Footballer Veysel Sarı’s brother’s ‘evacuation’ violence to tenant: He was hospitalized when he refused

The incident happened in Tophane Hacımimi district around 6 p.m. the day before. According to the information received, Mehmet Sarı, the father of footballer Veysel Sarı, who played for Antalyaspor, one of the Super League teams, wanted to transform the 5-storey building he owned into an aparthotel.

Informing his tenants of this decision, Sarı asked them to vacate their apartments by the end of the year. While 4 tenants in the building accepted the offer, İlkem Onur Cengiz, who lives on the 5th floor, said he did not want to move. Saban Sarı, the owner’s youngest son, stepped in and told his tenant that if they moved, they would cover the expenses themselves. Cengiz said he would not give up on his decision and would vacate the apartment when the legal deadline expired. Cengiz claimed that he was attacked and beaten outside his apartment by Şaban Sarı and a friend, with whom he had been arguing for a while due to the disagreement over this issue.


Industrial engineer İlkem Onur Cengiz (33) said he had been renting the building for 5 years, “I live in the building I have been living in since 2018. A year ago I lived on a lower floor. As you know, rents in Beyoğlu have risen excessively over the past 6 months, and so the rent paid by former tenants like me has remained very low compared to the current schedule. A lot of landlords have started evicting their tenants for various reasons. Earlier this year my landlord also told me that when i wanted to talk about the rent again at the end of the year he wanted me to vacate this house at the end of the year i told him we could reevaluate the rent under the current market conditions i was aware of the increase in inflation, and that’s why he asked me to increase the rent. Although I said I would not object to it, he told me that this apartment belonged to him and that he wanted to turn it into a hotel residence and that he wanted to remove me from it. he said.

Cengiz said that after the conversation with the host, this time his younger son Şaban Sarı intervened.Şaban Bey started harassing me on the phone after I declined their offer. They said he was a child of Tophane, that they wouldn’t let them crash on his own property, that they would get him out of there somehow. I did not answer them in any way, I just said that I would leave within the legal period, whatever that was.” mentioned.

İlkem Onur Cengiz claimed that on the Sunday night the incident happened, he was sitting at home with a friend when he came out after hearing noises coming from the roof, as he saw Şaban Sarı and the one of his friends come down from the terrace, and that he was attacked after the argument that took place. Cengiz said:

I said, “Is there a problem, Mr. Saban?” He said he had come to visit the building. house and beat me outside the door. Thank god my friend was inside, my friend screamed. My mouth and nose exploded at that moment. I have five or six nose fractures. My right ear exploded. They left me, they went to the hospital after the incident and got an assault report. Then I filed a complaint. I was unable to file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office because of the vacation. I went to the prosecutor’s office in the morning, but the guard didn’t do anything. But I plan to go back there first after the holidays.


Şaban Sarı, who allegedly attacked his tenants, argued that he was the real attacker. Stating that he asked the court last Thursday to evict the tenant, Sarı claimed that İlkem Onur Cengiz rented the apartment to foreign tourists through an application on the Internet. Yellow, “I heard from the neighbors in the building that you rented the apartment to strangers. We talked on the phone; ‘Brother, French, Italians and foreigners come here and reside in their house. I don’t have a sublease with you. I only have a lease on you. If he rents the place and gives me three liras, he earns three hundred liras. Now I am a legal follower of this.ed.

Sarı said they went to the building on the day of the incident for control purposes. “It was spontaneous. He said, ‘I won’t see you here again.’ He attacked me, there was a quarrel there. he said.

Saying that he also received an assault report, Şaban Sarı expressed himself as follows:

“I also reported the necessary complaints to the police station. At the moment, we are complaining to each other. He is talking about the legal proceedings, about his eviction from the house. Of course, the lawyers know them better. We have already filed a complaint .trial about the deportation a day or two before this incident happened.This deportation process will continue.We have not done anything outside of this law.It also mentions the names of people in my own family. Family members have nothing to do with it It’s about me He became the complainant together He received an assault report I became the complainant I submitted my assault report assault. He came out, he laughed at himself, attacked himself. He’s playing the victim right now.”

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