We will see a much more developed Turkey with the introduction of investments.

ISTANBUL (AA) – Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank said there is a mobilization movement across the country: “Investments continue at full speed, and with the introduction of these investments, we will see a much more prosperous, much more developed Turkey.” mentioned.

Participating in the holiday program organized by Bahçelievler Municipality, Varank said in his speech that they left behind a fruitful month of Ramadan and they were trying to do their prayers and prayers as much as they could.

Affirming that they came to the good news after the beautiful Ramadan, Varank noted that the human being, who is constantly facing hardships, has not even been able to visit his mother and father for 2 years, and that we better understand how important it is to be one and mutual visits.

Varank said: “Ramadan feast is good news and happiness”, and that they try to make visits during this period, as is the custom, that there is a price to live during the holidays with this security, and that the Turkish soldier continues Operation Claw-Lock in northern Iraq.

Stressing that Turkey has been fighting terrorism for 40 to 45 years, Varank said: “While we were trying to protect ourselves in an area that we had almost determined within our borders, our president has now moved on to a new concept. In the fight against terrorism, we will find terrorists wherever they are. No waiting inside the border, terrorists. If he is in the cave, we will go find him and destroy him. said.

Noting that the Turkish armed forces are currently fighting for this in northern Iraq, Varank said: “They check every stone to see if there are terrorists and they try to keep Turkey safe.” mentioned.

“We left no terrorists in Turkey”

Mustafa Varank said that Turkey suffered a lot because of the bombs that exploded in the cities and the martyrs given at the border posts, and continued his remarks as follows:

“Thanks to the determination of our president, we have left no more terrorists in Turkey. We drove terrorism out of our borders and now we are fighting terrorism out of our borders. Of course, we have friends here from other parties. Please excuse me, I didn’t want to talk about it on Eid day. With a news that came out the other day as we were eliminating terrorism from the cities. We were almost shocked. A supporter of terrorism , whose photos were taken with a Kalashnikov on the mountain in Qandil, was detained in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality While we are trying to eliminate terrorism from our cities, you see, terrorists have come back and are again manifested in your municipalities, as we well know.

When they said that, Varank said, “How should we identify supporters of terrorism as a municipality? He said, “Just as the IMM chairman identified AK party members and fired 13-14,000 of our brothers when he was first elected, just as he has the right to do , let him find a way to identify these terrorists. mentioned.

– “Investments continue at full speed throughout the country”

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has proposed a model based on investment, employment, production and exports to develop Turkey in real terms.

A few days ago, they said they were in Batman, and the industrialists said to him, “Mr. Minister, we have no place to invest. Please give us a seat. We want to expand our factories. Varank said he was worried that investors would not find people to work in Karaman, which he had visited recently.

Varank said: “There is a mobilization movement all over the country. Investments continue at full speed and with the introduction of these investments, we will see a much more prosperous and much more developed Turkey.” mentioned.

Stating that they do not ignore the problems in the economy, Varank said they are trying their best to solve the problems of the needy with the understanding of the social condition.

Pointing out that most of the problems come from abroad, that the cost of energy is increasing day by day and that there is high volatility in raw materials, Varank said: “But with God’s permission, we we will overcome them. We will see that this price volatility gradually stabilizes with the summer months, and it is much better, much better. Together we will achieve a more prosperous country. he said.

Asking those in the room to continue to trust each other and President Erdoğan, Varank said that only a captain like Erdoğan could steer this ship in such rough seas.

Varank added that as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, they are ready to do whatever it takes for the municipality of Bahçelievler, for the children, the elderly and all the inhabitants of this district.

– “We visited 20,000 households in Bahçelievler during Ramadan”

Bahcelievler Mayor Hakan Bahadır also said that they had been deprived of the beauty of the festivities for the past two years due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and said that they had missed celebrating and to celebrate the holiday together.

Providing information on Bahçelievler district, Bahadır said, “We as a municipality went to around 20,000 homes during Ramadan. We helped families in need as much as we could. something that hadn’t been done before. We sent our mayors and our managers and heads of households. After seeing the happiness in the eyes of families in need, they said, ‘I’m glad you’ve got us. sent’.” he said.

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