The film “Representative of Erzurum” will meet moviegoers on May 6

Actor Burak Bozdag:- “We consider this film as a series. There are stories that are not scripted. We want to make 3-4 films every year on the condition that we make a film”- Actor Ayhan Taş:- “The stories told by Burak have been watched by millions on social media. He made a feature film by turning it into a structure. It’s a proud thing that we all contributed to this.

ISTANBUL (AA) – FATİH TÜRKYILMAZ – SALİH ŞEREF – Aiming to attract comedy lovers to cinemas, the film “Representative of Erzurum” will be released on May 6.

The film was directed by Servet Aksoy and produced by Halil Karapınar, which tells the story of Burak Bozdağ, a pharmaceutical representative from Erzurum, who recounts the events that happened to him with his unique style.

Bozdağ, Ayhan Taş, Rüya Coriç and Fatih Doğan, who also play the main roles, assessed the film’s story, filming process and expectations to the FAA correspondent.

Stating that they adapted the stories he told in the script and thus the film “Mr. Erzurumlu Mümessil” was born, Bozdağ said that he played with the dialect of the Erzurum region in the film.

Emphasizing that it was the first movie entirely shot in Erzurum, Bozdağ said, “It was also the first comedy movie to be shot in the region. Ayhan Taş played my manager in the movie. I was really a representative pharmaceutical . I had not received such pressure from my regional managers at the time.” he said.

Expressing that the movie industry has gone through a tough time during the outbreak, Bozdağ said:

“Like all sectors, the cinema industry has had very bad days. It is said to have improved a little, but we could not completely return to the pre-epidemic period. Our cinema operators have some difficulties and they are still not at full capacity. Even if the big projects are raising Turkish cinema a bit, the number of screens is still low. I hope for a moment. “We think of this film as a series. There are stories we tell that are not scripted. We are also working on them. We want to make 3-4 films every year, provided we make a film.”

– “We shared a dream of Burak together”

Actor Ayhan Taş, pointing out that Bozdağ is playing the manager of the company, said, “I’m actually trying to put Burak’s foot in the company. It was a very sweet movie that we enjoyed. Rüya Coric also plays my assistant.” mentioned.

Taş, who said he was playing someone who came from abroad because he knew it was difficult to speak with the Erzurum dialect, gave the following information:

“If everyone spoke with Erzurum, the public would not understand anything. The stories told by Burak have been watched by millions of people on social networks. He has made a dramatic structure of them and made a feature film. C It’s a pride that we all contributed to this.” We shared a dream of Burak together. Support as much as we could. “We tried to be the best. We were given a script and we brought it to life with pleasure. I’m happy to have met Burak on this occasion. We have put something else there.”

– “I saw Erzurum for the first time and it was a great pleasure”

Actress Rüya Coriç said an entertaining movie awaits moviegoers, adding, “The movie is flowing in such a flow that we’re constantly in a plot and embracing all the characters. We really had a lot of fun. an unknown event happens every time and it feels like you’ve written something extra while acting in a scene.” It was very enjoyable for me. I saw Erzurum for the first time and it was a great pleasure.” gave his appreciation.

Emphasizing that he trusts the film and the character he plays, Coric said there were some great scenes in the film and he wanted to star in the sequels.

Actor Fatih Doğan, meanwhile, said he brought to life the character of “Representative Orhan”, who tried to mislead Mümessil Burak.

Stating that he loved this comedy based on true stories when he first read the script, Doğan said, “I watched the stories told by Burak and laughed a lot. Another image will emerge when I read them. I will relate with the art of cinema. If it continues, we will play it with pleasure.” used expressions.

Burcu Binici, Dila Danışman, Selahattin Taşdöğen, Recep Cinisli, Hacı Ali Konuk, Metin Yıldız, Ferdi Kurtuldu, Orçun Kaptan, Volkan Başaran, Kahraman Sivri, Ömer Duran and Reyhan İlhan also starred in the film.

The production, which is the first comedy film shot in Erzurum, also aims to contribute to the promotion of Erzurum.

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