Last minute: The feud between captain Halil Akbunar and Göztepe supporters is over! Speaking of Trabzonspor and Fenerbahçe…


In Göztepe, which was determined to be relegated to Super League Spor Toto and lost to Çaykur Rizespor in the last game 7-1 and suffered a historic defeat, the relationship between captain Halil Akbunar and the fans was reopened.

Halil, who is a professional in Göztepe and who sweats the yellow-red jersey even in the 2nd League and 1st League, was harshly protested during the Çaykur Rizespor game. The experienced football player, who gets booed and whistled every time he puts the ball back on his feet, received a nice reaction from the fans in the 2018-2019 season.

Halil Akbunar, who struggled to stay in the Super League squad that season, was offended for some time by yellow-red football fans, who had tension with footballer Alpaslan Öztürk after the match at the in which Göztepe were beaten by Akhisarspor. 1-0 at Bornova Aziz Kocaoğlu Stadium.

Later, as peace was restored to the stands, fans embraced the experienced footballer with the chants of “Göztepe’s son, Halil Akbunar”. We learned that Halil was certainly not offended by the fans.



Göztepe, who could not achieve the desired graphics this season and were relegated, expects to part ways with many football players. One such name, Halil Akbunar, is the favorite of the Super League giants. It was claimed that Fenerbahçe also stepped in after Trabzonspor for the star footballer and were preparing an offer.



After the 35th week in Spor Toto 1st League, the points difference between him and the relegation line increased from 3 to 1, coach Hüseyin Eroğlu pointed out that they did not hesitate to any opponent in the remaining 3 matches . Expressing that they have achieved a place thanks to their performances on the pitch so far, Eroğlu said: “We beat Ankaragücü and Ümraniyespor, who guaranteed promotion to the Super League, on the road in their best periods. There are no easy games in the league. The bottom teams also win. We want to see our own business.” .

The 41-point representative of Izmir, who will face one of the most critical examinations of the season at Kocaelispor on Sunday in the league, will try to keep his opponent in the line of sight under 1 point. “It’s in our hands to stay in the league, not anyone else. It’s an important advantage,” said the experienced coach.



President Turgay Büyükkarcı gave a clear message to the opponents with his written statement in Karşıyaka, where he had no pretensions in the 3rd group of the TFF 3rd League and scored 4 points in the last 2 matches he played in residence. Karsiyaka, who beat Fethiyespor 4-1 last week forcing their opponents to throw in the towel in the championship race, dealt a blow to Belediye Derincespor in the Play-Off race, which they drew 2 -2 for the last time. President Büyükkarcı said, “We are a 110-year-old Karşıyaka sports club with our glorious history”, and said, “We are exposed to ridiculous behavior on and off the pitch, especially due to the situation of our rival teams and the “Some of our competitors expect us to ignore sportsmanship because we have no pretensions. No one has the right to play with the honor of Karşıyaka Sports Club, it should be known as such,” he said. mentioned.

Turgay Büyükkarcı said that opponents’ situations such as playing the Play-Offs or being relegated will not change the fact that they will fight with the spirit of Fair-Play, “The result is only directly proportional to the performance shown on the field. First of all, I warmly congratulate our coach and our athletes who have not lost the fighting spirit of the sport.”



It has been learned that goalkeeper Mateusz Lis is due to be paid 100,000 euros until May 15 at Altay, which mathematically protects his chance to stay in the Spor Toto Super League squad. After the Blacks and Whites were not nominated for the presidency at the extraordinary general meeting held last week, authority passed to the council of congress and the payments to be made to the players of the current team have taken on great importance. Polish goalkeeper Lis, whom the Izmir representative is considering selling, will also be able to make use of his right to be released if the transfer deposit is not paid. Lis stands out as the best saver in the league.

Altay, who will set the date of the congress again in the coming days, must determine its new direction as soon as possible and plan the next season. If a miracle doesn’t happen, Altay will return to the 1st League after 1 year, and the transfer ban will continue during the summer period. This is why the Blacks and Whites want to keep their current squad. It was said that Beşiktaş, Trabzonspor, Adana Demirspor and Fatih Karagümrük were interested in goalkeeper Lis, whom Galatasaray aspires to, during half-time. Altay plans to earn 3 million Lis, for which he paid 900,000 euros for his testimony.


The Altay administration’s request to repeat Fraport TAV Antalyaspor’s game, which lost 2-1 at home, was rejected by the Turkish Football Federation board. The representative of Izmir appealed to the TFF because Alper Çetin, who was not in any ranking, was appointed as a VAR referee in this competition.

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