarı landed on the line with dribbles from the right, then the ball he turned inside hit Kahraman Demirtaş and entered the net: 1-1.


20‘ Yusuf stayed on the ground while trying to get rid of his opponent on the right wing, Cisse picked up the bouncing ball, Cisse who stole his opponent and entered the penalty area, hit the right corner of the ground and shook the nets: The score is now 2-1!


34‘ Yusuf Sarı saw Gedson Fernandes, who took the ball from midfield and put it on the left wing. As the Portuguese star dribbled past, he struck before leaving the penalty area and managed to catch Piric. Rize made it 3-1 with a superb goal.

45‘ +2 is added at the end of the first half.

The first half of the match is over.

46‘ The second half has started.


53‘ Gökhan Gönül crossed in the front of the right, Cissé sent a pass with his head, Gedson again managed to beat Piric at close range from the right diagonal: 4-1.


68‘ Yusuf Sarı came from the right wing with some dribbling, hitting the ground elegantly and increasing the difference to 5. The assist for the goal came from Gedson Fernandes, who was the star of the day with 2 goals.

73‘ In Rizespor’s attack, Tyler Boyd tried his luck at the far-right post, but the ball was narrowly out.

76‘ This time in Göztepe, Moubandje thought of the far post on the left wing, but couldn’t find the frame.


78‘ Boyd met the ball on the left wing, saw Pohjanpalo in the penalty area. After putting Mihojevic behind him, the Finnish player hit the right corner of the floor and scored the goal that made the lead 6:1-6.


85‘ Ege Özkyimoğlu scored a classy goal from the far post over the penalty area line in Göztepe, but before that the offside flag was in the air.


88‘ Ronaldo Mendes cut from the right wing, the defense moved away, the ball was still in front of Mendes because of Furkan de Göztepe’s foul, Mendes touched the line and scored 7-1.

90‘ +2 is added at the end of the challenge.

The game is over.

STAT: Gursel Aksel

REFEREES: Volkan Bayarslan (xx), Esat Sancaktar (xx), Ali Tuna (xx)

GOZTEPE: Piric (x) – Murat (x), Atakan (xx), Kahraman (x), Moubandje (xx), Tijanic (x) (Min 85 Furkan), Yalçın (x), Halil (x) (Min 67) Aegean x), Baku (xx) (Min. 67 Efe Can x), Lourency (x) (Min. 46 Mihojevic x), Jahovic (x) (Min. 46 Di Santo x)

CAYKUR RİZESPOR: Gökhan Akkan (xxx) – Gökhan Gönül (xxx), Ponck (xx), Emirhan (xxx), Eren (xx), Phiri (xx), Gedson Fernandes (xxxx) (Min. 71 Mendes xx), Yusuf (xxx) (Min. 81 Deniz), Sabo (xx) (Min. 81 Kubilay), Bolasie (xx) (Min. 63 Boyd x), Cissé (xxx) (Min. 71 Pohjanpalo xx)

GOALS: Min. 7 Baku (Göztepe), min. 16 Heroes (KK), Min. 19 Cisse, Min. 34 and min. 53 Gedson Fernandes, min. 68 Yusuf, min. 78 Pohjanpalo, min. 89 Mendes (Caykur Rizespor)

YELLOW CARD: Lourency (Göztepe)

Göztepe-Rizespor 11s:

Goztepe: Piric, Murat, Atakan, Kahraman, Moubandje, Yalçın, Tijanic, Baku, Halil, Jahovic, Lourency

Rizespor: Gökhan Akkan, Gökhan Gönül, Ponck, Emir Han, Eren, Phiri, Gedson, Sabo, Yusuf Sarı, Cissé, Bolasie

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