The case of “pardon” against the son of the martyr imam is closed

Bekir Tüylü, 48, who worked as an imam at the Sümer Mosque on Diyarbakır İstasyon Street, died on October 12, 1995 as a result of the stabbing of 3 people as he left the noon prayer.

Yaşar Tüylü, who was appointed as a civil servant after his father Bekir Tüylü, who was an imam in Diyarbakır, was killed on the grounds that he had been killed in 1995 following the Hezbollah attack, was appointed as a civil servant. for 5 years was claimed. Taking the matter to court, Tüylü was reinstated in the civil service.

According to information compiled by the AA correspondent from the file, Bekir Tüylü, 48, who worked as an imam at the Sümer Mosque in Diyarbakır İstasyon Caddesi, died as a result of the stabbing of 3 people on October 12, 1995, while leaving the midday prayer.

After the attack was determined to have been carried out by Hezbollah, Imam Bekir Tüylü was deemed a “martyr” and legal action was taken against 3 people who were allegedly the perpetrators of the attack. incident.

Yaşar Tüylü, Tüylü’s son, who worked as a driver in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, had the right to become a civil servant under the relevant law because his father was martyred.

Yaşar Tüylü resigned from his position and started working as a civil servant in the Aksaray branch of the General Directorate of National Lottery Administration on January 11, 2016.

Following the acquittal of the three defendants in the Imam Bekir Tüylü death case, Yaşar Tüylü was removed from his post on the grounds that he had been mistakenly appointed to the civil service after working overtime for 3.5 years.

“By mistake, he was appointed as a civil servant”

Thereupon, the National Lottery Administration filed a lawsuit against Tüylü for full reimbursement of the wages he received.

In the petition submitted to Ankara Civil Court of First Instance in service and sent to Istanbul by the General Directorate of National Lottery Administration, it was explained that Yaşar Tüylü had been appointed as a civil servant according to the applicable law as a result of an error when registering in the information system of Martyr Gazi.

In the petition, it was stated during the examination carried out by the presidency of the social security institution that the request for incapacity for work of Father Bekir Tüylü was rejected on June 10, 2016 and that the proposal to appoint the son Yaşar Tüylü was canceled by the State Personnel Presidency.

Due to the fact that the appointment was made “by mistake without fulfilling the necessary conditions”, the petition noted that a total salary of 143,922 lira and 65 kurus was paid from the time his son Tüylü started the January 11, 2016, until July 25, 2019, when he was dismissed from his public service. It was reported that Tüylü had not paid.

“After 4 years, we were like, ‘Sorry, we made you an officer by mistake'”

Thereupon, Tüylü, who was prosecuted, submitted a motion in response to the court through his lawyer Emrullah Gözcü.

In the motion to dismiss the lawsuit, it was stated that Tüylü’s dismissal from public service was against the law, and he was unlawfully dismissed after saying, “Excuse me, we made you an officer by mistake.” 4 years after starting work. The sum was claimed from him. expressions were used.

In the petition, which states that Tüylü quit his job because of his right to be a civil servant, he also lost his job. Trying to recover wages is not unthinkable and this attempt goes against the prohibition of corvée in the Constitution. the client works for 4 years for free? This situation of the client will be the subject of comic films. The events he experienced are also consistent with his name: “Yaşar, neither lives nor lives”. opinions are divided.

The administrative court found Yaşar Tüylü right

While the case was pending before the Civil Court of First Instance, Tüylü applied to the Istanbul 8th Administrative Court and demanded that the transaction be canceled and that the pecuniary rights he was deprived of be paid to him with legal interest. .

In its decision, the 8th Administrative Court of Istanbul concluded that Tüylü was right and noted that Imam Bekir Tüylü had been killed in 1995 and was considered a martyr, and that the plaintiff’s son Yaşar Tüylü was also entitled to public service in 2016.

In the decision regarding the death of Baba Tüylü, the defendants were acquitted due to lack of evidence after being tried by the Diyarbakir State Security Court at the time. It was recalled that for this reason, the Presidency of the State Personnel indicated that he had been removed from his post as he had no rights.

“He was attacked with lines by members of Hezbollah before being killed”

The decision stated that the terrorist organization Hezbollah had targeted numerous imams of mosques in the region on the date of the incident and that his father Tüylü had been attacked with lines by members of the same organization in 1994. before being killed.

Considering the method used in the death with said attack, the hostility of the organization against the deceased, the statement given by a member of the organization in another file, and the determinations in the research report, it has been pointed out in the decision that Father Tüylü died as a result of being exposed to attack from the organization due to his duty. said it should be implemented.

By decision of the administrative court, Yaşar Tüylü resumed his civil service in another state institution, but the lawsuits for the reimbursement of the salaries he received and for his father to be considered a martyr continue.

“We will also win this case”

Speaking to AA correspondent, Yaşar Tüylü’s lawyer, Emrullah Gözcü, said that when he first heard about the incident, he could not believe it and was very upset as a citizen. .

Explaining that his client’s father was martyred and after that “you have the right to be a civil servant”, he quit his job and became a civil servant, and said:

“I said to the client 4 years later: ‘Sorry, those who killed your father were acquitted for lack of evidence, he left your public office.’ they said, then they wanted the salary he had earned by the sweat of his brow to be reimbursed to him with interest. How can the son of a martyr be a victim in this way, one cannot understand We won the lawsuit we filed against this injustice, so much the father was considered a martyr and we regained his public office. The lawsuit continues. I hope we will win it soon. Mr. Yaşar is currently continuing to work as a civil servant AA .

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