We started the era of e-commerce in exports to China

Abdulkadir Emin Önen, Turkish Ambassador to Beijing, He made an assessment to AA on the occasion of opening a Turkish e-commerce store in China in cooperation with PTT subsidiary PTTeM (PTT e-Store) and Chinese e-commerce company JD (Jing Dong ).

Stating that China’s $2.1 trillion e-commerce market accounts for about 55% of global e-commerce volume, Önen stressed the importance for Turkish companies to be here with their products: “We have started the period of e-commerce in exports to China.” mentioned.

Noting that in 2021, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and China, significant progress has been seen in trade between the two countries despite the epidemic, Önen said, “China has become our country’s largest trading partner in Asia and in bilateral trade, our volume reached a record $36 billion in 2021. Our exports to China, on the other hand, reached $3.7 billion with an increase by 28% compared to 2020. China’s direct investments in Turkey are at the level of 5 billion dollars by 2021. 70% of this We see that it has been made in the last 4 years. used expressions.

Pointing out that there is an imbalance in trade between Turkey and China vis-à-vis Turkey, Önen pointed out that they aim to make bilateral trade more sustainable and balanced by including high value-added products in exports. Önen also added that they aim to encourage and increase direct investment in Turkey.

Önen said that they have worked to increase and diversify exports, for this they first focused on the export of agricultural and food products, and they obtained the permits which paved the way for Turkish exporters in many many products ranging from cherries to peanuts, from aquaculture to milk and dairy products and poultry, and thus, exports in the above-mentioned item amounted to 360 million. He stated that he reached a volume of $.

Recalling that China’s imports amounted to 2.7 trillion dollars in 2021 and that it bought a large amount of goods from around the world, Önen said: “We are going through a period when Turkey has broken records of ‘exports. But when we look at our exports to China, we see that we are in tenths of their imports. It’s China. “There is great potential between the two countries, but we are still well below this potential.” made his assessment.

“There is significant potential in the field of e-commerce”

Önen said that understanding the conditions of the times requires seeing the opportunities brought by time and acting in this direction, the most important of which is e-commerce. “There is significant potential in the area of ​​e-commerce between Turkey and China.” he said.

Pointing out that there are approximately 970 million internet users in China, Önen shared the information that the country is the world’s largest market in this field with its e-commerce volume of $2.1 trillion and that it constitutes about 55% of global e-commerce. volume.

Önen pointed out that social media users in China account for about 75 percent of the total Internet users, about 730 million people use social media on the Internet and shape their e-commerce preferences through social media.

Opening of a store in Turkey on JD.com

Recalling that e-commerce accounts for about 44% of all retail sales in China, Önen said, “We have attached great importance to this issue from the very beginning. We have been working for a long time to take advantage of the opportunity For this, PTTeM, a subsidiary of PTT in Turkey. (PTT e-Shop) and Chinese e-commerce platform JD (Jing Dong) came together under the coordination of our Ministry of Commerce. used expressions.

Announcing the opening of a Turkish online store on JD.com, one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms, Önen said, “We have started delivering Turkish brands and products to Chinese users in this boutique, which became operational on April 26. We started with 8 brands so far, but it’s fast. “We think it’s going to grow in a way that’s going to grow. It won’t just be with 8 companies, but more companies and more brands will be on this platform. I think opening up this market will have an effect very positive on e-commerce for our exporters. We will pave the way for those who come from behind. he said.

“We kill the tea bird with the tea stone”

Emphasizing that being on a platform like JD.com does not only mean selling products, but also promoting Turkey in this way, Önen said:

“Another advantage will be the opportunity to benefit from JD’s network in areas such as logistics, distribution, storage, which can be both time-consuming and very large investments. It takes a long time to make investments Equally important, one must be familiar with the conditions of the country, especially in pandemic conditions. “We are in a time when it is very difficult to travel and movement is very restricted. It is possible to conduct cross-border e-commerce without making these investments. So to speak, we kill the tea bird with the tea stone. We use the proper and appropriate tool for this purpose.

Pointing out that JD.com, China’s second-largest e-commerce platform, is also the platform that attracts China’s highest income group, Önen pointed out that the amount of purchases made in 2020 on the platform, which has around 350 million active users, topped $450 billion. conveyed the information.

Pointing out that more than 2,500 companies from over 100 countries sell more than 20,000 products on JD.com, Önen said, “(In China’s e-commerce market) We have to think not in the short term, but in the medium and long term. Turkish companies are here with their quality products. “It will be the most important promotion at the beginning. We have started the period of e-commerce in exporting to China.” made his assessment.

Recalling that a department has been established within the Ministry of Commerce to solely deal with e-commerce, Önen noted that the relevant units of the ministry and the embassy will give their best support to exporters.

“Not ‘harder’ or ‘easier’, but ‘different'”

Stressing that physical distancing is not a problem under current conditions, he does not want to use the word “distant” for Turkey, but observes that there is still mental distancing, Önen said:

“You shouldn’t say ‘harder’ or ‘easier’ to the Chinese market, you should say ‘different’. Our investors, traders and businessmen who come here should try to grasp this difference and not act short It’s both medium and long term. It’s also a place where you can be successful by focusing on future goals. You shouldn’t expect great success in the short term because the market is huge, there are too many competitors, it’s not just us, the whole world is here.”

Pointing out that China has become a society that not only produces but consumes more and more every day, Önen said: “When we look at the export and import values ​​of 2021, we are talking about a $6 trillion economy. dollars. the presence of Turkish entrepreneurs in this market will be an important gain for our country.” he said.

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