Illegal sewage dumped in Bodrum waterways – Yetkin report

Black-colored sewage flowing into the sea via Gümüşlük stream in Bodrum revealed that vacuum trucks were leaving illegal sewage in the streams. The black colored water can be seen with the naked eye.

With a video on social media on May 2, many environmentally conscious people revolted. The black water flowed into the sea from a stream connecting the Gümüşlük coast of Bodrum, where solid waste could easily be seen. I have never seen the creek, which is on the road I walk every day, so dirty. I went there immediately and unfortunately I was horrified by the view where the stream meets the sea.

Gümüşlük is one of the most beautiful places in Bodrum district of Muğla. Bodrum is a beautiful district which is still called a village by the people of Gümüşlük, trying to preserve its pristineness despite the rapid increase in construction. You should definitely come to Gumusluk to watch the sunset. Although the seedy fishermen lined up along the coast are now very expensive, they are worth a visit. The Gümüşlük International Classical Music Festival, which hosts very important artists from Turkey and the world, has made the village a mark.

While there were people fishing or even swimming a little further, the dirty water on the surface of which solid dirt could be easily distinguished met the sea at this unique beach in Gümüşlük. The owners of the motel, which was gearing up for the season right next to the creek, were in revolt. They said they filed complaints in many places, but got no results.

Together with the creek, the polluted waters flow into the sea on the coast of Gümüşlük.

Criminal vacuum companies?

The first thing that came to my mind was the possibility of a problem with the central Gümüşlük sewage treatment plant, operated by the General Directorate of Water and Sanitation Administration of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality (MUSKİ). Could it be that the capacity of the installation is not sufficient and that the waste water is discharged into the stream without being treated? There was already an overhaul construction at the facility because its capacity was insufficient, and the completion date was set for May 12, 2022. I followed the stream and reached the treatment plant , but because of the holidays, there was no one there except the guards. I had to go to Muğla municipality to get information.

The vacuum trucks that caught my eye while following the creek made me think that this pollution could be due to waste being collected by the vacuum trucks from septic tanks and illegally leaving it in the creek.

The sewage drains into the sea, where the solid scum can be easily distinguished on its surface.

Illegal sewage is discharged into the stream

Vacuum trucks are tools that remove blockages in sewers and septic tanks by means of a pump, and are also used to pull accumulated waste from septic tanks in places where there is no of sewage system and to transport them to the treatment plant. There are also settlements in and around Bodrum that do not yet have a central infrastructure and use septic tanks.

In order to solve the problem, I first contacted the Mayor of Bodrum, Ahmet Aras. I sent him the pictures I had taken and told him I wanted to know why. Ahmet Aras said he would contact MUSKI officials immediately to find out the reason and call me.

After a while, the manager of MUSKI called: He said that he had the matter investigated, that the municipal employees had arrived at the treatment plant and at the place concerned, that he there was no problem with the treatment plant, that this situation had occurred after the unloading of the vacuum trucks. garbage in the stream illegally, as they encountered from time to time.

I asked why: how and with what courage could the vacuum trucks do this, was there no criminal sanction?

Insufficient wastewater treatment capacity

Although there are many factories/companies polluting our seas, leaving their waste in the waterways, causing mucilage problems and this still cannot be avoided, pollution from vacuum trucks was of course also possible. This means that there were vacuum truck companies that transported human waste from the septic tank to the treatment plant, but transported it to our seas.

According to the information I received from MUSKI manager: There are sewage treatment plants with a total capacity of 42300 m³/day in 11 districts of Bodrum, namely Gumbet, Icmeler, Konacik, Bitez, Ortakent Yahsi, Gundogan , Gumusluk, Golturkbuku, Yalıkavak, Mumcular and Guvercinlik. These facilities were designed based on a population of 140,716 in 2013-2014. Considering that the population of Bodrum increases a lot during the summer months and the winter population increases with those staying in their summer cottages during the Covid-19 outbreak, we find that the sewage treatment capacity of Bodrum is insufficient. For this reason, revisions are made for capacity increases in a few processing plants, including Gümüşlük.

Drivers who don’t want to go far leave the waste in the stream

By the way, there are capacity differences between the facilities in 11 neighborhoods and let’s say that a vacuum truck emptying a septic tank around Gümüşlük is diverted to other treatment facilities when the capacity of the treatment plant of Gümüşlük is insufficient. Some vacuum truckers, unwilling to go further due to both fuel cost and wasted time, leave the discharge to waterways without pitying nature. How to prevent these ruthless companies, which try to shorten the road with the increase in the price of diesel, from ignoring nature to get rid of their burden as quickly as possible and empty another septic tank and increase their income? That was my question.

It’s about following these companies, while it’s about being sanctioned and having their license withdrawn when they get caught. It is possible to monitor and capture possible routes by installing a camera system, but I understand that making this investment does not seem very possible at the moment.

Local people should take notice and complain about it immediately, because the manager I spoke to said I could give the phone number to anyone in that area. Because they are also uncomfortable being unfairly criticized, just as I thought it was due to the “purification” system in the first place. They are saddened by both the accusation from the municipality and the damage to nature in Bodrum, which they describe as the apple of their eye.

He said after this incident they would contact almost every vacuum truck company and repeat their warnings.

Fuel prices are the root of the problem.

I would like to thank Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras and MUSKİ manager who arrived at the place in question on the first day of the holiday, looked into the matter and informed me by contacting me again.

A day of celebration when I learned that fuel and time related input costs are behind the ruthless increase in input costs after the government’s failed economic policies, behind the government’s failed economic policies and encountered chocolates that have “respected social distancing”, nut-free baklava, and smaller portions in restaurants. it happened today.

The first thing I do tomorrow is create a local action plan to raise awareness about this issue. If you read my article and pay attention to the vacuum trucks when you encounter similar pollution, if you see an illegal dumping, take their plates and report them to the municipality, you will be part of a very valuable action in terms of protecting our seas.

Happy Holidays…

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